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Huda Idris
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September 20, 2022

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Manatal Versus the Competition

Not only does Manatal cover most of the features you’d expect from a budget-friendly ATS, the platform tops that off with AI-powered actions, such as candidate filtering and recommendations.

If you're ready to get a Manatal demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!

  • Manatal is quite affordable and offers a 15-day free trial for users to test it out before making commitments.
  • Manatal is fairly easy to use. It features drag-and-drop enabled pipelines for candidate organization.
  • Manatal’s AI-based recommendations feature can save hiring managers quite a bit of time. It’s able to scan job descriptions then search a users talent pool and bring up candidates most suited for the job.
  • The AI recommendations feature works best with resumes that are in English, and doesn’t work as accurately with other languages according to several users’ feedback. Several users have also complained about Manatal’s interface only being available in English and that career pages cannot be published in languages other than English and Spanish. 
  • Manatal doesn’t offer a free plan. We mention this as a con as several SMB-geared ATSs do offer a free-forever verison, and that puts Manatal slightly behind competition. 
  • Manatal doesn’t offer prebuilt integration modules. They do have an open API that allows users to plug in third-party products and custom tools, but that required a bit more time and technical knowledge to accomplish. It’s also worth mentioning that only Custom plan customers can access Manatal’s API and Zapier integration. Customers on the Professional and Enterprise plan cannot.
  • Users can search for candidates via Boolean Search or Advanced Search, but cannot combine the two search methods together. E.g users cannot use the Boolean search operators (AND, OR and NOT) within Manatal’s Advanced Search tab.

Manatal Review

Manatal is an budget-friendly applicant tracking system designed to help HR teams find and hire the right people. Through it, you can create a custom-branded career page, post jobs to multiple job boards, and receive candidate applications. You can also upload candidate profiles and automatically enrich them with data derived from their social media accounts. 

We like that Manatal features a customizable recruiting pipeline that’s drag and drop enabled. It also features customizable analytics dashboards so you can track important metrics, a mobile app for on-the-go access, and a LinkedIn chrome extension with reasonable functionality, allowing you to quickly connect with and save the candidates who fit your job requirements. 

One of Manatal’s neat features is their AI-powered recommendations engine that’s able to scan your job descriptions, extract key skills needed to perform the job, then search your talent pool and bring up candidates that possess those skills. With the right data, Manatal’s recommendations engine can significantly speed up the process of finding the suitable candidates and reduce the workload of hiring managers.

Overall, we think that Manatal has what it takes to fulfill the candidate sourcing and applicant tracking need of most small and medium sized businesses. With its current functionality, it isn’t yet able to fulfil the complex needs of large companies and enterprises looking to hire over 100 employees a year.

Who shouldn't buy Manatal

If you're looking for an all-in-one recruiting solution, Manatal wouldn't be the right fit. Their product assists with candidate sourcing and applicant tracking. For candidate screening, offer management and onboarding, you'd have to either integrate it with third-party solutions or for-go it for a comprehensive hiring suite.

Manatal Customers

Manatal is used in over 100 countries. Their customer list includes Unilever, Cocacola, Panasonic, Ogilvy, and Toyota.


Manatal Stats

Manatal Key Features

  • Candidate sourcing: Post jobs to multiple free and paid job boards, source candidates from Linkedin and social media channels, and receive referrals from existing employees. 
  • Applicant tracking: Customizable, drag-and-drop enabled recruitment pipeline, customizable fields and views, holistic candidate profiles, quick and advanced search.
  • Candidate profile enrichment: Automatically retrieve candidate data from their Linkedin, social media, and various other sources and add it to the profiles you have for them. 
  • AI-powered recommendations: With the help of AI, Manatal scans your job descriptions, extracts key key skills needed to perform those jobs, then recommends candidates from your talent pool who fit the position best.
  • Recruitment CRM: Email integration to communicate with candidates, Linkedin Chrome extension to quickly connect with and save candidates who fit your job requirements, and dashboards to track candidate placements, revenue made and more.
  • Career page: Create a custom-branded career page or integrate your existing one. You can also design job application forms to fit the needs of each posted job.
  • Reports and analytics: Customize your dashboard and access detailed reports and analytics to track important metrics.

Manatal Key Integrations

Manatal’s open API facilitates integration with several third-party payroll solutions and HRISs, including SAP, Oracle, Kronos, ADP, and more. Manatal also integrates with Zapier, allowing you to easily connect it with over 3000 apps.

