The Top 12 Best Recruiting and HR Chatbots - September 2020

The best HR chatbots, key metrics, pitfalls, and ROI calculations

Are you looking to decrease the time your recruiting team spends sourcing and screening candidates?  Then you’ll probably want to look at adding a chatbot to your talent acquisition tech stack.  This is especially true if you are in a company that does high volume recruiting.

The best part about using AI in your recruiting efforts is that these tools can bring a tangible ROI, as well as more intangible benefits to both candidates and recruiters.

We’ve done the research to understand which are the best recruiting chatbots, how they can impact your recruiting process, and what key mistakes companies make when looking at this type of recruiting software.  Enjoy!

We spend hundreds of hours researching the best HR and recruiting software so you don’t have to.  We never take money from vendors during our research phase and rely heavily on practitioners and experts to help us recommend the right software.  Most of the vendors featured on our site have no commercial relationship with us, we want to feature the best software for our readers regardless. Learn more

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Top Recruiting and HR Chatbots

We track thousands of HRTech solutions, these are the best HR chatbots per our research and expert council as of September 2020

XOR’s chatbot can automate many complex recruiting and HR workflows through various modes of communication including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, web, email, etc.

Their chatbot supports candidates screening, interview scheduling, employee onboarding, HR FAQ’s, and many other use cases. ~99.3% of candidates and employees who engage with XOR’s AI say it’s a great experience.  Learn More About XOR

Worth Checking Out:

Espressive’s solution is specifically designed to help employees get answers to their most common questions (PTO, benefits, etc), without burdening the HR team. Employees can access Espressive's AI-based virtual support agent (VSA) Barista on any device or browser. Barista also has a unique omni-channel ability enabling employees to interact via Slack, Teams, and more.

They see nearly 85% employee adoption, and 40-60% reductions in calls to HR and IT. Customers can take advantage of their constantly evolving Employee Language Cloud which includes nearly 1 billion employee phrases across HR and other departments across the enterprise. Enterprise level companies looking for a top HR chatbot should take a look.

Worth Checking Out:

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Wade & Wendy’s recruiting chatbot helps your team by sourcing passive candidates, and screening candidates that come in via your careers page or sourcing activities. Their solution learns over time which profiles are a good fit for a given role which results in better and better matches.  Overall this is designed to save your TA team time, and allow them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Leoforce's chatbot Arya uses AI to build shortlists of quality candidates based on your job description.  These shortlists come from the open web, as well as your own ATS/CRM.  The bot can then reach out to these candidates, ask them screening questions, and schedule the relevant candidates with your recruiters. Needless to say, this decreases cost per hire and time to fill.  It's unsurprising over 9,000 recruiters are currently using this system to automate their recruiting!

Worth Checking Out:

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Ideal’s chatbot saves recruiting time by screening and staging candidates throughout the hiring process, all done through their AI powered assistant.  Also worth checking out is their ATS re-discovery product which will go into your ATS, see who is a good fit for your existing reqs, resurface/contact them, screen them, and put them in front of your recruiters.   Learn More About Ideal

Worth Checking Out:

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AllyO’s chatbot has had over 10 million conversations with candidates, and boasts customers like FedEx and Cheesecake factory.   The company’s founders left jobs at McKinsey and Google to start this business.  While doing so, they went as far as to start a staffing company to understand their customer needs, and were the first “candidates” to apply through their bot to better understand the candidate experience.

If you take a look at their product, check out the ATS re-discovery feature that allows for surfacing of previous candidates, along with their text recruiting module which is now sending 13k texts per day to candidates.

Worth Checking Out:

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Eightfold’s recruiting chatbot is designed to engage job seekers on the career site to answer pressing questions, and direct them to the best fit jobs for their interests and background. Their bot can also screen candidates. This is just one module within a broader recruitment marketing platform that is centered around a dynamic career site designed to convert more applicants into the right jobs.

Worth Checking Out:

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Olivia/Paradox has one of the most robust Recruiting Chatbots out there.  Their founding team has been in HRTech basically forever and have built everything from job boards in the 90s to recruitment marketing software in the 00s, and now chatbots.

Paradox, the company behind Olivia, will take the majority of implementation burden off your HR team by making sure your new bot has the initial set of responses to candidates’ most frequent questions - a great way to make sure you’re setup for success.   Learn More About Paradox

Worth Checking Out:

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Mya has grown insanely fast with $30 mm of venture funding, and has apparently invested much of that capital into R&D as their offering boasts a 79% reduction in time to interview, a 93% applicant completion rate, and many more interesting stats.

Worth Checking Out:

Leading chatbot for recruiting screens

Learn more about 

The team that pioneered the recruitment marketing software space is back with the first chatbot that is tightly integrated into a leading candidate relationship management (CRM) offering.

Please note, this solution is only for companies who’re using Smashfly and is not available as a standalone offering.

Worth Checking Out:

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Talkpush helps talent acquisition teams focused on hiring in high volume to drastically decrease the time they need to screen applicants at the top of funnel through a conversational application process that also adds to the candidate experience.  Their global team is equipped to localize your hiring funnel to fit local culture and work requirements.  Their bot is used by companies like Amazon, Walmart and McDonald's to automate the hiring process.

Worth Checking Out:

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Brazen’s bot is designed to convert more career site traffic into applications in your ATS by answering candidate's most pressing questions, or navigating them through the application. They’ve found their bot engages 40% more career site visitors than just asking candidates to apply, and that candidates who’ve engaged with the bot are 100-200% more likely to be hired.

The simplest version of their platform can be live in a few days, which gives your team the ability to try their solution before committing 100%.  Learn More About Brazen

Worth Checking Out:

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Our Advice

Getting an HR Chatbot is a no brainer for talent acquisition teams.  This concept has absolutely exploded in the marketing realm during the last few years - how many times a day do you see a chatbot pop up on your screen from a company’s site?  They’re so popular because they work in driving leads down the funnel.  In the world of talent attraction, it’s the same concept - get more leads down the funnel by engaging passive candidates.

Beyond conversion, there are so many use cases a recruiting chatbot can help with.  What we have glossed over above are the non-recruiting jobs like onboarding, answering employee questions, new hire checkins, employee engagement, and internal mobility.  The best hr chatbots are extremely powerful, and only getting better.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re serious about adding an HR Chatbot to your recruiting tech stack.  Whether it’s to cut down on scheduling, and screening time, drive more applicants into the ATS, or one of the many other use cases, the next step will be to get a demo with one of our pre-vetted vendors to take a deep dive into their product.  You can use this spreadsheet to stay organized as you do demos.

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