Best Developer Assessment Tools - September 2020

The best tech assessment tools, pricing guidelines, benefits, pitfalls, and more

If you’re looking to hire more quality software engineers faster, then you are probably researching the various online coding interview platforms.

These tools allow recruiting and engineering teams to effectively screen more applicants in an unbiased way that allows for the right candidates with the right skills to get the job.

Additionally, online coding assessments (along with video interviews) have become more popular in the current COVID-19 pandemic where in person interviews are becoming necessary with most offices closed.

Below is our research into this space - everything you need to know before deciding on whether or not to move forward with buying a coding interview solution, along with suggested partners that we’ve personally vetted.  Good luck and let us know if we’re missing anything!

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Top Tech Assessment Platforms

We track thousands of HRTech solutions, these are the best online coding interview tool per our research and expert council as of September 2020

CodinGame make the evaluation and shortlisting of programmers simple and fast. By challenging developers on real-life problems, they help recruiters and CTOs reduce hiring costs with reliable results on candidates' skills. Clients include Nasdaq, Thales and Ubisoft.

Worth Checking Out:

You’ll soon be able to boost candidate experience and gamify your CodinGame Assessment campaigns with innovative game-based programming exercises. allows companies to implement a skills based hiring process for their technical hires through in depth virtual assessments.  Their solution has more signal than simply screening resumes, sophisticated anti-fraud detection, and specializes in testing more experienced candidates focused on architecting systems vs simply writing code. Marquee customers include Lyft, Cigna, and Pinterest.

Worth Checking Out:

Filtered thinks about the candidate experience, not just the efficiency of the recruiting process, and has an average candidate rating of 4.75/5.0.

Qualified allows your team to effectively assess technical talent while saving your recruiting and engineering team time.  The platform was developed by the creators of CodeWars, a community where over 1 million engineers sharpen their skills.  They’re focused on unit-testing and test driven development to design assessments that mirror actual programming work as much as possible.  Their customers include Apple, GE and UC Berkeley.

Worth Checking Out:

This is a great platform if you want to accurately screen engineers with real world problems.

HackerRank allows companies to deeply understand the skill sets of potential engineer hires through both automated code screens and live programming exercises.  Their 2,000 customers include small engineering teams all the way up through Stripe, Goldman Sachs and LinkedIn.  From data scientists of full stack engineers, HackerRank can help you identify the best talent, set a consistent hiring bar, and generally improve your recruiting process.

Worth Checking Out:

If you're a developer, you can join a community to 11 million software engineers to sharpen your skills.

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TripleByte gives companies access to the top 3% of developers who take their assessment via a marketplace of vetted tech talent.  This solution can help SMBs through enterprise with their tech recruiting.

Worth Checking Out:

TripleByte also licenses their assessment tool to companies who want to run their own process vs using their talent marketplace.

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CodeSignal’s developer vetting process aspires to be as close to the real world job as possible to get to the heart of a person’s skills and aptitude.  The reality is that many qualified applicants have unhelpful resumes,  and aren’t good at interviewing.  But, these people may be great for the job.  If you want to get nerdy, CodeSignal has published several in depth papers on how their vetting algorithms work.

Worth Checking Out:

CodeSignal has an automated proctoring feature that allows for scaled supervision during interviews.

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Codility is laser focused on helping the right people get the right jobs based on skills, not background.   One of the things we like the most about this platform is the positive feedback around the accuracy of assessment from developers who’ve taken the tests.

Worth Checking Out:

Codility has put together a comprehensive developer demographic report full of data to help you recruit engineers.

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Byteboard was incubated inside of Google's Area 120.  Their solution enables companies to assess engineering candidates through real world engineering exercises vs more academic constructs like algorithms and data structures.

Worth Checking Out:

Interviews are blind and paired with structured rubrics to limit bias in evaluation.

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CoderPad allows technical teams to replace whiteboard interviews (or even worse, over the phone interviews where candidates are expected to program in a text editor that won't even run their code) with a live programming environment that can facilitate both in person and virtual interviews.  Their solution lets applicants work in real time on a problem in an IDE where they can test their solutions and collaborate with your team - see their skills, style and smarts as they solve real problems.  Customers include Lyft, AirBnB, Dropbox and many more.

Worth Checking Out:

This solution is great for high-signal technical interviews, and interviews with more senior engineers. In addition to the IDE, you can interact over audio and video.

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Final Advice on Tech Assessment

Any company hiring more than a few engineers a year should take a look at using a tech assessment platform.  They save your engineering team time.  They lead to better hires.  And, most are very simple to do a pilot with.  You can get a 30 minute demo of one of our pre-vetted vendors to understand how this will fit into the specifics of your recruiting process:

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