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Sign In Scheduling

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Sign In Scheduling
Sign In Scheduling


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Sign In Scheduling Versus the Competition

Unlike a lot of appointment scheduling tools, 10to8 has a free plan with features that would be very sufficient for a sole business owner. What really sets it apart though is the free SMS reminder system it comes with that most other scheduling vendors charge separately for.

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Ease of Use

Best For

Key Differentiator


Starts at $7.20/seat/mo

Free Trial



  • You don’t have to think too much before using 10to8. Unlike many scheduling tools, you can be on an indefinite free pricing plan with 10to8. For paid plans, there’s also a 30-day free trial so you could test the waters before committing. 
  • You can cut down on back and forth communications and no-shows. Not only does 10to8 send automatic appointment reminders to attendees, it also lets you have a 2-way chat with them where they could update or cancel their booking. You could also include calendars for your teammates to coordinate better. 
  • 10to8 is completely cloud-based and you don’t need to install any app. You could also view it on any device – whether that’s mobile, tablet, or a desktop. 
  • 10to8 is extremely versatile and you could use it for any kind of appointment. There is also no limit on the number of services that you can offer.


  • The booking times are a little clunky. One user complained about how “You are only able to book in certain slots e.g. 9-10 but you can't select 9:30-10:30 if you're available for an hour between 9-11. But it can make it simpler to make a choice to book.”
  • There’s no upper limit for how many users can book an appointment with you in a day. So, for example, if you don’t want more than 10 appointment requests for a day, you can’t set that as a limit. You’ll have to manually block time. 
  • If you have repeat appointments with a single individual or group, 10to8 overloads them with messages about each appointment. You also have to manually book every single appointment.
  • If you want to look at a candidate’s appointment history, you’ll have to scroll through the calendar or resort to your own records.

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Sign In Scheduling Review

10to8 is an appointment scheduling software used for scheduling various kinds of appointments. For HR managers, a tool like this can assist with the coordination of both in-person and virtual events like interviews, performance reviews, group meetings, disciplinary discussions, etc. 

When you sign up, you get a web-based booking calendar that you can share with your interviewee(s), allowing them flexibility in choosing a time without you compromising on your schedule. The 10to8 booking calendar automatically syncs 2-way with other calendars that you may already use, such as Google Calendar or Apple iCal, so rest assured that you wouldn’t have to double-book or face any clashes. 

10to8 places a strong emphasis on improving communication. When you schedule an interview, all your attendees will automatically get reminders via text and email. You could also see what notifications have been sent to which candidate or employee and their exact replies to that. As Brittney S, a Consultant at a small business puts it, “What I like best about 10to8 is that I can share my booking link with prospective clients and have them easily get an evaluation call booked with me. I no longer need to go back and forth in messages finding a time that we can each chat. This has saved me time and simplified the on-boarding system for clients”

As much as the automatic reminder feature is handy, it comes with its share of roadblocks. You cannot text or email your interview prospects without scheduling them for an appointment first. Another inconvenience you would face with 10to8 is when you want to set up a series of appointments with one particular individual. In such instances, (think weekly check-ins with new employees), you would have to schedule an appointment with them every single time. It could also get quite annoying for your attendees; instead of getting one consolidated text for all the different dates, 10to8 would send them unique emails and texts for every single booking.

Who shouldn't buy Sign In Scheduling

10to8 is quite basic as a tool and offers limited features, compared to other scheduling software. If you have more than just basic scheduling needs, you’re better off using a more comprehensive solution.

Sign In Scheduling Customers

Because 10to8 is a versatile scheduling tool, it serves customers from various industries. Some of the notable ones are Yale University, NHS, Mercedes-Benz, US Bank, Expedia, University of San Diego, NSW Government, and ResMed.

Sign In Scheduling: Scalable scheduling solution
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Sign In Scheduling Key Features

