The Top Candidate Assessment Tools — July 2020

A complete guide to finding, selecting and implementing the right candidate assessment tools including pricing, use cases, and more

Are you looking to implement a best in class candidate assessment process? Fortunately, there are some great pre-employment evaluation tools that can help you look beyond the resume to find the right talent and more productively build high-performing teams.

As a recruiter or hiring manager, you have a tough job. Between competing against other companies for top talent and filtering through hundreds of often-unqualified applicants, you’re spending a lot of time and money on recruiting efforts that you hope will result in a win for both your company and your candidate.

You can take some of this guesswork away by using a candidate assessment tool to automate the screening process, assess candidates’ skills and culture fit, compare results across your applicant pool, and use data to make unbiased hiring decisions that work.

To help you make the right investment, we put together this guide on all things candidate assessment. Keep reading to find a list of the best talent assessment tools along with key features, pricing guidelines, questions to ask on demos, and more.

We spend hundreds of hours researching the best HR and recruiting software so you don’t have to.  We never take money from vendors during our research phase and rely heavily on practitioners and experts to help us recommend the right software.  Most of the vendors featured on our site have no commercial relationship with us, we want to feature the best software for our readers regardless. Learn more

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Top Employee Assessment Tools

We track thousands of HRTech solutions, these are the best hiring assessments per our research and expert council as of January 2020

VidCruiter' allows recruiting teams to test candidates hard skills (math, language, technology), as well as soft skills (judgement, behavioral, etc) through automated assessments. They also have a great video interview platform to augment the data collected through more traditional pre-employment testing.

Worth Checking Out:

Smaller businesses all the way up through KPMG use VidCruiter to help screen candidates.

With over 15 million coding challenges complete, CodinGame’s developer screening evaluation tool allows companies like Nintendo and Facebook to hire engineers faster and more effectively.

Worth Checking Out:

CodinGame also has a sourcing offering that allows your company to build a pipeline of engineering talent.

CodeSignal’s team wants us to go beyond the resume when we vet engineers - which is definitely a great idea given all the signal we can get from understanding the skills and aptitude a given applicant has.

Worth Checking Out:

CodeSignal uses automated proctoring to cut down on any nefarious activity during a coding test.

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HackerRank is one of the largest tech assessment platforms out there with customers such as AirBnB, DropBox and more.

Worth Checking Out:

HackerRank also has a vibrant community of developers working on their skills to get better.

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Each year, over 4 million applicants go through a Harver powered assessment. These assessments test everything from hard skills to behavioral qualities that make candidates a fit, or not.  Their tool allows HR teams to focus on the best fit candidates which saves time and leads to more successful hiring outcomes.  In addition to tests, job applicants can get a feel for the role through video and situational judgement tests, and opt out of jobs they know they aren't interested in.

Worth Checking Out:

Harver has a team of IO psychologists who help build and validate assessments for your specific company and roles, identifying your unique assessment formula predictive of success in your specific context.

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Vervoe allows recruiting teams to make the right hiring decisions based on an applicant’s potential performance. Their AI-powered solution automatically grades customized tests, and ranks candidates according to job-related skills. The platform includes skills tests, video interviews and coding assessments. It’s an intuitive and powerful way to build and manage your assessments.

Worth Checking Out:

Vervoe charges on a per hire basis which allows your team to use their solution across all candidates.

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SparkHire is one of the most widely used video interview platforms out there which automatically qualifies it as a top candidates screening tool.  They also have a host of features around scheduling and evaluating candidates.

Worth Checking Out:

SparkHire has a great repository of case studies, many of which tie the work of human resources into the broader business goals of increasing revenues and decreasing costs.

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HireVue was one of the very first video interview platforms and really helped to pioneer that space.  They’ve also added a suite of assessment tools to help HR figure out whether or not a given candidate is a good fit.

Worth Checking Out:

HireVue’s platform is fairly robust and uses a combination of traditional and game-based assessments to screen talent.

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MyInterview is a video interview platform that uses AI to help recruiting teams evaluate candidates.  Their solution is incredibly easy to implement for smaller companies, but also used for much larger organizations like Pandora and

Worth Checking Out:

MyInterview uses a “glass box” approach to AI that endeavors to circumvent the bias in black box AI use.

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PI’s behavioral, skills and cognitive assessments empower human resources teams to better vet talent before joining.

Worth Checking Out:

The Predictive Index has an interesting model that works with hundreds of HR consultants - chances are there is one in your neck of the woods that can help you implement their solution.

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Qualified’s online coding interview platform was born out of CodeWars, an ecosystem of 1 million developers working to improve their skills.  Customers include Apple, UC Berkeley, and GE.

Worth Checking Out:

This platform is all about using real world situations to vet whether an engineer is a good fit for your organization.

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AllyO is an AI based talent acquisition and HR suite that includes an assessment module.  Their chatbot can screen candidates even before they apply with questions that you design to vet different types of job seekers.

Worth Checking Out:

AllyO’s solution is part of a larger suite of powerful recruitment tools, but has the ability to start with just the assessment module.

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eSkill helps organizations simplify their hiring process using pre-employment tests, behavioral assessments, and video interviews to screen applicants. HR managers can choose pre-prepared tests from eSkill’s extensive Test Library, or create customized assessments using questions from multiple tests along with their own questions. This helps them quickly identify top candidates as well as reduce hiring costs and expedite time-to-hire.

Worth Checking Out:

eSkill has clients worldwide in industries such as customer service, healthcare, manufacturing/industrial, and staffing. Some of its clients include Pepsi, LG, Zappos, Banner Health, and Randstad.

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pymetrics uses a series of games and exercises to understand a job seeker’s risk aversion, cognitive abilities, behavioral characteristics, and so much more.  Your best employees are also mapped using similar criteria so that applicants can be matched with the appropriate role within your organization

Worth Checking Out:

Large enterprises like McDonald’s, BCG, and Unilever all use pymetrics for their hiring process.

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XOR is a chatbot that screens job seekers before your recruiters speak with them. Their solution allows you to quickly add questions, rank their importance, and then sort candidates by score.

Worth Checking Out:

XOR’s solution can handle basic screening and then either schedule a passed applicant to talk to a recruiter, or tell them about other roles they are a better fit for.

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Candidate Assessment Software, Final Advice

Finding candidates with the right skill set who are also good culture fits ultimately leads to more organizational success and less attrition. With a candidate assessment tool, you can be more confident in your screening and hiring efforts and build a higher-performing company.

To find the right assessment tool for your needs, run an audit of your existing screening process to see what data you’re currently getting and/or prioritizing. From there, you can more easily identify which of the solutions here can take this screening work off of your recruiters’ plates and make your overall screening efforts more consistent and more efficient. At the end of the day, you want something that will make your job easier and your company more successful.

From here, it’s probably best to talk to 2-3 vendors about their solution and get a sense for how they would fit into what you are trying to accomplish with your program.

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