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April 16, 2024
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VidCruiter Versus the Competition

VidCruiter is well-respected for having one of the most sophisticated video interviewing solutions on the market. While constantly expanding its services to cover the entire hiring process, the platform maintains excellent quality in both core products and customer care.

If you're ready to get a VidCruiter demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!



Ease of Use

Best For

Large companies hiring 100+ people anually

Key Differentiator

video interviews, ATS, and Quick Apply


Custom Pricing

Free Trial



  • Scalable and customizable — users pay for what they need and can purchase more features as they grow.
  • Robust pre-recorded and live video interviewing with advanced automation.
  • Browser-based, so it works across devices without installing apps.
  • Available for recruiters in eight languages and supports job seekers in dozens more.
  • 24/7 live agent support, assigned account manager, and on-demand training.


  • Because the product is feature-rich and highly customizable, the implementation phase can be time-consuming.
  • Advanced search and technical skills testing features within the assessment module leave room for improvement.
  • No free or trial version.
  • Undisclosed pricing.

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VidCruiter Review

Being one of the first players in this space, VidCruiter’s product is both highly refined and broad in application. This review covers their video interview features, ATS, interview scheduling, and more.

VidCruiter offers two core interview products: one uses pre-recorded prompts, and the other creates a live video environment for interviews. They are offered individually but can be used together in keeping with the user’s needs.

VidCruiter Pre-recorded Video Interviewing

VidCruiter’s pre-recorded video interviewing is great for large organizations with candidates in multiple time zones. A single recorded video can reach hundreds of people at once, and interview results can be ready for evaluation within a week.

 This will walk you through VidCruiter’s pre-recorded interview.

The feature also supports efforts against bias by providing a consistent and structured interview experience for every candidate. Each is given the same question set, the same number of attempts, and the same time limit.

VidCruiter Live Video Interviewing

While pre-recorded video interviewing can be helpful in streamlining  high-volume recruitment efforts, VidCruiter’s live video interviewing emphasizes a personal touch by creating a two-way street for  employers and candidates to get to know each other.

A switch from Zoom or Meet to VidCruiter’s live interview platform can be an upgrade for the functionality and user experience. The tool is simple to use, and unlike other general-purpose video meeting options, it is specifically designed for interviews. The platform handles the process end-to-end, from scheduling to notetaking, storage and evaluation.

This is what VidCruiter’s live video interviewing platform looks like.

During user testing, we were impressed by the interviewer interface, which simultaneously displays the candidate, the question set, and the rating guide. This level of process consistency can be tremendously helpful in supporting compliance and combating bias.

The candidate interface is designed for simplicity. One notable feature is that the candidate can test their technology (video, speakers, microphone, internet speed, etc.) before entering the call.

One thing to note: like any technology, video interviewing can be a game-changer. However, it is critical not to mistake having a cutting-edge platform for an excellent interviewing process. Streamlining the procedure is not the same as creating a positive experience for both interviewer and interviewee, and the latter is more important than the former.

Whether or not a company uses VidCruiter for this, the time investment cannot be overlooked. A compelling and engaging hiring process must be tied to a company culture that is ready to be showcased and that can take years to establish.

VidCruiter’s brand-building and global-reach capacity can only be a massive asset for teams who have built and curated an engaging company culture that is ready to wow the world.

VidCruiter Interview Scheduling

This product integrates third-party calendars and syncs meetings in real-time.

Among our favorite features, we love that VidCruiter is friendly to candidates across continents. It handles time zone conversions and dozens of languages with ease.They include a simple feature that is absolutely critical when juggling international time zones: an automated reminder. As an international team, we know firsthand how an automated reminder can be the only thing that stands between the best intentions and an accidental no-show.

In keeping with an increasingly global workplace, VidCruiter is investing heavily in their scheduling product. We look forward to seeing what else the tool has to offer in the future.

VidCruiter ATS

VidCruiter’s ATS may not be their best-known product, but it is not a feature to be missed. In addition to standard features like job posting, pre-screening with boolean search, interview scheduling, and numerous reports based on empirical data, their ATS can be used to entice the talent pool with culture-showcasing career pages and tailored job recommendations based on job seeker location.

Here’s a snapshot of VidCruiter’ career page product.