  • Reminders: Automatically send SMS, email, and voice call reminders for interviews to reduce no-shows. You also get to know when candidates have read your message so that you could prepare well in advance for a no-show. Candidates could also reply to the reminders for confirming, canceling, and changing their appointments. In addition to the automatic reminders, you could also send manual messages to chat with your clients or candidates. 
  • Online bookings: 10to8 eliminates the headache that comes with scheduling appointments via phone calls. The online booking system is accessible round the clock and attendees can choose a mutually convenient time for a meeting. You can also customize the booking page to reflect your own brand. 
  • Online payments: 10to8 integrates with PayPal and Stripe to let you accept payments at the time of scheduling an appointment. This is particularly helpful for organizations in industries such as healthcare, where a payment is required for booking an appointment.
  • Custom reporting: There are a bunch of reporting features embedded in 10to8. To get a better understanding of how your business is performing, you can make use of the live dashboard to forecast growth and make plans for the future. You can also run regular reports to filter data by staff member, service, or the interview candidate. 
  • Group bookings: In addition to individual bookings, 10to8 also allows you to book group events without the burden of coordinating. 
  • Staff coordination: 10to8 lets you coordinate multiple staff, rooms, locations, and calendars. John P, a consultant Consultant Anesthetist at a small-sized hospital said, “We use this to manage a group of doctors in a private practice group. The ability to identify availability and update staff has revolutionized communication within our group.”
  • Live 2-way calendar sync: 10to8 comes with a live 2-way calendar sync, which means that not only would your 10to8 bookings automatically sync with other calendars that you use, but it would also pick up whatever you schedule in your own calendar – all in real-time. 
  • Compliance: 10to8 has a dedicated team of compliance experts to incorporate all the latest compliance updates. It’s worth mentioning that 10to8 is both GDPR and HIPAA compliant, so if you’re working in the healthcare industry, you can use this software without worrying about compliance issues.

Sign In Scheduling Key Integrations

10to8 has native, third-party, and API integrations for many calendars and video conferencing tools such as Gmail, Outlook, iCal, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Custom integrations are also possible.

Sign In Scheduling Pricing

10to8 has five pricing plans:

  • Small Business: Free. You get 100 appointments per month and two staff logins. 
  • Basic: $9.6 per month. You get 100 appointments per month, two staff logins, and customizable branding. 
  • Grow: $20 per month. You get 300 appointments per month, three staff logins, and customizable branding plus SMS.
  • Bigger Business: $40 per month. You get 600 appointments per month, six staff logins, and customizable branding plus SMS.
  • Enterprise: Pricing depends on the size and needs of your business. You get unlimited appointments per month, unlimited staff logins, advanced features for custom branding, tools for HIPAA compliance, phone support, and other advanced features. 

All plans come with automatic SMS reminders and online support.

Sign In Scheduling is Best For

10to8 serves organizations of all sizes but small businesses and sole proprietors relying on appointment scheduling will find it particularly helpful for many reasons; there is a free pricing plan, you can embed the 10to8 appointment scheduler in your own website, and the implementation is super easy and quick.

How has Sign In Scheduling Changed Over Time?

Sign In Scheduling Implementation

Because 10to8 is cloud-based, it’s very easy to implement. You don’t need to download any additional software or a mobile app. Anyone can make an account for free, set up their calendar, and start sharing the booking link. The whole process of setting it up and configuring your settings will take an hour, at max. 

However, if you want to integrate custom third-party applications via Zapier API, it will take about 14 business days for the set-up. There is also a set-up cost for this.

Sign In Scheduling Customer Success

10to8 has a lot of resources to help their customers; you can read how-to articles, search for an issue on their help page, and watch their video tutorials that are both available on their website and their YouTube channel. If further help is needed, you can raise tickets for your issues and their customer support team might get back to you within a few hours. You could also place virtual calls. 

Another great thing about 10to8 is that their developer team is constantly working on releasing new features (you could see a “New!” tag on a bunch of their features on the 10to8 website). So, if you would like them to work on a particular feature, you could always write to them about it. We can’t guarantee if your requests will be heard, but it’s worth trying.

About Sign In Scheduling

10to8 was founded in 2011 by four friends – Matthew Cleevely, Bruce Johnson, Tom Playford, and Nigel Playford. The idea of this appointment scheduling tool came into being when Bruce, a surgeon by profession, expressed his frustration with existing scheduling tools. 

Upon digging beneath the surface, the four friends discovered that the root of Bruce’s problem was coordination. What they also discovered was that this coordination problem wasn’t limited to just the medical industry. With the simple mission of ridding the world of wasted time, 10to8 was born as an online communications system for managing appointments, business services, and for cutting the admin time spent on managing bookings. After three years of extensive research and rigorous testing, 10to8 was launched for public use in 2014. 

Over the years, the product has evolved into a versatile scheduling solution that can be used for booking appointments, scheduling interviews, sending reminders, online payments, staff coordination, and more.

Company HQ

Milton, England

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Amount Raised

10to8 has had six rounds of funding by angel investors. The amount, however, has not been fully disclosed.


Can I use 10to8 for applicant tracking?

No, 10to8 is a scheduling tool. You could use it to track and schedule interviews with applicants but you cannot use it for the entire applicant tracking lifecycle. 

Who uses 10to8?

Anyone with scheduling needs can use 10to8. They serve HR managers, doctors, therapists, tutors, traveling professionals, piano tuners, and even pet groomers.

Is 10to8 free?

They do have a free plan but the functionality is limited. Their free plan is ideal for sole business owners but if you have a slightly bigger team, you could always start with the free plan or avail the 30-day free trial that comes with the bigger plans.

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