Optum Bank Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

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Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 19, 2021

Optum Bank educates employees and employers to ensure everyone knows what to expect.

What's Inside

Optum Bank Review

Optum Bank are one of the leaders in this space, and even have their own digital “academy” to educate employees and employers on HSAs. They are backed by UnitedHealth.

Individuals may contribute up to $3,600 a year, and an individual with family coverage can contribute up to $7,200 for the year. Once you turn 55, Optum allows you to contribute an additional $1,000.

Optum Bank Customers

Optum Bank Stats

  • $12 billion in assests across 5 million accounts
  • Given $45 million to support low income communities
  • Founded in 2003

Optum Bank Resources

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Key Optum Bank Features

  • One-time and reoccurring contributions
  • Employer payroll deductions
  • Mobile app

Optum Bank Implementation

Optum Bank Customer Success

Optum Bank Key Integrations

What to be aware of

Optum Bank Pricing

Optum Bank's HSA has a monthly maintenance fee that you'll receive with your HSA Welcome Kit.

There are a few small account fees. Optum charges $2.50 per ATM transaction, $20 to transfer your HSA to another bank, and a $1.50 for a physical print-out of your statement.

Optum Bank Alternatives

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Manage 1 million employees' HSAs


Automated tasks and processes


Custom integrations

HSA Bank

Quick and easy setup


Fee-free HSA


Competitive interest rates

Optum Bank

HSA leader