The Top 9 Best Video Interviewing Platforms - June 2020

The best video interview software, pricing guidelines, benefits, ROI calculations, and more

We’ve updated this guide to reflect the need to circumvent face to face interviews given COVID-19.  We hope it allows your recruiting team to stay nimble and keep moving talent through the funnel despite work from home and social distancing protocols.

Are you looking at video interviewing software to decrease the need to meet face to face, and qualify more candidates faster?  Video interview platforms can drastically shrink the amount of time your recruiting team spends on screening candidates, as well as your time to fill.  Of course, they also mean you don’t have to meet in person.

Our goal with this guide is to save your first 15 hours of research into video interviewing software.  At the end, you’ll be able to figure out the ROI from video interview software, avoid the common pitfalls of using these solutions, and get in contact with the best vendors in the space.

We spend hundreds of hours researching the best HR and recruiting software so you don’t have to.  We never take money from vendors during our research phase and rely heavily on practitioners and experts to help us recommend the right software.  Most of the vendors featured on our site have no commercial relationship with us, we want to feature the best software for our readers regardless. Learn more

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Top Video Interviewing Software

We track thousands of HRTech solutions, these are the best video interview tools per our research and expert council as of March 2020

VidCruiter was one of the first video interview platforms, and has built a robust offering that includes digital interview guides, scheduling automation for video interviews, and a host of other useful modules for recruiting teams that want to use video interviews in their hiring process.  Their customer base includes Samsung, Kraft Heinz and KPMG.

Worth Checking Out:

VidCruiter’s suite integrates with all major ATS’s and has dedicated 24/7 customer support with average 1 minute response time. Learn More About VidCruiter

Learn more about 

myInterview’s video interview software can be dropped into your existing career site through an easy to implement widget, which means you can be using video interviews in under an hour. Their customers include Facebook, Australia’s Hudson recruitment, British household names P&O Ferries and Ocado.

It’s worth checking out their latest module which uses machine learning to assess candidate answers on the basis of their professionalism, reasoning, etc.  MyInterview takes a “glass box” (vs black box) approach to leveraging AI for their hiring analytics.

Worth Checking Out:

MyInterview has a special offering that lets companies get free forever video interview plans. Learn More About myInterview

Learn more about 

Spark Hire boasts over 5,000 customers, by far the most of any video interview software company. While many of their customers are small and medium sized businesses, they do have larger enterprise customers including brand names like Volkswagen, Ikea, and BAE, as well as nearly 1,000 staffing agencies.   This is a great soluion to get video interviews up and running fast.

Worth Checking Out:

Their solution will save your recruiting team time, while also promoting your employer brand throughout the interview process. Learn More About Spark Hire

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Spark Hire

Interviewstream (previously known as RIVS) helps to streamline your recruiting process with one way and on-demand video platforms.  They have more than 900 clients from small businesses to enterprise, along with universities and K12 school districts.

Worth Checking Out:

RIVS interviewing scheduling module is like Calendly for interview scheduling and can save your company a lot of time.

Learn more about 

RecRight’s video interview platform is designed to help your TA team hire better quality candidates faster, while also decreasing the time they spend on screening candidates by 50%.  This is a factor that leads to their 95% applicant response rate.  Their customers include Uber, KPMG and many more.

Worth Checking Out:

RecRight has 24/7 support for the candidates who use the system to ensure they have a good experience.

Learn more about 

HireVue is definitely one of the pioneers in this segment having started back in 2004.  Their founder even had to send cameras out to applicants back then as your typical computer still didn’t come standard with a webcam.  Hirevue is mostly known for their presence in the enterprise space with over 700 customers including Intel and Honeywell.

Worth Checking Out:

Check out Hirevue’s assessment technology that incorporates games and technical assessments.

Learn more about 

Harver's assessment platform comes with on demand video interviews.  This means recruiting teams can send questions to candidates for them to record answers to on their own time.  This allows your hiring process more information to vet candidates, and saved time relative to phone screening all of these applicants.

Worth Checking Out:

This video interview solution is part of a much larger and robust candidate assessment suite that contains modules to help gauge skills, cognitive abilities, behavioral fit, etc for job applicants.

Learn more about 

AllyO’s recruiting software includes a best in class video interview module along with their scheduling bot, and so much more.  Specifically, their video interview platform is great for high volume recruiting.  They’ve found show rates for interviews are 30% higher than in person interviews.

Worth Checking Out:

This is a mobile optimized platform for candidates and interviewers. This means managers can pass around an iPad to allow multiple people to interview the same candidate quickly.

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OutMatch Video allows recruiting teams to run both on-demand and live video interviews with job seekers, and has available integrations with widely used ATS's like iCIMS, Taleo, and Greenhouse. Their technology can be rapidly implemented, has recruitment branding features, and enables structured, collaborative interviewing across an organization. OutMatch’s live interviewing technology can even support group or panel interviewing. Their customers include 7-Eleven, Panera, and Subway.

Worth Checking Out:

OutMatch Video is part of a broader platform which also include a candidate and employee assessment modules. Nearly 15% of the US workforce runs through this platform every year!

Learn more about 

Last Advice On Video Interviewing

Video interviewing can be a very powerful part of your HRTech stack.  This is especially true for high volume roles where you’re spending a tremendous amount of time doing phone screens.  While on demand interviewing can drive ROI from decreased time spent on phone screens, it can also increase your hiring outcomes by allowing you to better understand who a candidate is before making a decision on whether or not to hire them.

However, it’s worth noting that you should have a well defined strategy around how you will introduce the concept of video interviews to your candidates, and set expectations for their experience as well as how this content will be used.  Companies who simply send candidates a link to take a video interview are not going to be successful.

That’s it!  Are we missing something on this page?  Let us know and we’ll research it for you!  Better yet, join our expert council and lend your expertise!  We rely heavily on the thoughts on forward thinking People professionals to help us put together useful and unbiased research.

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If you're a TA or HR pro, think about joining our expert council and lend your expertise!  We rely heavily on the thoughts on forward thinking People professionals to help us put together useful and unbiased research.

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