Best Interview Scheduling Software - November 2019

The Best Interview Scheduling Tools, Pricing Information, Common Pitfalls and More

The many steps between sourcing candidates and making an offer can easily become a logistical nightmare, especially when you’re dealing with a high volume of applicants.  Modern scheduling tools allow for faster time to fill, a better candidate experience, and decreased recruiter headaches. Interview scheduling is a critical part of the hiring process with impacts to both the candidate and hiring team, yet one that can be the most prone to error.

Manual scheduling requires coordinating multiple schedules, sending countless emails back-and-forth, and juggling potential last-minute schedule changes. The process itself is antiquated, time-consuming, inefficient, and creates an inconsistent candidate experience. Some recruiters estimate that they spend up to 90% of their time on scheduling!  

We put together this guide after researching the various vendors in the automated interview scheduling space, and talking to recruiting teams about their experiences with these tools.  We hope you’ll find the list of best vendors helpful, along with the various advice we’ve outlined below on implementation best practices, questions to ask on demos, etc.  Good luck!

We spend hundreds of hours researching the best HR and recruiting software so you don’t have to.  We never take money from vendors during our research phase and rely heavily on practitioners and experts to help us recommend the right software.  Most of the vendors featured on our site have no commercial relationship with us, we want to feature the best software for our readers regardless. Learn more

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Top Automated Interview Scheduling Software

We track thousands of HRTech solutions, these are the best interview scheduling tools per our research and expert council as of November 2019

Chances are you’ve booked a meeting through Calendly before.  While not recruiting specific, this is a powerful solution that starts out with a free version.  This makes it a great product for smaller teams looking to solve some of their candidate scheduling headaches.

Worth Checking Out:

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10 to 8 is another scheduling tool that happens to have interviews as part of their broader suite.  That said, they integrate with Lever, Greenhouse, Workable, SmartRecruiters, etc.  They also have a pretty comprehensive offering that is used by tens of thousands of companies.

Worth Checking Out:

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10 to 8

XOR has a robust automated scheduling offering and is generally thought of as a recruiting bot. Beyond screening candidates, answering candidates questions, and converting more applicants into the ATS, it can also handle scheduling!

Worth Checking Out:

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Xor is another broader scheduling platform that has interview scheduling specific use cases, along with integrations with ATS’s like Greenhouse.  They boast that 98% of the Fortune 100 has used their solution, along with companies like Dollar Shave Club and SurveyMonkey.

Worth Checking Out:

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AllyO has one of the most exciting recruiting software suites out there, and it comes with a built in scheduling bot.  One of the unique things here is that AllyO’s bot can screen candidates who hit your careers site, or ATS, and then schedule them with a recruiter assuming they fit relevant criteria.

Worth Checking Out:

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GoodTime is one of the few software solutions that has focused almost exclusively on interview scheduling software which has resulted in an amazing solution.  Their platform does all the basics, plus interview training, analytics.

Worth Checking Out:

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Paradox is best known for their HR chatbot Olivia.  While the bot can do many things, one of the core ways it drives value for recruiting teams is through scheduling candidates for interviews.  While using Paradox solely for scheduling isn’t doing it’s full solution justice, it does belong on your radar as your look at various scheduling tools.

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Clara was recently acquired by TopFunnel, one of the sourcing offerings we feature on our site.  Clara’s offering is specifically designed to schedule candidates for interviews.  Give it the date, who needs to be there, and it’ll handle the rest, including last minute changes.

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Last advice

At this point, you know everything you need to understand whether it’s a good idea to pursue video interview software to help automate your hiring process.  If you’ve come to the conclusion that this is something worth exploring, we recommend getting 2-3 demos from some of the top providers to start getting a deeper feel for how this fits into your strategy.  Remember to stay organized, and good luck!

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