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Phil Strazzulla
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November 12, 2022

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VidCruiter Versus the Competition

VidCruiter stands out for being quite flexible. They offer a range of robust recruiting solutions that you can purchase individually or combine with one another as needed. It’s also available in seven languages besides English, both for recruiters and applicants.

If you're ready to get a VidCruiter demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!

  • VidCruiter’s customers can choose the modules they want and purchase them individually, or purchase the entire recruiting suite, inclusive of all modules, i.e. video interviewing, applicant tracking, skill assessments, scheduling, and more. 
  • VidCruiter’s pre-recorded interview feature saves hiring managers a lot of time and eliminates scheduling conflicts. It also offers candidates the flexibility to record their answers at their convenience.
  • VidCruiter supports mobile recruiting for on-the-go access. Both candidates and recruiters can view pre-recorded video interviews or join live video interviews/conferences from their iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • VidCruiter’s account managers are quite hands-on. Besides helping you get started with the platform, they’ll also help you perform other processes, such as setting up the tracking and conversion metrics of your targeted ad campaigns so you can measure their success. 
  • VidCruiter is a multilingual recruiting solution. Besides English, it’s available in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, and Korean, both for recruiters and candidates.
  • Several users have reported a steep learning curve and that the UI takes some time to get used to. 
  • A few users reported occasional video lag issues that aren’t internet connectivity-related. 
  • VidCruiter’s skills assessment module is great as an add-on, but isn’t built out enough compared to point solutions in that space. For example, it doesn’t really support advanced technical skills testing. 
  • VidCruiter doesn’t have a lot of pre-built integration options with HRIS/Payroll systems. That said, VidCruiter’s team is working on expanding their partner network and might create integrations upon customer requests.

VidCruiter Review

VidCruiter is a video recruiting and applicant management platform built for medium and large-size companies. Recruiters and hiring managers can use it to post jobs, shortlist candidates, and screen them through live or pre-recorded video interviews. Candidates can view real-time interviewer availability and schedule interviews on their own. You can even allow them to choose the interview type (either live or pre-recorded), which we think is a neat feature to have especially if you’re working on improving candidate experience.

To speed hiring further, VidCruiter enables you to organize hiring events virtually and reach a wider pool of candidates with a branded employer landing page and targeted ad campaigns. These events are particularly helpful if you have several positions to fill and are looking to recruit globally; you just set them up and watch the responses roll in. You can receive multiple pre-recorded responses from candidates simultaneously and view them at your convenience. You can also choose to conduct live video interviews for deeper conversations.

Screenshot of vidCruiter website

To verify the quality of the applicants you are receiving, VidCruiter automatically sends out emails to candidates requesting for their references. Once candidates provide their references’ details, a custom questionnaire is sent to the referees to fill out and provide their evaluations. The system will automatically send out reminders to referees who have yet to submit their answers. 

VidCruiter also facilitates proctored assessments for a variety of hard and soft skills, including language proficiency, Microsoft Office knowledge, typing speed, math, RFP simulations, and more. High scorers are automatically filtered out and moved to the next step in your process.

Who shouldn't buy VidCruiter

If you’re a startup or an SMB with infrequent hiring needs, you won’t really see good ROI numbers with VidCruiter.

VidCruiter Customers

VidCruiter is used by over 40,000 recruiters, including ones from Lowe’s, Lionsgate, Samsung, Bears, US Foods, and United Nations.

VidCruiter: ATS with native video interviewing

VidCruiter Stats

  • FGH Security, a UK-based security services company, managed to reduce their time-to-hire from 10 days to 48 hours using VidCruiter.
  • BioScript Solutions, a Canadian provider of specialty medications and health care support, used VidCruiter and accelerated their time-to-hire by 33%.
  • Achievement First, a US-based charter school network, was able to reduce their average interview scheduling time by 35% with VidCuiter.

