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GoodTime Versus the Competition

GoodTime Hire emphasizes candidate ‘relationships’ over just ‘experience’. It uses Candidate Relationship Intelligence to automate coordination and personalize communication. It also delivers insightful interview and candidate data that you can act on to refine your process.

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  • Because of how automated it is, GoodTime makes the process of scheduling and hiring very fast. From scheduling an interview to sending an offer letter – you can close the entire candidate pipeline in two weeks. 
  • GoodTime is highly customizable. You can create custom tags to group interviewers based on various criteria and areas of expertise, customize the maximum time you want each team member to spend on interviews daily or weekly, as well as create custom templates for interview panels and emails. The branding that you can set with GoodTime helps show your company's personality and makes it feel like it isn't just some boring, standard tool.
  • Their customer service is great. You get 24/7 customer support via chat, a Customer Success Manager to guide you every step of the way, and a customer support team who regularly fixes bugs that are reported and takes your suggestions into consideration. They’re also incredibly quick to respond to your queries.


  • The implementation process can be lengthy, depending on the complexity of your own workflows.. There are many configuration choices to be made , which can be time-consuming and overwhelming without help from the GoodTime team.
  • GoodTime’s user interface includes many options, and at first blush, can be challenging to navigate. The learning curve is initially due to its complex functionality.
  • Occasional bugs are reported by its users, mainly related to syncing with the calendar and ATS. Although the customer support is extremely responsive and would resolve your issue in a speedy manner, this is something you should be aware of when considering buying GoodTime.

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GoodTime Review

GoodTime is a specialized meetings tool with two products: GoodTime Hire (for interviews) and GoodTime Meet (for every other type of meeting). Both products are powered by what they refer to as the GoodTime Meeting Optimization Engine. 

Designed for HR teams and recruiters, GoodTime Hire optimizes interview scheduling and helps you nurture candidate relationships through personalized experiences and insightful data. When scheduling interviews, GoodTime requests candidate availability and intelligently selects the best interviewers for that candidate based on common availability. It then sends customized invitations and relevant meeting links, and automatically handles rescheduling, if needed. GoodTime also manages interviewer training and allows hiring teams to capture valuable candidate feedback throughout the process.

When it comes to functionality, GoodTime has so much more to offer than just scheduling automation. You can track the training progress for interviewers, evenly divide the number of interviews among different interviewers, increase panel diversity, and get data-backed reports on meetings. 

As Naomi, a recruiter at a mid-sized company puts it, “We are solving scheduling problems between the Coordinator and the Interviewers. I don't have to go into each calendar for each interviewer and check what times they are available - once I enter the availability shared by the candidate - GoodTime connects with Google Calendar & automatically brings up available and unavailable times in different colors. So I quickly know what is open and what is not. They also have templates you can create and customize, so no more trying to figure out what to say, It's all already there and ready to go!”  

Besides interviews, GoodTime’s second product, GoodTime Meet, is a free-of-charge meeting scheduling tool built for hybrid and remote teams to coordinate meetings with colleagues, prospects or clients. It allows hosts to create templates for common meeting types, set parameters, manage video conferencing, define their availability, and customize communications. It also features a Chrome extension to make it even easier to share meeting links without leaving Chrome. Once a meeting link is shared, guests can schedule on their own terms through a simple interface. GoodTime Meet aligns your calendar with their availability and takes care of invitations.

Who shouldn't buy GoodTime

If your business does not have a plan to grow headcount or replace key roles over the coming year, GoodTime Hire may not be a good investment for you. It can be more expensive than other solutions on the market due to its extensive feature set, so if you are on a tight budget it may not be a fit at your current stage. That said, it’s best to book a demo with them to get the exact pricing based on your team size.

GoodTime Customers

GoodTime is used by over 300 companies including many notable ones such as Lattice, HubSpot, Pinterest, Patreon, Zoom, Spotify, Slack, and Quora.

