Best Candidate Sourcing Tools - June 2020

The Best Talent Sourcing Tools, ROI Calculator, Questions to ask vendors, and More

The best sourcing tools allow your talent acquisition team to reach new talent pools, and quickly engage relevant people to close your hardest to fill reqs. We’ve done dozens of demos and talked to some of the most successful recruiting teams out there to understand what the best sourcing platforms are, and how you can leverage them.

Below is our list of the best candidate sourcing tools, along with everything else we think you need to know when buying these types of tools from ROI to questions to ask on demos.

It’s important to note that sourcing software is great for teams that need to augment their existing sourcing capabilities, or to fully outsource the process.  They also work for companies of any size or industry - the main criteria to get value of out these tools is that you must have a need for hard to find talent.

We spend hundreds of hours researching the best HR and recruiting software so you don’t have to.  We never take money from vendors during our research phase and rely heavily on practitioners and experts to help us recommend the right software.  Most of the vendors featured on our site have no commercial relationship with us, we want to feature the best software for our readers regardless. Learn more

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Top Candidate Sourcing Tools

We track thousands of HRTech solutions, these are the best Sourcing tools and services per our research and expert council as of March 2020

Fetcher is a tech focused automated sourcing solution that uses a combination of AI and humans to find and engage people who will fit your open req.  Their offering drastically reduces the time it takes to hire and as a result they’ve been able to land customers like Shopify, Reddit, and Peloton.

Worth Checking Out:

Fetcher can start putting interviews with qualified candidates on your calendar within days, that’s compelling. Learn More About Fetcher

vsource’s specialty is in finding qualified candidates who meet your criteria so that your recruiting and sourcing team can reach out.  This solution is designed to provide a predictable pipeline of passive candidates to give your recruiters a running start each day.  vsource is big on customer service, and prides themselves on working with companies to refine the people who will be a good match for your reqs.  Their customers include Amazon, DoorDash, and Twitter.

Worth Checking Out:

vsource can also help with talent mapping for companies who are trying to determine where to put their future offices.

HireSweet is a simple AI powered sourcing tool that hiring managers, founders, and talent acquisition can all use to engage talent. Their offering will build shortlists of passive candidates based on your open reqs.  The tool will then deploy automated sequences that come from your email, or a colleague (in the case where a recruiter wants the CTO to be reaching out).  It'll learn how to find better candidates based on your feedback using AI and can either charge on a subscription or fee for hire basis.

Worth Checking Out:

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Vettery uses data science and human touch to match companies with pre-vetted talent. Their online hiring marketplace allows teams to engage with quality tech, sales, and finance candidates across a variety of industries. They offer flexible pricing models to cater to the number of hires a company plans on making.

Worth Checking Out:

In addition to major metros in the US, Vettery also has talent pools in major international tech hubs like Dublin, Toronto, and London.

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Seekout’s database has over 500 million profiles in the US and Canada alone.  Recruiters looking to source top of funnel outside of LinkedIn Recruiter can use this solution to find and contact candidates.  One really interesting feature is their use of GitHub data where they’re able to build a profile on engineers based on contributions to different code repositories.  Customers include Fortune 500 firms like Raytheon and Rackspace down to one person staffing companies.

Worth Checking Out:

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Interseller’s platform allows sourcing and full desk recruiting teams to leverage the same powerful technology that sales teams are using to engage prospective customers.  Specifically, their tool lets users source talent from the open web via chrome extension, and then put them into email sequences with automated follow up and a layer of intelligence designed to protect your deliverability rates.

Worth Checking Out:

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With Entelo, you can search for candidates that meet your criteria, and then automate your outreach all from one platform.  Their new Envoy platform even promises to deliver qualified candidates directly to your inbox.  Big name customers include Wayfair, Sony and Paypal.

Worth Checking Out:

Entelo has figured out a few ways of using machine learning to improve D&I sourcing by inferring the skills people have by their work experience.

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Hiretual has a massive database of candidates that is perfect for sourcers and recruiters who are looking for hard to find candidates.  As a user, you can run searches to find people to reach out to, and then put them into an outreach campaign.

Worth Checking Out:

In addition to sourcing, Hiretual allows for candidate re-discovery in your existing databases.

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Wade and Wendy offers an automated AI based sourcing tool.  You provide a req, and it will search their database of 300 million candidates, along with your own ATS.  The AI will identify candidates who are a match, and then reachout.  It’ll learn from your feedback on candidates, and adapt on targeting.  Randstad, eTrade and Comcast are customers.

Loxo's platform is built around making your recruiting team more efficient.  What makes Loxo unique from other CRMs, is that they have an up to date database of 530 million people with their personal contact information.  Their technology helps recruiters to build lists of candidates, outreach through automated sequences of texts/emails/calls/Linkedln, and manage every part of the hiring process through their CRM.  Companies like Bank of America, All-State, Trinity Health, Lockheed Martin, Amazon and Randstad are using Loxo to decrease time to fill, and cost per hire.

Worth Checking Out:

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Gem has taken many of the best practices your sales team uses, and applied them to your recruiters’ workflows when engaging candidates.  Sourcers and recruiters can use Gem to capture the information of relevant candidates, reach out to them through multi stage campaigns, and see what’s working through analytics.  Plus, this activity all integrates with your ATS.  Their customer base includes Dropbox, Pinterest, Slack and many more.

Worth Checking Out:

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Visage is a very interesting marketplace that talent acquisition teams can leverage to augment their sourcing capabilities.  You post what types of candidates you are looking for, and then thousands of sourcers compete to source for you.  There is a level of screening done through AI, and then your recruiters reach out to the applicants you want (81% of sourced candidates are accepted).

Worth Checking Out:

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TopFunnel offers an automated sourcing solution designed to augment your recruiters’ outreach so that they can focus on talking to candidates.  It’s offered both as a tool or managed service and boasts customers like ZeroCater and Coinbase.

Worth Checking Out:

You can play around with a free version of TopFunnel on their website.

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Final Advice

Recruiting software can supercharge your talent acquisition efforts.  However, it’s one piece of your recruiting process, and doesn’t take the place of a strong human resources team when hiring and onboarding new employees.  From the beginning of recruitment through employee onboarding, it’s important to have a human touch that takes into consideration the needs of the humans involved.

That said, leveraging machine learning and AI for your candidate sourcing is a great way to drastically scale your ability to get in front of the right applicants.  If your team’s sourcing process lacks technology, you are at a huge disadvantage relative to your talent competition.  Moreover, relying solely on job boards or employee referral programs is a surefire way to miss your recruitment goals.

Our advice is to make a list of your priorities, and figure out the 2-3 within your existing recruitment process that need the most help.  Maybe it’s adding a recruiting crm, video interview software, or another type of recruiting tool.  Whatever the case, we hope this page, and our site generally, is helpful for you to make the right decisions for your business.  Enjoy!

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