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HireVue Versus the Competition

HireVue is a pioneer in the video interviewing software space and stands out from its competitors for its AI-powered on-demand interviews that helps recruiters conduct the initial screening of candidates.

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  • HireVue is very useful when it comes to screening a large number of job candidates in a short frame of time. Its virtual assistant can do an initial screen of applicants on its own, leave messages for them, and get responses in return. All of this frees up recruiters’ time. 
  • It has a great on-demand interviewing feature. Recruiters can sit and watch candidates’ interviews as per their convenience. The ability to change the speed of the interview while watching can also help recruiters save time. 
  • Their implementation team and customer support is extremely responsive or in the words of a Global Talent Attraction Director, “I love the support, tenacity and just constant desire to do the right thing. They take the time to understand our business and I never feel like it is a ‘catch and release’ relationship that is so common in this space”


  • HireVue is not very affordable compared to its alternatives, especially when you factor in the functionality. Their pricing plans are geared towards companies with at least 2500 employees and even then, you only get a small set of features. 
  • HireVue does not have a lot of integration partners and the range of software it integrates with is also very limited (mostly ATS). 
  • Too much automation can at times lead to unwanted candidates. For instance, the asynchronous interview feature can allow candidates to adjust their responses in order to fit the job criteria. However, HireVue wouldn’t screen such candidates out and your company may need human intervention to pick up on visual cues and body language.

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HireVue Review

Designed to automate workflows and make mass hiring easy, HireVue is a hiring platform that has solutions for video interviewing, building interviews, assessments, scheduling, AI recruiting, and text-powered recruiting. It integrates with most companies’ tech stacks to reduce redundancy and double-entry of data. 

One of the key benefits of video interviewing is the ability to conduct asynchronous interviews, a feature that HireVue offers alongside regular live interviews. Your candidates don’t need to download an additional app and they could also take the interview from their mobile phones. To create interviews, you can choose from over a thousand job-specific interview guides that are backed by organizational psychologists. Their team of organizational psychologists also works with you to create talent assessments, psychometric tests, and coding tests. 

To speed up your hiring, you can make use of HireVue’s virtual hiring assistant that operates via text and converses with the candidates to address their questions and guide them towards their next step in the hiring process. This conversational AI can be used for scheduling, managing hiring events, and helping prospective candidates find a relevant position at your company. Compared to other conversational AIs in the market though, we found their AI assistant lacking human touch and addressing itself as a virtual assistant outrightly, which might discourage a candidate to converse with the AI and ask questions. 

Who shouldn't buy HireVue

HireVue is designed specifically for companies with 2500 employees or more. Although they’re open to getting demo and custom pricing requests from smaller companies, we’re not sure if smaller teams with budget constraints would benefit from this software, when cheaper alternatives are available in the market.

HireVue Customers

HireVue has customers in a variety of industries ranging from aviation to retail. Some popular names include Amazon, Unilever, Vodafone, Beacon Health System, SmartLynx Airlines, The Co-operative Bank, and National Safety Apparel.

HireVue: Great video interview solution with broader assessment suite
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HireVue Key Features

  • Video interviewing software: This tool comes with both live interviewing and on-demand interviewing features. You could integrate it with your ATS and standardize your interviews to reduce bias. 
  • Interview builder: With HireVue’s Interview Builder tool, you can create structured interview questions, templates, and evaluation guides. To calibrate interviews, hiring teams can access HireVue’s team of organizational psychologists. 
  • Interview assessments: With the help of organizational psychologists, you can create and monitor talent assessments and game-based psychometric tests. If you’re recruiting technical talent but are yourself a non-technical recruiter, you can make use of the auto-scored coding assessments as well. After the test taker completes their assessment, you could make use of HireVue’s library of competencies to see how a candidate measures on various aspects. 
  • Virtual assistant: HireVue has a text-powered recruiting assistant that chats with candidates to find the most relevant job for them. Once a candidate has applied for a job, the virtual assistant continues conversation with them on WhatsApp or text. 
  • Scheduling: HireVue automates interview scheduling with the help of its virtual assistant and goes back-and-forth with candidates on your behalf. It allows candidates to self-schedule and reschedule as well as sends invitations and reminders for interviews. 
  • Hiring events: You can pre-set your calendar for hiring events like career fairs, super days, and graduate hiring. Once you’ve set up your calendar, HireVue lets your candidates self-book for the event. 

HireVue Key Integrations

HireVue integrates with a handful of third-party software, mostly Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Familiar names include Microsoft, Workday, Greenhouse, SAP, iCIMS, IBM Kenexa, and Eightfold AI.

HireVue Pricing

HireVue has two pricing plans:

  • Essentials: This plan starts at $35,000 per month for a company with 2500-7500 employees. It includes live and on-demand interviewing features, custom branding, and single language configuration. 
  • Enterprise: This plan is suitable for companies with over 7500 employees. Pricing is custom and you would have to request a demo to receive a quote. In addition to all the features of the Essentials plan, this plan comes with scheduling, chatbot, pre-built ATS integrations, analytics, among others.

HireVue is Best For

Large enterprises who frequently have hiring needs.

How has HireVue Changed Over Time?

HireVue Implementation

When you sign up, you get a professional services team as your change management partners. This team not only helps you properly implement HireVue but also helps your company’s hiring team make the most out of your investment by training you to achieve your goals. The timeline for implementation depends on your workload and you’ll have to contact their team to get an accurate estimate.

HireVue Customer Success

HireVue supports their customers in a variety of ways; they have resources like blogs, case studies, ebooks, guides, reports, video content, and webinars to help their customers set up for success. They also provide 24/7 customer support in over 20 different languages and an online help center with detailed walkthroughs.

About HireVue

With the mission of democratizing the process of hiring, Mark Newman, a then-20-year-old college student launched HireVue as a video interviewing platform along with his co-founders. Being one of the first few companies in the HR tech space to popularize the concept of structured video interviews, HireVue generated most of its revenue by selling webcams in its early days.

Over the years, HireVue has morphed from being a new, disruptive force to a recognized market leader and now has more products for recruiters than just video interviewing.

Company HQ

South Jordan, Utah, United States

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Amount Raised

HireVue has raised $93 million in over six rounds of funding, the latest of which took place on October 15, 2019.


Is HireVue a video interviewing software?

HireVue is an AI-driven hiring platform that has solutions for video interviewing, scheduling, and assessments.

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