GoodTime: Point solution for interview scheduling
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GoodTime Key Features

  • Automated scheduling: Scheduling in GoodTime is candidate-centric and automated. What that means is candidates give their availability and GoodTime automatically comes up with matching times from interviewers’ calendars. 
  • Automated re-scheduling and conflict management: Sometimes people just can’t make a meeting. To work around such situations, GoodTime automatically selects a qualified interviewer to replace one that has bowed out, and updates invitations silently. It also allows candidates to reschedule themselves as needed. If there is a conflict it can’t resolve, it will highlight the issue for your recruiting team with a notification so you can take action.
  • Batch scheduling: You can review multiple candidates’ availability and schedule interviews simultaneously to fill roles faster. 
  • Branding: Despite it being automated, GoodTime allows you to personalize every interaction with branded schedulers and reminders. 
  • Interviewer matching: You could choose from a pool of interviewers and match them with the candidates that best suit their skills, focus, and team. 
  • Interviewer training: Interviewer training recently went through a significant upgrade, with a focus on expanding your interview teams to open up scheduling options. You create training paths, assign employees, and GoodTime will automate the rest. Trainees are automatically included in path-associated meetings to shadow, and then reverse shadow, with your senior interviewers, learning along the way. You can track their progress from a dashboard and graduate them into your interviewer pool when they are done.
  • Automated load balancing: This feature lets you set load limits for interviews to spread the work evenly between different interviewers. 
  • Panel diversity: GoodTime allows you to diversify your interviews by creating tags for members. You could then easily identify interview panels using key attributes such as “Women Leadership” “BIPOC”, etc.
  • Analytics: GoodTime lets you get insights into your interviews in many ways. You can tailor feedback surveys for candidates at each stage of the interview, review leaderboards for recruiters and interviewers, and track the time spent on each interview so you could forecast and improve upon future interviews.

GoodTime Key Integrations

GoodTime integrates with a bunch of calendars, applicant tracking systems, video conferencing tools, coding software, and other management tools. Some of the familiar names include Google Calendar, Office 365, Workday, Zoom, Slack, Greenhouse, and Lever.

GoodTime Pricing

GoodTime Hire: Both of the plans for GoodTime Hire below include automated scheduling, interviewer selection, dynamic content personalization, interviewer training management, candidate feedback, reporting, and round the clock support and expert guidance. 

  • Complete: This plan is suitable for recruiting teams of all sizes with medium to high candidate volume and standard reporting requirements. You’ll have to book a demo to get custom pricing. 
  • Enterprise: This plan is suitable for large scale companies with high to very high candidate volume and advanced reporting requirements. You’ll have to book a demo to get custom pricing. 

GoodTime Meet: This tool is completely free and provides a means for your entire organization to optimize simple scheduling between colleagues, customers or prospects. 

GoodTime is Best For

Recruiting coordinators working in mid to large-sized enterprises.

How has GoodTime Changed Over Time?

GoodTime Implementation

There can be a lot to customize initially, making the learning curve for GoodTime higher than more prescriptive products. However, once everything is in place, day to day use is easy. To implement GoodTime Hire, you’ll be asked to provide some details about your company and their implementation team will contact you to guide you through the entire process. You can get started with GoodTime Meet for free, by simply signing up with your Google or Microsoft account.

GoodTime Customer Success

GoodTime has many free resources such as blogs, eBooks, and webinars to help their customers make the most out of GoodTime. When you buy GoodTime, you’re also assigned a Customer Success Manager  who helps with the implementation process and provides regular training. If further support is needed, you could reach out to them via email, live chat, or phone. They’re very quick to respond, sometimes in under three minutes. 

If you have suggestions for improvement, you could also contact their customer support team about it. Matthew W, who works at a large-scale enterprise said, “Personally, I love how GoodTime values client feedback and takes our requests for improvements to the tool seriously. I've already seen several changes since we started with the tool that have made our investment that much better.”

About GoodTime

GoodTime was founded by Ahryun Moon, Jasper Sone, and Peter Lee who met at a hackathon in 2014. They started the company with the sole aim of improving the process of job interviews for hiring teams. But when they started seeing the kind of impact their product was leaving on recruiting teams, they decided to expand their business to include all types of meetings. 

The mission behind both their products is to make meetings smarter and help drive better results every time people get together.

Company HQ

San Francisco, California

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Amount Raised

$16.7 million over five rounds of funding by 11 investors. The latest round of funding was Series A and took place on June 23, 2021.


Who uses GoodTime?

GoodTime is mainly used by recruiters to schedule interviews between job candidates and interviewers.

Will GoodTime integrate with my ATS?

GoodTime syncs all candidate and interview data with your ATS. As of now, it integrates with Greenhouse, Lever, Workday, SmartRecruiters, Jobvite, and iCIMS.

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