The Best Recruiting Software — September 2020

The best recruitment software, top vendors, categories, pitfalls, pricing, and more.

Most recruiters and hiring managers know that the best choice of recruiting software will supercharge their hiring process while making their lives easier. From candidate sourcing and recruitment marketing to resume parsing and interview scheduling, the right recruiting tools mean more of the best talent in your pipeline and more efficient recruiting cycles.

Of course, the landscape of top talent acquisition technology is fairly complex. There are many different categories of solutions, and sometimes hundreds of vendors to choose from within each landscape. That's why each month we talk to dozens of new HR Tech vendors to learn what tools our community should be using. We also spend a lot of time with forward-thinking People/HR/TA leaders to understand how these tools can actually drive value to job seekers and, ultimately, new employees.

So, here is our view on the best talent acquisition software out there. We’ve broken it down into the few top solutions per each software category, along with a small explanation of what that category entails and what features it should have later on. 

Pro Tip: We write up a ton of content about each of the specific landscapes related to recruiting software (ATS, AI, Chatbots, etc) and have linked to each so that you can get a sense of pricing, pitfalls, etc for each category. Good luck!

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Top Recruiting Software

We track thousands of HR Tech solutions. Here are the best recruiting software as of September 2020.

Apart from the standard live video interviews (which can be enhanced with structured interview rating guides), VidCruiter also offers pre-recorded interviews where the recruiter and candidate can participate on their own time. This is a clever way to circumvent scheduling conflicts and time zone considerations in earlier stages of the hiring process. 

More on the candidate side, VidCruiter lets you create a custom-branded hiring portal where job applicants can stay informed about the status of their application and fill in or upload any additional information that is required of them. Think of these as the next stage in the evolution of career pages. 

VidCruiter does the trick for companies like KraftHeinz, Samsung, KPMG, and Aflac.

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As we’ve written in the past, ClearCompany’s ATS is notable for having a 99% customer retention rate across their 2,000+ clients. We’ve chatted with some of their users and this is in great part due to their amazing customer service, as well as key features like video interviewing, interview scheduling, a career site builder, and a referral tool. 

Further, a great aspect of ClearCompany is that their game doesn’t stop with recruitment software. They also offer a full-on HR suite that allows organizations to track the full employee lifecycle. If used like this, their ATS is able to identify the best available talent based on the company’s top performers. 

ClearCompany is used by businesses in widely-varying industries, like The Salvation Army, Fujifilm, and the Supreme Court for the State of Arizona.

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While it can certainly integrate with an ATS, SeekOut is an AI-powered talent search engine whose main function is to source and help you recruit candidates from multiple channels like Github and LinkedIn. Their filtering capabilities are quite refined, letting you browse talent based on work history, keywords, location, education, and skills from a growing database of more than 500 million candidate profiles. 

The SeekOut platform also offers a blind hiring module that hides the candidate’s gender, race, or ethnicity details, which is why they’re often praised as an excellent tool for diversity hiring. They also excel when it comes to finding talent in the tech sector thanks to their novel Github sourcing feature. Their AI capabilities let them match candidate’s Github profiles to a job’s required coding skills, for instance. 

SeekOut is trusted by enterprises like 23andMe, Activision Blizzard, Salesforce, and Twitter.

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While Freshteam by Freshworks is better known as an all-encompassing HR software, its use as a CRM for recruitment and a recruitment management system makes it worth mentioning here. Most of the tools we’ve discussed focus just on the recruitment side of things, while Freshteam can do most of the tasks of an ATS right where all the other HR action happens. 

If that wasn’t enough, their software also uses AI and automation to cut time from the daily routines of talent management pros. Some examples of automated tasks are rejecting candidates with certain test scores, filing candidates based on their interests, and sourcing from job boards like Glassdoor, Adzuna, LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter, and Indeed. 

Freshteam is used by more than 3000 businesses. Among them are JCDecaux, SAP, the University of Pennsylvania, and Nissan.

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As one of the most popular candidate sourcing tools out there, Gem focuses on tracking every touchpoint that your company ever has with a candidate. This heightened sense of visibility translates into fuller analytics that can lead to a deeper understanding of what’s working and what isn’t. 

Naturally, this means that Gem isn’t just sourcing but a Candidate Relationship Management system as well. This allows other employees, not just the HR department, to get involved with the hiring process without stepping on each other’s toes. They also offer some automation capabilities when it comes to following up with passive candidates. 

Gem is used to streamline talent management and more in teams at companies such as Slack, Robinhood, Coinbase, and Dropbox.

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One of the reasons that Brazen stands out from this landscape is that they’re actually a virtual event platform that specializes in hiring events. They also happen to be great at using recruiting chatbots for this, focusing on creating a solid virtual experience for both the TA team and the job seekers.  

With Brazen, recruiters can host virtual hiring events where they can engage with candidates on a variety of channels. These include live chat, recruiting chatbots, scheduled chat, and live video. Within the same platform, team members can route candidates to other recruiters or toggle the chatbot back on so that no message goes unanswered. 

Brazen is favored by CVS Health, Amazon, KPMG, and Google, among several others.

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A key aspect of Recruiterbox is that it can grow with your company. Small companies are able to set it up in as little as 90 minutes, and many keep using it even as their hiring needs skyrocket. The reason for that is that they have a solid feature list that also includes workflows, letting hiring managers automate certain tasks. 

