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Using Talent Sourcing Platforms To Save Recruiter Time

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Phil Strazzulla

May 17, 2019

Talent sourcing has become an incredibly important part of any recruiting strategy.  This is especially true in a world where unemployment rates have fallen to sub 4% levels and the best talent has become even harder to reach.

Chart showin civilian unemployment rate seasonally adjusted

In response, recruiters have been forced to rely more and more on outbound means to engage potential hires.  Or, organizations have homegrown their own dedicated sourcing teams which spend their days hunting the right talent.

Outsourcing Sourcing

Recently, we’ve come across a crop of companies that have leveraged technology along with best practices to streamline the sourcing process.  These candidate sourcing platforms can help companies efficiently ramp their talent acquisition efforts.  

We got our hands on some data that showed just how dramatically a company can scale their sourcing efforts up and down when needed.  This particular case study takes the example of a staffing firm that needed to reach hard to find candidates in order to meet their revenue goals.  But, the same lessons apply to corporate recruiting:

To sum up, there are a few key reasons why we think talent sourcing platforms can be useful to both corporate recruiting and staffing:

  • It’s typically cheaper to outsource this function given the variability of demand for sourcing at your organization.  You can ramp this up/down when needed, as opposed to having full time employees who will be very busy some times, and under utilized others.
  • You can specifically focus on diversity hires through these platforms.
  • Full desk recruiters don’t want to source.  It’s tough work that ends in a lot of rejection from candidates who aren’t thrilled about being cold emailed.
  • Sourcing is all these companies do.  They are almost certainly going to be better at it than most recruiting teams just by virtue of spending their entire focus on this one area of recruiting.

Have you tried to outsource your sourcing capabilities?  Leave a comment below on how it went!

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