VidCruiter Key Features

  • Applicant tracking: Post jobs to multiple job boards, filter your talent pool with advanced boolean search, rate and rank candidates based on quantifiable data, view real-time reports that highlight time-to-hire and other metrics, create and share branded video content, communicate with candidates via their chosen form of communication and more.
  • Virtual events: Organize hiring events virtually and attract candidates with a custom-branded employer landing page with images and videos of your team and welcome messages. You can also run targeted ad campaigns to reach candidates with specific skills. 
  • Video interviewing: Conduct live video interviews with your shortlisted candidates or pre-record your part to avoid scheduling conflicts.  
  • Structured digital interviews: Structured digital interviews help you reduce hiring biases. All candidates are asked the same questions and allocated the same amount of time, and each interviewer submits their ratings separately so they’re not influenced by each other's evaluations. Interviews can also be recorded for panel revision. 
  • Digital in-person interviews: Digitizing your in-person interviews allows you to speed up the interviewing process and have a single repository for your notes and rating that other team members can view. These interviews are also flexible so you get to introduce unscripted questions based on the candidate’s responses. 
  • Interview scheduling: Display interviewers’ availability in real-time and enable candidates to choose time slots that suit them. Hiring managers can have access to manually change availabilities and block certain times off.  
  • Automated reference checking: This feature allows you to auto-send candidates an email requesting for their references. Once candidates enter in their references’ details, a custom questionnaire is sent to the referees with auto-reminders later on to ones who have yet to submit their answers. 
  • Skills testing: Test for a variety of different skills in candidates, including Microsoft Excel knowledge, typing speed, RFP simulations, script reading, and more. You can also video-proctor these tests to prevent cheating.

VidCruiter Key Integrations

VidCruiter integrates with a host of ATSs, HRISs, job boards, background checking solutions, and more. Some familiar names include ADP Workforce Now, Workday, Oracle, Linkedin, Salesforce, and Checkr.

VidCruiter Pricing

The pricing of VidCruiter’s solutions is not disclosed on their website and is calculated based on your number of hires. You can get in touch with VidCruiter’s Sales team for a custom price quote.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

VidCruiter is Best For

We recommend VidCruiter for organizations that hire more than 100 people a year, i.e. medium and large-sized companies and recruiting agencies.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

VidCruiter Implementation

VidCruiter does offer implementation support. To get started with their platform, you can send them your interview questions, guides, and other recruiting criteria, and they’ll help you create your first job post(s). What’s also helpful is that they’ll send some test applicants your way so you can assess your recruitment process and familiarize yourself with the platform’s functionality before dealing with real applicants.

VidCruiter Customer Success

VidCruiter’s customers are assigned a customer success manager (CSM) that can be reached by phone, email, or through VidCruiter’s built-in chat feature at any time. They also offer on-demand training services as well as self-guided training modules.

About VidCruiter

VidCruiter was founded in 2009, a little while after Sean Fahey (CEO) was tasked with hiring 200 people in a short period. He saw first-hand how traditional hiring processes can be slow and inefficient and from that experience, he set out to create a solution that streamlines how companies hire. That’s when he partnered up with Mike Wojcenovich (CTO) to create VidCruiter. Fast forward to today, VidCruiter is a well-known vendor in the recruiting space, with over 40,000 users from different countries.

As a next step you can visit the VidCruiter website or read our research on the Best Video Interviewing Platforms.

As a next step you can visit the VidCruiter website or read our research on the Best Video Interviewing Platforms.

VidCruiter Alternatives

Trusted by over 6,000 organizations of all sizes across the globe, Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform promises to speed up your candidate screening process by 5 times.
Once you post your job listing, candidates can share their video applications through the platform. And after the interview, you can review your notes and grade each candidate's interview performance with your team.
Hireflix is all about simplicity; they lead the one-way video interviewing space with a minimalist and modern interface that's super easy to figure out.
Avature’s enterprise-grade video interviewing solution allows you to conduct both live and on-demand interviews efficiently. It also facilitates interview scheduling, be it for 1:1, group, or panel video interviews.
Interviewstream specializes in video interviewing. Their platform facilitates both live and on-demand interviews, as well as packs features for interviewing prepping and scheduling.
HireVue is a pioneer in the video interviewing software space and stands out from its competitors for its AI-powered on-demand interviews that helps recruiters conduct the initial screening of candidates.
Willo is all about simplifying the hiring process. All their plans, including a free-forever one, pack just enough features for teams with a limited recruitment budget and tight schedules.
Brazen is an easy-to-use virtual career fairs platform. Fortune 500 companies & top universities rely on Brazen to offer a great candidate experience with events that include live presentations, 1:1 video, audio or text chats, and much more.
Designed with the input of industrial and organizational psychologists, Harver’s platform facilitates all sorts of pre-employment assessments, from virtual interviews to cognitive, behavioral, and skill assessments.
Not only does Recright have a video interviewing tool that handles both live and pre-recorded interviews, they also have an applicant tracking system (ATS) that complements its video interviewing tool quite well.


Who uses VidCruiter?

VidCruiter is designed for medium and large-size companies and serves a range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, education, and health care, as well as government agencies and nonprofits.

What is the price for VidCruiter?

VidCruiter doesn’t have fixed pricing plans. Instead, they tailor their pricing to each customer’s hiring frequency and needs. We recommend that you schedule a demo with a VidCruiter sales rep to get a price estimate as well as have them address any questions/concerns you have.

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