Best Recruiting CRMs - May 2020

The Best Recruiting CRMs, Benefits, Pitfalls, ROI calculations and more!

Recruiting teams that use a best in class recruiting CRM can save time, money, and get the best talent in the door. Companies are not just sourcing talent anymore — instead, they’re using marketing tactics to build relationships with candidates, grow talent pipelines, and meet their hiring goals faster. It’s no surprise  that recruitment marketing software has become a must-have for many hiring teams.

Why? These days, candidates have more control over the job process, deciding which companies and roles interest them the most. So when the market is more candidate-driven than ever, you have to work extra hard to find — and convince — top talent to work for your company. You’re now a recruiter and a marketer with a five-step hiring funnel that includes finding, attracting, engaging, nurturing and converting high quality candidates.

Recruitment marketing software is designed to help you more efficiently move through each step of this funnel so you can create awareness and drive conversions in less time and for less money. But which platform is right for your company?

To help you make the right investment, we put together this guide on all things recruitment marketing software. You’ll find a list of the top software platforms, pricing guidelines, questions to ask on demos and more. Let’s get started.

We spend hundreds of hours researching the best HR and recruiting software so you don’t have to.  We never take money from vendors during our research phase and rely heavily on practitioners and experts to help us recommend the right software.  Most of the vendors featured on our site have no commercial relationship with us, we want to feature the best software for our readers regardless. Learn more

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Top Recruitment Marketing Software

We track thousands of HRTech solutions, these are the best Recruitment Marketing per our research and expert council as of November 2019

Loxo's platform is built around making your recruiting team more efficient.  What makes Loxo unique from other CRMs, is that they have an up to date database of 530 million people with their personal contact information.  Their technology helps recruiters to build lists of candidates, outreach through automated sequences of texts/emails/calls/Linkedln, and manage every part of the hiring process through their CRM.  Companies like Bank of America, All-State, Trinity Health, Lockheed Martin, Amazon and Randstad are using Loxo to decrease time to fill, and cost per hire.

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Smashfly was one of the pioneers in the recruitment marketing category.  Their solution now powers 25% of the Fortune 500 including S&P, Rio Tino, and Ticketmaster with dynamic career sites, CRM, chatbots and more.  It will be interesting to see how the solution continues to evolve with their recent acquisition by Symphony Talent Group.

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Avature combines ATS and CRM into one powerful platform that is used by KPMG, IBM, Pepsi and over 600 other companies.  One of the most powerful aspects of this solution is the ability to customize workflows for both recruiters and candidates that meet the needs of different functions and geographies.

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Ascendify is another ATS/CRM combo that is building a recruitment marketing suite for the enterprise.  Their solution can help your team with career site, onboarding, scheduling, talent communities and university recruiting.  Marquee customers include GE, Panasonic and Cisco.

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Eightfold is another newcomer to recruiting CRM that is coming on strong.  Their talent attraction suite drives higher conversions at top of funnel by allowing applicants to find the roles that are most relevant to them.  They then help with screening talent via AI on a de-identified basis to drive un-biased hiring practices.  They even have a talent management suite, which says a lot about how they view the importance of the entire employee lifecycle.

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Beamery is one of the newer entrants into this market, and has one of the slickest solutions out there.  It’s almost as if a sophisticated marketing team built your recruiting software - from career sites to candidate nurturing, there is a lot to like in this recruiting platform.

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Yello’s talent acquisition software started with events based recruiting and has since moved into candidate relationship management, video interviews, sourcing, scheduling and much more.  We keep hearing great things from practitioners about this software!

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Phenom is best known for their dynamic career sites which will serve different content to job seekers based on their behavior, and resume/LinkedIn (if uploaded).  We love that this is taking a page directly out of the best practices of eCommerce to drive more conversions.  Also worth checking out is their HR chatbot, recruiting CRM and AI driven analytics.

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What To Do Next

As we’ve covered, a successful recruiting strategy would be nothing these days without a solid marketing component. But combining recruiting and marketing can be overwhelming. That’s why recruitment marketing software can be such an asset for recruiting teams.

With the right solution, you can take your recruitment marketing to the next level, drive more of the right candidates to your job applications, foster connections to passive candidates who might be a fit for future roles, and hire top talent faster. As a TA leader, your job just got easier. And your company, as a result, just got more productive.

As a next step, we recommend setting up a couple of demos with the vendors that interest you the most — you’ll get a better feel for their solutions and actually see how they’d fit into your overall recruiting and employer branding strategies. Then, when you’re ready to move forward, find someone on your staff with marketing DNA to lead the project and consult your marketing team for best practices. Until then, good luck!

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