Privacy Policy

This page lays out in plain english the data we collect from website users, and how we use that data.

Our site uses various third party tools to measure engagement on our website such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn’s Insights tag.   We use this information to better understand where are our traffic comes from (what sources, such as google, social, etc), as well as aggregated demographic information such as the geographic breakdown of our traffic, and to build audiences we can advertise to using re-targetting and lookalike audiences.

People who download our ebooks, calculators and other resources, along with people who subscribe to our newsletter, are typically put onto our weekly newsletter list.  They can remove themselves at any time by clicking “unsubscribe.”  We have no interest in sending emails to people who don’t want them.

We monetize our website through affiliate links, and cost per click advertising. You can find a list of our current cost per click advertisers here. In addition, we do use some affiliate programs to make money on our site. We try our best to mark all pages that have affiliate or PPC links on them. However, an easy way to figure out if a link you are clicking on is a sponsored link is to look at the URL - if it does not follow the simple structure and instead includes UTM parameters or other tracking parameters then you can be confident this is a URL we will get paid from. It's worth noting that we do not promote any product offering we do not believe in.

If you have any questions on how we collect or use data, please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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