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What questions should you ask on demos for applicant tracking systems?

What questions should you ask on demos for applicant tracking systems?

Expert Advice: What are the best ATS vendors?

There are new ATS solutions available nearly every quarter. This means the vendor landscape is complex and finding the right solution is hard. We asked our expert council of practitioners to weigh in on what solutions are the best, along with everything else you need to know about buying a new applicant tracking system.

Here’s why you should care about employer branding

Unemployment is at an all time low, and the best recruiting teams are using marketing tactics to attract and engage talent. Check out this video on why employer branding is an important part of your tech stack.

Looking to implement an hr chatbot? Here’s what you need to know

Chatbots are on most websites these days, and now recruiting can leverage this powerful tool to drive more quality applicants through the hiring funnel faster and in a way that improves candidate experience. Learn more about the best hr chatbot vendors, and how to think about ROI.

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You can improve both the candidate and recruiter experience by using video interviews in the right way.

Build relationships with top candidates through more effective sourcing

This category is perfect for companies that need to quickly ramp their hiring funnels, especially for hard to fill roles.