The Top Background Check Services — June 2020

The best pre-employment background check services, pricing, pitfalls and more

Identity checks, employment history, education and certifications, criminal records, drug testing, the list goes on. When you’re interviewing talent or ready to make an offer to an ideal candidate, you can’t forget about a vital part of your recruiting efforts: running pre-employment background checks. But are you conducting yours the right way and with one of the top background check services?

Background checks ultimately tell you if someone will be a safe hire for your organization, but how you look into their personal records is key. To ensure that you follow all applicable screening laws, you’ll want to use a top employment background screening provider that’s compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Otherwise, a candidate could sue you for not getting hired, or you could be fined by a government agency like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Using an FCRA-compliant screening provider will help you focus your recruiting efforts on the right candidates, hire with more confidence, stay compliant with the latest screening regulations, and create a safe and more diverse working environment — all while being more productive in your recruiting efforts and creating a more seamless and transparent application process for your candidates.

But you have to choose the right background check service for your company and needs. To help you find the best one for your business, we put together this guide on the top background check providers, plus the common use-cases and features, benefits and considerations, suggested demo questions and implementation help, and more. Get started below.

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Top Background Check Software

We track thousands of HRTech solutions, these are the best background check companies per our research and expert council as of February 2020.

Certn is a newer entry to the pre-employment screening company.  They were founded by data scientists and have built a next generation tech stack that allows them to process background checks in record time with competitive pricing.  Additionally, they allow for international background checks, and customized checks for different types of employees.

Worth Checking Out:

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HireRight conducts background checks in over 200 countries across the globe and has worked with over 40,000 companies including many of the Fortune 500.

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GoodHire services 20,000 companies through their background check platform.  HR teams can use this for simple one off screens, or build out more custom workflows via their API that supports a range of screens like criminal, drug, driving, and credit checks.

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Simply put, EBI is one of the largest players in this space and has been for some time.  They have the experience and integrations to service even the largest companies’ needs when it comes to pre-employment checks.

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A modern UI and a platform that leverages machine learning means that Checkr is making the hiring process easier on both HR and applicants.  Their customer base includes companies like Uber, Warby Parker, and Instacart.

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VerifiedFirst has built a simple to use background check product that allows recruiting teams to request checks directly from the ATS via a chrome extension versus having to login to yet another tool.  It’s similar easy on the employee side as they can complete the process from their phones without having to create a login.

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Final Advice on Background Check Services

At the end of the day, every company needs to run background checks with an FCRA-compliant vendor. You’ll hire the right people, create a safe (and more diverse) working environment, improve candidate retention, and gain competitive edge over other employers.

Now you may have noticed that none of the vendors in this guide run social media checks to help you gauge a person’s character or judgment. This is because using social media to run a background check is risky — and not always legal. That said, if you’re still interested in adding social media checks to your background screening process, make sure you do it the right way.

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