Top Programmatic Job Advertising Platforms — June 2020

Everything you need to know about automating your job campaigns, from top programmatic job ad vendors, features, pricing, implementation tips, and more

In recent years, companies have turned to programmatic job advertising as a way to more efficiently promote open roles and get quality applicants into their hiring funnels.The best job ad platforms aim to simplify and automate job distribution by using data and AI to manage, track, and optimize performance in real-time. 

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite simple – and, when used correctly, you’ll only spend for the applicants you need. What’s more, you’ll get more of the right candidates in your applicant pool, so you can hire faster. In this guide, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about the process and platforms that make it possible, so you can see if programmatic advertising is right for you.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the best programmatic job platforms, how they work, the features you can expect from them, how implementation works, things to consider before investing, and more.

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Top Recruitment Advertising Platforms

Here are the top programmatic job advertising platforms that we've come across after surveying the vendor landscape.

Talentify uses machine learning to understand your current job spend, and then optimize it through cutting underperforming job slots and drastically increasing conversion rates into the ATS by offering a mobile first candidate experience.

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SmartDreamers has a very slick UI that is wrapped on top of a powerful job advertising platform that allows you to see real-time data around the return on investment from your advertising spend from job seeker to hire.  In addition to the data, you can of course start and manage campaigns directly from their tool.

Recruitics is actually a job advertising agency that utilizes programmatic recruitment tools as part of their arsenal.  While they aren't a software platform, companies are looking at programmatic recruitment solutions may want to get in touch with them if they're looking for a managed service.

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Talent Acquisition teams from companies like Amazon, HCA/ HealthTrust and WalMart leverage PandoLogic's programmatic advertising platform to quickly source talent across a broad variety of roles and geographies. Their AI enabled automation means your team spends less time writing manual rules for job ads, eliminating waste in your media spend and enabling higher volume of quality applicants.

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Adway helps companies >500 employees to target job seekers on social media and drive them into the hiring funnel.  In addition, they have a retargeting offering that cheaply serves employer brand friendly ads to talent that has visited your job site.

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ClickIQ is a programmatic tool that was acquired by Indeed in 2019.  Even though they are owned by the world's largest job board, they still support their clients in buying demand across many other platforms outside of their parent organization.

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Appcast is definitely one of the programmatic recruitment space leaders that your talent acquisition team should be looking at with over 1,000 customers and nearly 100 ATS integrations.  They see most of their customers save 10% of their advertising budget simply by turning off jobs that aren't getting applications, and way more when machine learning is applied to your spend.

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Next Steps

At the end of the day, programmatic advertising is a great solution for larger companies hiring at scale (or agencies that handle recruitment marketing for such companies). If you’re looking to be more efficient in your recruiting and hiring, and save time and money in finding quality candidates for each role, you should definitely check out one of the platforms we’ve included in this guide. From there, set up a couple of demo calls to learn more and see if there’s a fit.

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