Recruiterbox is also very mindful of remote teams, so they make collaboration through their platform much easier by having notes and insights about candidates available in the same place. It also lets you organize your team into hiring teams or fewer profiles as need be. 

Recruiterbox is favored by companies like Olark, Couchsurfing, Lonely Planet, and Untappd.

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In a nutshell, Eightfold is applicant tracking software that strives to provide its users with the power of artificial intelligence in order to better manage large pools of talent-related information. Eightfold doesn’t stop with recruiting, but it can also work to centralize data from another ATS, HRMS, or simple spreadsheets, in order to help HR professionals derive insights from it all. 

As a multi-dimensional talent acquisition platform, Eightfold can automatically source, screen, and sort millions of profiles. They claim to be able to cut the time that it takes to find the right fits by 90%, providing hiring managers with a steady and near-instantaneous pipeline of qualified candidates for each job posting. 

Among its clients, Eightfold has names like Capital One, Air Asia, Tata Communications, and Hulu.

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While often praised for its visually-pleasing design and ease of use, Pinpoint is also remarkable because of its philosophy. They strive to go beyond making good and functional software and try to help you with their learned wisdom in the field of recruitment. Their support, which is unlimited with any of their plans, doesn’t just focus on solving technical issues but in optimizing your recruitment efforts wherever they may be lacking.  

As to features, Pinpoint has something for every step of the hiring process, including some novel features that aren’t too common in other ATS vendors. From automated recruitment advertising to a multilingual candidate experience, their list of tools is certainly worth looking into. 

Pinpoint is used by companies like Jersey Electricity, JT Group, Coinshare, and BDO Greenlight.

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This software company stands at the confluence between the HR Chatbots and AI recruiting spaces. At its core, XOR engages candidates via SMS, chat, email, phone calls, and video. Recruiters can then decide which parts are automated, such as candidate screening and interview scheduling. 

Now, although XOR can be used as a stand-alone recruiting tool, they also offer their product as an extension for single purposes such as screening, scheduling, re-engagement, and more. In that modality, their extension is able to connect with your existing ATS, HCM, or job board, meaning that you can add an AI spin to a part of your recruitment workflows without necessarily switching vendors. Their extension can also integrate with calendar and video software. 

XOR has worked with companies like McDonald’s, Mars, ExxonMobil, and Manpower.

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One of the key benefits of myInterview is that it’s video interview software that’s extremely easy and quick to implement. Some Recruitment Managers say that it was possible for them to have their candidates completing video interviews within 30 minutes of signing up at their website. 

Mainly, myInterview helps candidates record and send their own interviews via any device (without the need to download a mobile app) in order to expedite a part of the recruitment process. However, they are also pushing the envelope when it comes to AI. Their latest module uses machine learning to assess candidate answers and add to your hiring analytics when it syncs with an ATS or similar software. 

Some of the companies that use myInterview are Axxon, Pandora, Hudson recruitment, and Biffa.

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Greenhouse makes software for recruiting and onboarding, as well as more specialized solutions for structured hiring and candidate experience. You could say with absolute certainty that their focus is on making things better for job seekers and talent acquisition professionals. Their recruiting solution is a comprehensive ATS + CRM that scales to the size of your business. 

Greenhouse aids recruitment teams in classifying and following up with candidates. They also place a strong emphasis on equitable hiring processes, which means they design features with an effort to reduce unconscious bias and concentrate instead on the right skills and qualifications. 

Greenhouse is trusted by businesses such as Airbnb, Pinterest, and Hubspot.

Turing lets companies big and small hire the best software engineers from around the world through one simple to use platform.  They scour the globe to attract and vet the very best developer talent across all different career levels, and can help companies with over 100 different technologies from data science to mobile development.

Augmenting your team with high quality remote developers is a great way to scale your engineering organization in a cost effective manner.  In fact, Turing is so confident that you will love their offering that they have a two week money back guarantee if your new talent doesn't work out.

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The premise with Fetcher is like with most recruiting automation platforms; repetitive, top-of-funnel tasks are programmed so hiring teams get more time to focus on candidate engagement. However, Fetcher does this with a unique approach where AI is combined with a team of specialists that train and monitor your data in order to guarantee a steady flow of qualified candidates from their multiple talent pools. 

Once a candidate pipeline is running, Fetcher works mainly with email automation and social recruiting. Hiring staff can create personalized email sequences and outreach campaigns that can be automated based on candidate behavior. Applicant sorting is also powered by AI, automatically detecting the best applicants for a job posting based on the description and key qualifications. 

Fetcher is currently used by Reddit, Sony Music, Getty Images, and Shopify, among others. 

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Last advice

As a last word of advice, our recommendation would be to first choose a category based on the vendors that we’ve briefly reviewed. Then, you can use some of the links we shared for more detailed buying guides on each landscape. From there, the natural next step would be to get demos with 2-3 vendors and arm yourself with the question guide we linked above, as well as defining the key metrics we outlined. 

Lastly, remember that most of these will not give you a set price until you’ve demoed the solution and explained your particular needs to them. That being said, there’s much more that counts other than price so this shouldn’t be the main aspect driving the decision. Whether you’re a staffing agency, a human resources head, or a small business owner looking into recruiting, we’re sure that one of these solutions may have what you’re looking for, or at least point you in the right direction. Best of luck!

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