Top Employee Onboarding Software - June 2020

Everything you need to know about welcoming and onboarding new hires so you can increase retention, boost productivity, and save yourself a lot of time and mone

Achieving business success starts with your people — but not just what they bring to the table. How you welcome and engage them so they stay focused and produce their best work can make or break your company’s ability to grow for the long term. It’s no surprise then that companies are building formal onboarding processes to welcome and train new hires — and that they’re using employee onboarding software to automate these processes.

With employee onboarding software, you can make a new hire feel welcomed even before they start, set them up for success in their new roles, and empower them to give their all every day. Not only that, you’ll prevent them from wanting to leave. In fact, new hires are 58% more likely to be at the company three years later if they went through a process driven onboarding process.

As you likely know, employee turnover can wreak havoc on your company’s productivity and recruiting costs. So it goes without saying that having a formal onboarding process is critical. In this guide, we break down everything you need to know about the top onboarding software providers so you can empower new hires before they even start, create high-growth teams, and save yourself a lot of time and money in the process.

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Top Employee Onboarding Software Platforms — June 2020

After surveying the landscape, we came up with this short list of top employee onboarding vendors for you to talk to.

Bob's solution is focused on decreasing the time to productivity through an employee onboarding solution that makes sure all the key points on your onboarding checklist are ticked, while also showcasing culture to new employees through video and your employe brand. It's a slick solution that also is part of a robust HR software suite.

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BambooHR is a full suite HCM technology vendor that boasts over 16,000 customers, which translates into roughly 1.5 million employees active on their system.  This software spans across the employee lifecycle as they also have recruiting and performance management in addition to the core HRMS functionality (and of course employee onboarding).

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Bamboo HR

ClearCompany's solution can provide a paperless onboarding experience for new hires. Their mobile friendly experience helps take care of compliance issues (I9, W-4, etc) all the way through directions to the office and new team member introductions.

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Pipefy is an automation tool that many smaller human resources teams have used to build custom onboarding workflows for their new hires.  It's not part of a broader HR software suite, but is a flexible tool that companies can leverage, especially if they're not ready to buy HCM software or an applicant tracking system.

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As you may have guessed from the name, Trainual is generally focused on the learning that happens within your organization.  And, one of the key ways they help employees learn is during onboarding.  Their platform will allow your employees to learn and reference the core processes that will be essential to their role.

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Leapsome is a performance management and employee engagement software tool that also has a robust employee onboarding solution.  Their product is really focused on teaching new hires the right skills through programming at different points in their onboarding process and then testing what has been taught.  For example, a new sales person may learn the product, then the pitch, then the pricing for their new company.

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Next Steps

At the end of the day, new hire onboarding is critical for business success. It’s also a long-term process with multiple stages that can last an entire year — from preboarding (making an offer, handling paperwork, and preparing for their first day), to welcoming them on their first day, to providing ongoing training and support as they get up to speed. Therefore, it makes sense to spend the time getting the right employee onboarding solution live sooner than later.

Eventually, your focus will shift from onboarding to employee engagement and satisfaction — but remember that what you do now for a new hire’s first few months will have a lasting impact on their productivity and longevity with your company. With the right onboarding software, you can maximize success for both your new hire and your company, reduce attrition, and build a productive and welcoming company culture.

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