Top Diversity Hiring Tools — September 2020

Everything you need to know to launch a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) strategy so you can attract and retain more diverse talent, build high-performing teams, and grow revenue

Top diversity and inclusion technology will assist your company to create a workplace that empowers people from all different backgrounds. A Diverse workforce is good for society, and good for your business in a way that your CFO will appreciate. According to a study by McKinsey & Co., “companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially.”

Diversity hiring ensures that you have a fair and balanced hiring process, bringing in applicants from all communities. That is the easy part, and diversity hiring tools make it even easier. The challenge is taking those hiring efforts a step further to also focus on inclusion and equity — i.e. making sure that the diverse workforce you build also provides fairness and equal opportunity for all employees regardless of background.

Getting all of this right is a process. To help you get started, we created this guide on diversity hiring tools, inclusion and equity best practices, and more, so you can uplevel your DEI strategy to build an equitable workplace and high-performing company.

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Top Diversity Hiring Tools

Textio is an easy to use tool that will allow your company to write job descriptions that are not overly biased towards any given group. They've used machine learning to understand words and phrases that may be overly masculine, turn off people of color, etc. By using their tool, you can help ensure that you are not at risk of losing diversity candidates at the top of the hiring funnel.

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FGB is kind of like Glassdoor, but for women. They've zeroed in on key issues that female job seekers care about such as maternity leave. They've also built an engaged audience by offering female specific career advice. All this means employers have a great channel to show off why they should be an employer of choice for women.

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Valence is a tech platform and community for Black professionals that is built around four key pillars: mentorship, career opportunities, professional development, and access to capital.  Companies who are aligned with their mission can use Valence to attract talent through job posts, direct outreach, and company profiles.  The company is very focused on authentic conversations, and so there are also opportunities to build your employer brand through mentorship and events.  Definitely check out Valence when thinking about how to grow the representation of Black professionals across all levels in your business from up and comers to the c-suite and board.

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Jopwell's mission is to advance the careers of Black, LatinX and Native American professionals which they accomplish through their community The Well. For employers, it's a great place to build your employer brand with these populations, and also source high quality applicants.

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Next Steps

As Sarah Castle at Toast put it, "Think of your company culture as a garden. It’s going to grow whether or not you have a gardener and weeds will grow. Those weeds are your toxicity.” So, don’t hire diverse candidates just for the sake of having a diverse workplace and think you're done. Instead, be intentional about also creating an inclusive culture where people feel welcomed, do good work, and help grow the diversity of your workforce.

There is a lot of nuance to inclusion and what makes a person leave because of organizational toxicity. For example, things like fairness and sense of belonging are perceived differently by women vs. men vs. LGBTQIA vs. different races and ethnicities. There are just a lot of layers to it. To try to better understand these layers within your organization and accurately identify areas of toxicity that need fixing, keep open lines of communication with your employees (even if just through anonymized surveys), turn to outside consulting firms that specialize in inclusion (like The Collective, A DEI Lab), or other organizations dedicated to inclusion and accountability (like Project Include).

And, of course, schedule a few demos with companies here that seem like a good fit for your organization.

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