On the other hand, Quick Apply is a separate, standalone ATS tool that is a great add-on for teams who want to speed up the hiring process but don’t want to replace their current ATS. Quick Apply plugs into the user's existing applicant tracking system and enables job seekers to apply directly from job portals like LinkedIn and Indeed without further log-ins or uploads.

This is what a VidCruiter application form looks like.

VidCruiter Recruiting Product

VidCruiter's recruiting product combines online skills testing and automated reference checking with their ATS, video interviewing software, and scheduling tools.

An overview of VidCruiter’s hiring workflow.

The skills testing tool offers assessments for so-called “hard” and “soft” skills. Test scoring and ranking are automated, but interviewers can customize messaging to candidates for results and next steps.

Their automated reference-checking tool is simple and effective. Anti-fraud detection features run alongside automation that moves the process seamlessly from the candidate to the reference and back to the company.

For those that have several positions to fill globally, adding VidCruiter’s virtual event host tool to the Recruiting product can be a nice move to expand their talent hub.

We have strong convictions about pricing transparency, though it is somewhat rare in this space. We also love free trials. Despite  VidCruiter's choice to provide neither, we still love this product.

The results of our in-house software testing, expert input, and user feedback are undeniable: this is a robust, intelligent, and user-friendly product.

Who shouldn't buy VidCruiter

  • Companies hiring fewer than 100 people each year.
  • Those engaging candidates in countries where internet connectivity is unpredictable are better off with a lo-fi option.
  • Those looking for a quick solution or low-cost, plug-and-play product.
  • Those looking for AI-powered recruiting software.

VidCruiter Customers

VidCruiter is used by more than 100,000 recruiters, including Lowe’s, Lionsgate, Samsung, Bears, US Foods, and the United Nations.

VidCruiter: Advanced video interviewing platform
visit VidCruiter

VidCruiter Key Features

  • Video interviewing: Live interviews for shortlisted candidates and pre-record for first-round interviews.
  • Interview scheduling: Seamless calendar integrations and ease of use for all timezones.
  • Automated reference checking: Low-touch process with built-in security measures.
  • Skills testing: Independent skill assessment and video proctoring available.
  • Applicant tracking: Job posting, search filters, smart ranking, and branded content.
  • Virtual events: Arrange hiring events in virtual spaces.

VidCruiter Key Integrations

VidCruiter integrates with numerous ATS, HCM, HRIS, Payroll, job boards, and background-checking solutions. Names of note include Greenhouse, ADP RM, ADP Workforce Now, ICIMS, Workday, Oracle, Linkedin, Salesforce, SAP, Ceridian, and Checkr.

VidCruiter Pricing

Contact Vidcruiter for a quote.

VidCruiter is Best For

Teams who hire at least 100 people per year and have a well-developed culture to showcase. VidCruiter’s multilingual capacity also makes it a good fit for organizations that hire globally.

How has VidCruiter Changed Over Time?

Since we last checked in, VidCruiter addressed a specific issue we had listed as a “CON” when we wrote a review three years ago. We are happy to report that the number of pre-built integration options now satisfies the criteria and has moved to the “PROs” list. Bravo for your impressive partner network, and welcome to the “pros”!

VidCruiter Implementation

VidCruiter doesn’t put a time limit on their account manager services. They will ensure that you are comfortable with the platform and that the product is configured to accommodate your workflow.

VidCruiter Customer Success

Reports on VidCruiter’s account managers are generally quite positive. They often go above and beyond to help you explore the tool.

VidCruiter users are assigned a dedicated customer success manager in addition to the 24/7 live agent feature, on-demand training services, and self-guided training modules.

About VidCruiter

VidCruiter was founded in 2012 after CEO Sean Fahey experienced first-hand how traditional hiring processes can be slow and inefficient when he was tasked with rapidly hiring 200 people.

Worth noting about VidCruiter

On the topic of AI, VidCruiter’s product team reports that while they may use the technology to generate interview questions, they believe it can introduce unintended bias if used for evaluations. As state and federal laws adapt to this new landscape, employers should carefully consider if and how they will use AI in hiring.

Company HQ

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Amount Raised



Who uses VidCruiter?

VidCruiter is designed for organizations serving various industries, including retail, manufacturing, education, health care, government agencies, and nonprofits.

How much does VidCruiter cost?

VidCruiter doesn’t have a flat rate, as its price is specifically tied to the number of products, the integrations, and the bandwidth needed to process the customer's number of applicants.

Does VidCruiter offer a free plan?

No, they don’t.

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