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Eightfold Versus the Competition

Eightfold saves a lot of time from your screening process by automatically searching for and matching candidates with relevant skills to your open positions. It also ranks candidates based on their skills, experience, and potential, and allows you to go beyond the hiring process with features for employee skills development.

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  • Eightfold uses AI technology to analyze your job postings and find the best fitting candidates. It can also rank those candidates based on their skills, experience and potential.
  • You can filter candidate searches by experience level or salary range so that you only see candidates that fit your hiring criteria.
  • The platform encourages diversity hiring and enables you to eliminate hiring bias through anonymous screening, aka profile masking
  • It improves overall employee experience by providing tailored training and development opportunities based on their skill sets and interests.
  • It has a built-in CRM to store and manage HR data about potential candidates, current employees, and previous employees.


  • There isn’t a way for hiring managers and recruiters to leave notes on candidates profiles within the system which is rather inconvenient.
  • Eightfold has a mobile app that employees can access for skills development but doesn’t currently have one for hiring managers and recruiters to manage their pipeline and perform other actions relating to the hiring process.
  • Several users reported that the tool does not search for candidates outside its database.
  • The platform’s pricing isn’t transparent and there is no free trial at this time.

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Eightfold Review

Eightfold Is an all-in-one talent intelligence platform to hire, retain, and grow a diverse workforce. It provides a 360-degree view of every candidate and job in your organization, so you can make informed decisions about who to hire, retain, or promote.

For talent acquisition, it comes with a suite of tools that includes an AI-powered career site experience that enables companies to discover new talent, screen candidates, and fill roles quicker. Candidates are matched with companies based on their skills and potential. Companies can also reach out to matched candidates, explain to them why they were matched to jobs and invite them to apply for their jobs by filling out a simplified form.

Eightfold also empowers recruiters with customizable pipelines for every position they’re hiring for and provides them with access to real enterprise data that's accumulated and enriched from multiple sources to create an instant pipeline of qualified candidates. The platform’s deep learning capabilities further analyzes talent pools to bring up the best matches out of millions of profiles worldwide. Candidates get evaluated and ranked based on their experience, skills, and potential, while their personal information is hidden to eliminate any bias.

Eightfold's platform is more than just a recruiting tool. Their career hub helps you put some focus on skill development to align your teams to business goals and sparks productive, ongoing conversations about moving up the ladder.

Once you acquire talented employees, Eightfold also has tools to manage and engage your new and existing hires. You can deliver personalized career plans to employees based on their interests and goals by using development programs that complement their careers, such as projects, courses, mentors, jobs and more.

Furthermore, Eightfold offers a “Talent Flex” feature that helps connect contingent workers with recruiters. Recruiters can integrate their VMS (vendor management system) with Eightfold’s Talent Flex to view the details of the job requisition. With instant access to all the leads from one AI-based dashboard, recruiters get to see the entire talent pipeline, including past employees and current applicants. The deep learning AI analyzes each candidate and ranks them based on experience, skills, and potential – removing the guesswork and allowing the recruiter to make informed decisions.

Recruiters can use filters to search for candidates based on pay range and availability. They can track who they have spoken to, who they’re advancing to the next step and redeploy contingent employees or hire them full-time within the platform.

Who shouldn't buy Eightfold

SMBs hiring under 50 candidates a year won’t derive much ROI from Eightfold. It’s also worth noting that Eightfold isn’t the cheapest solution out there, so if you’re budget conscious, this isn’t the product for you.

Eightfold Customers

Eightfold’s client list includes prominent enterprises like TATA Communications, LG, Vodafone, Bayer, Chevron, Morgan Stanley, and more.

Eightfold: AI-based talent intelligence platform
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Eightfold Key Features

  • AI-powered Career Site: Eightfold offers an AI-powered career site that helps you hire, retain and grow a diverse workforce. It makes it easy to post jobs, and keep track of candidates throughout all stages of your hiring process. It also helps you minimize unconscious bias by masking the personal details of candidates.
  • Talent Management: Beyond the hiring process, Eightfold provides tools to help managers nurture, develop and retain staff. For example, its AI-driven analysis helps managers evaluate each member using a range of factors, such as experience, skills, career trajectories, and more.

    Recruiters also get a clear picture of their existing and previous employees, including contingent employees, which helps them be strategic about future business goals and plan around skill gaps. In addition, this perspective allows leaders to take timely action on up-skilling and reskilling the workforce.
  • Talent Upskilling: Eightfold helps you assess your employees' performance, identify gaps in knowledge and skill sets, and then provide them with relevant upskilling resources. You can track progress on these upskilling initiatives. You can also use them to identify trends in the market by looking at the rise and fall of skills, and where those skills can be found.

Eightfold Key Integrations

Eightfold integrates with several third-party tools including Greenhouse, iCIMS, Workday, and Ultimate Software.

Eightfold Pricing

Eightfold's pricing plans are not disclosed on its website. Contact their Sales team for a custom quote.

Eightfold is Best For

Eightfold is best suited for large companies and enterprises hiring more than 100 candidates a year.

How has Eightfold Changed Over Time?

Eightfold Implementation

Eightfold Customer Success

Eightfold has multiple self-service options including blogs, podcasts, guides, ebooks, FAQs, product overview videos, and customer stories. You can also book a demo before you get started with the platform.

About Eightfold

Eightfold was founded by Ashutosh Garg and Varun Kacholia, with the goal of solving employment issues and matching people with jobs that are a good fit for them. The team consists of experts in machine learning, artificial intelligence, search, personalization, and enterprise solutions – all working together to scale Eightfold.

Company HQ

Santa Clara, California

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Amount Raised

Eightfold raised $220M in 2021 in Series E funding round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. Prior to that, the company raised $125M in 2020 in Series D funding round.


Does Eightfold have a mobile app?

No, Eightfold only has the web version.

What are the languages supported by Eightfold?

Eightfold is used in over 145 countries and is available in multiple languages, including English, Croatia, Danish, Dutch, German, English, French, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian.

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