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December 13, 2023
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Findem Versus the Competition

Findem is the only tool in this category that allows you to find candidates using technical and intangible attributes in ways that traditional keyword matching does not.

If you're ready to get a Findem demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!



Ease of Use

Best For

Key Differentiator


Starts at $8,000/yr

Free Trial



  • They assign a dedicated customer service manager during the implementation process to get you settled and started. These account managers also help migrate your data onto the system during the onboarding process.
  • It is time-saving for businesses that have less time/people to dedicate to recruiting. They provide a service where sourcing experts work together with you to find talent across the globe.
  • The software allows you to run outbound recruiting campaigns, giving you a potential talent pool of over 750 million candidates.


  • For the main offering, Findem require a minimum contract time rather than being able to pay for the service monthly. However, they do have a sourcing solution that can start with a 3-month engagement.
  • Findem does not typically cover hourly worker roles or jobs where the candidates have none or very little online presence.

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Findem Review

Findem’s AI recruiting software helps companies find and hire great candidates from a diverse, latent talent pool across the world. Their goal is to help hiring managers find the perfect candidate for the roles they need to fill. Emphasis on “perfect candidate” because this system uses artificial intelligence to help you drill down on the exact candidate(s) that meets a plethora of your criteria no matter how numerous they may be.

The platform’s core offering involves planning/prepping the software according to your technical and social criteria for an ideal candidate. Findem will use this to provide applicants with, say, the technical qualifications you need, but also analyze them to see how well they might fit into your company’s work culture. Their tech can apply hundreds of different filters. 

Further, shortlisted candidates can be engaged via automated responses. The end goal is to provide recruiters with a solid applicant tracking and hiring pipeline with analytical features to measure the performance of your recruiting campaign from search to hire. 

Amongst the tools in this category, Findem’s recruiting process is one of the most interesting. They take a proactive approach to their process rather than the more traditional reactive approach. In most systems, the hiring process usually starts with posting applications on job boards and hoping for a response from a pool of candidates you would later have to sift through to get the best. 

Findem, on the other hand, crawls through 100,000+ internal and public data sources (e.g from LinkedIn, GitHub, Kaggle, etc.) from around the world to give you a talent pool of over 750 million potential candidates — the largest candidate access for any recruiting platform. This makes them one of the best solutions for truly diverse and global hiring.       

Innovation is another interesting aspect of this company. According to our research and a brief exchange with them, they have made a number of changes to their software in recent times including the addition of a funnel analytics dashboard. This lets hiring managers see what's working and what isn't at every stage of their talent funnel. Updates also tend to include new integration options to further streamline human resource management during and after hiring. 

Notably, in mid-2022 they also improved the customization of their outreach messaging to candidates and upgraded the whole UI to make it more user-friendly.

Who shouldn't buy Findem

Findem is not ideal for hourly or blue-collar workforce recruiting. The system sources candidates with some form of professional online presence and most hourly workers do not dedicate as much time to building their online profiles.

Findem Customers

RingCentral, Medallia, Intuitive, Adobe, Booster, Armorblox, Plume.

Findem: Outbound recruiting and attribute searching
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Findem Key Features

  • Attribute-based search: Findem’s AI makes it possible to narrow searches to extremely specific criteria with tangible and intangible attribute filtering. Tangible attributes include roles (current, past, and role experiences), work experience, education, qualifications, and other technical information. The intangibles, however, help you drill further down to filter results in a very specific fashion. You can, for instance, search for a software engineer with 5 years of experience at a hyper-growth company building enterprise SaaS payroll solutions with the right qualifications and an affinity for a work environment such as yours— just by using a mix of tangible and intangible filters.   
  • Candidate profiles: This software pulls information about each candidate from across the internet into a consolidated candidate profile that gives a summary report on their education, work experience, and other technical information. 
  • Reports and Insights: You can generate market/talent insight reports with this software. These reports give you a breakdown of the market for your particular search criteria. Some of these key insights include the top five locations with the exact match for your preferred talent, gender and ethnicity statistics, top skills, schools, and employers, and other miscellaneous attributes like the number of candidates that have completed a vesting period and so on. 
  • Talent funnel analytics: In addition to reports and insights, Findem’s analytics tab provides some interesting analysis of your candidate pool. From this tab, you will be able to view a summary that shows you the number of candidates in the talent pool that have a connection with your existing employees as well as surface insights about some of the attributes (ethnicity, gender, etc) of the candidates.
  • Third-party ATS sourcing: Findem integrates with most leading applicant tracking systems to further streamline your hiring process and provide you with an even more narrow pool of potential hires. These integrations update all profiles in your ATS with current information. It can also help with finding relevant candidate matches for your open roles.
  • Automated personalized campaigns/outreach: With Findem, you can create automated email campaigns that can be sent to as many candidates on your shortlist. These outreach campaigns can be multi-phased and can be scheduled to send at any given time.
  • Sourcing accelerator: Perhaps the most interesting of all features is the sourcing accelerator. Findem provides a dedicated sourcing expert that works directly with hiring managers and recruiters to build and refine talent searches, launch customized email campaigns, and engage with candidates. The expert then delivers screened candidates directly to talent teams at no extra cost.

Findem Key Integrations

Findem integrates with some popular applicant tracking systems and recruiting software such as Bullhorn, Jobvite, SmartRecruiters, BambooHR, Greenhouse, Lever, and so on. They also integrate with Google Workspace.

Findem Pricing

Findem does not publicly disclose their pricing information. You will have to request a demo to see which plan best works for your company size and your operations.

Findem is Best For

Findem is a good fit for hiring managers and talent leads in companies with over 500 employees in any industries that are hiring for corporate roles— notably tech, CPG, life sciences. They also have a good track record with North American startups and hyper-growth companies.

How has Findem Changed Over Time?

Findem Implementation

Findem’s implementation process is pretty straightforward. You would first have to book a demo to get a plan that fits your business operations and size. At this point, a customer service manager (CSM) would be assigned to help you through your onboarding process. If you are switching from another recruiting platform, the CSM would help migrate your data so you never lose any of your previous candidate tracking data.

Findem Customer Success

Findem provides a series of guides, articles, and infographics to help hiring managers stay on top of talent trends across the globe. They also host live seminars from time to time which features hiring experts from various industries. A catalog of all their past webinars can equally be found in their resource center.

About Findem

Hariharan Kolam and Raghu Venkat co-founded Findem in 2019 after previously co-founding and running a software company in the content delivery network industry, called Instart. Their goal with Findem was to develop a platform that changes the traditional way hiring managers recruit, which is usually by searching based on a set of keywords that appear on user-defined resumes. Instead, the vision was to develop a recruitment tool that not only considers technical qualifications but also real-world intangible attributes. This was made possible via AI and deep analytics.

For a company that started barely five years ago, Findem has enjoyed considerable success in the AI recruiting industry. They have landed some huge customers like Adobe and RingCentral, and have raised about $37 million in two rounds of funding.

Company HQ

Redwood City, California, United States.

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Amount Raised

$37.3 million


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