Manatal Pricing

Manatal has two plans with fixed pricing. When Billed annually, they cost as follows:

  • Professional: This plan costs $15 per user per month for up to 15 jobs per account and 10,000 candidates. Customers on this plan can add unlimited guests.
  • Enterprise: This plan costs $35 per user per month for unlimited jobs per account, as well as unlimited  candidates and guests.


  • “Users” refers to the individuals with full unrestricted access to Manatal’s platform and its features such as recruiters and HR professionals who actively use the software.
  • “Guests” refers to individuals who are invited to collaborate on the platform through a dedicated portal such as hiring managers and decision-makers. Thes
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Manatal Implementation

To get started with Manatal, head over to their website and click the FREE TRIAL button at the top right corner. This will take you to a page where you can enter your company details and do the basic account configuration. While doing so, we recommend checking out Manatal’s help center, and going through the account set up guides to perform processes quickly and accurately. The team at Manatal also offers implementation and onboarding support upon request.

Manatal Customer Success

Manatal offers a host of help articles and user guides that assist users in getting started and performing several processes. For further help, you may reach out to Manatal’s support team, available during business hours, 7 days a week via email and live chat.

About Manatal

Manatal was founded by Jeremy Fichet and Yassine Belmamoun in early 2019. Their aim was to create a solution that simplifies the recruitment process for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates alike. Though relatively new to the HR tech space, Manatal’s done quite well for themselves; their customer list includes big brands like Unilever and Cocacola. The company has also grown to have two locations (Singapore and Bangkok), employing a diverse team of over 50 people.

As a next step you can visit the Manatal website or read about alternatives below

As a next step you can visit the Manatal website or read about alternatives below


Manatal Alternatives

Not only does Teamtailor encompass everything you would expect from an ATS, it also has additional employer branding features that are built-in.
For a free product, Zoho Recruit is a decent offer. It’s a basic ATS & CRM, with the free version including free job boards, email management, interview scheduling, and 24/5 support.
GoHire is an affordable recruiting solution that's also scalable; SMBs can derive value from its introductory plans, and upgrade to more features as their operation grows.
If you are a small business that only requires one ATS user seat, Recooty is worth checking out. It is completely free for a single user and provides several features for a recruiter to keep track of applicants.
Recruiteze offers a free 15-day trial of their applicant tracking system software that helps with applicant sourcing, interviewing, streamlining the recruitment process, and reducing recruitment costs. The free trial version also includes ATS software that provides unlimited access to job boards and job postings.
Whereas many free products have a limit on what features they offer, MightyRecruiter is a completely free end-to-end ATS. It allows for unlimited job postings on a variety of job boards and social networks.
CandidATS is a free, open-source ATS. It has so far been used by thousands of businesses in over 130 countries to track and manage applicants.
As a self-serve recruitment intelligence platform, TurboHire can discover talent, conduct effective interviews, and run a data-driven, collaborative, and engaging recruitment process via Augmented Intelligence.
OpenCats because is a completely free open-source ATS that packs all the basic features a small business would need to keep track of applicants.
For small businesses looking for an affordable ATS with basic features, JobScore’s free version is great option. It offers Job SEO Optimization and analytics reports that can be easily exported to Excel.
Freshteams is a robust and user-friendly ATS. Their free plan serves companies with up to 50 users quite well, eliminating the need to supplement their offering with additional tools.
SmartRecruiters' SmartStart plan is designed with small businesses in mind. Besides it being free of charge, SmartStart allows for an unlimited number of users, a perk Free ATSs rarely provide.
VanHack connects recruiters with top-notch tech talent in less than 48 hours. It boasts a clean user interface, a dedicated team that helps relocate new hires, virtual hiring fairs, free ATS, and much more.
Jobsoid is a great choice for early stage startups. These companies can make use of Jobsoid's Beginner plan, which is free forever, then upgrade to Jobsoid's paid offerings as they grow.
Best suited for SMBs, iKrut brings almost everything you need to attract, source, and manage candidates the way you want it with minimal training.
Recruitee is an affordable and scalable ATS. Small and mid-level companies can try out all of Recruitee's offerings for free for up to 18 days before making any commitments.
Company HQ
Bangkok, Thailand
Number of Employees
Year Founded
Amount Raised
Manatal has raised a total of $5.1M in funding as of February 2022.
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