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December 30, 2023
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Turing Versus the Competition

Turing pairs tech companies with high-quality talent in the software engineering space according to the specific skills and experience required.

If you're ready to get a Turing demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!


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  • On average, recruiting talent takes only 5 days from when you first engage with Turing’s platform, to collaborating with a software engineer.
  • Turing developers undergo 5+ hours of tests and interviews to build a deep developer profile with detailed proficiency stats. Because they are so well-vetted, hiring risk and timeous skills testing are taken out of your recruitment process.
  • Developers are matched to your timezone with at least 4 hours of workday overlap.
  • The Turing project dashboard, which they also refer to as the Turing Virtual Machine, has built-in security to protect the IP of your code and data while allowing you to track productivity, hours worked and deadlines met.


  • Although reviewers are quick to compliment Turing, slow communication from their side is a common critique.
  • Turing’s customer service is limited. Logging a query means you can expect an answer somewhere in the course of 24 hours which may seriously delay your project.
  • Although most developers are hired through Turing for long-term projects, they are not your employees. This means that, although your software engineers are required to keep you in the loop of their schedule, you are not the party approving their time off, negotiating their rates, or handling their compliance. 
  • Because most of the Turing developers prefer a long-term or full-time engagement, you'll have a limited choice of candidates for short-term hires.

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Turing Review

Turing’s recruitment platform matches companies with software engineering talent of all levels, from 150 countries. Their software uses AI to source, evaluate, hire, onboard and track projects to ensure high-value recruitment and collaboration. This sophisticated AI and cloud-based platform pair you up with remote developers based on the skills required for your project, the seniority level you’re hiring for, and your physical location. The functionality behind Turing’s AI, as well as their interactive dashboard for live-tracking projects, was designed by leaders from tech giants like Facebook and Google.

To feature on the platform, software engineering talent must first get vetted by undergoing skills tests and live interviews. While coding and design capability are set at Silicon Valley standards, Turing also ensures that their talent possesses the language proficiency, experience, and soft skills that make them effective collaborators.

The process of hiring through Turing is well thought out and efficient. Once you’ve set your desired parameters for skills and experience, Turing’s advanced AI software matches you with suitable candidates on their database. After you’ve interviewed and approved a good fit, collaboration begins instantly. The software also has functionality for project collaboration, time tracking, time zone management, and daily standups once you’ve engaged with an engineer.

While Turing is a useful source of top developers for companies, it is also an effective means for remote talent to stay employed. The AI anticipates when a developer will reach the end of an engagement so that their next collaboration is already lined up.

Backed by tech heavyweights like Amazon, SpaceX, Twitter, and Microsoft, Turing is a major player in the tech talent community. The company boasts an impressive client list including over 300 Fortune 500 companies.

Who shouldn't buy Turing

At present Truing only offers a candidate database in the software engineering landscape. If you’re not looking to hire a developer, they can’t help you. Most of Turing’s developers are interested in long-term or full-time work, so hiring for a smaller project may also leave limited options.

Turing Customers

Turing’s client list includes big names like Reddit, Dell Computers, Pepsi, Amazon, Disney+, and Volvo.

Turing: Global access to top developers.
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Turing Key Features

  • Talent sourcing: Turing applies data science and machine learning processes to scour the planet for top remote developers. Their sourcing process is designed by engineering leaders from Facebook, Google, and other leading Silicon Valley tech firms who have extensive experience in hiring highly skilled software engineers.
  • Rigorous skills testing: The 5-10 hours a developer spends in Turing's vetting process beats most Silicon Valley hiring processes.
  • AI candidate assessment: Turing uses AI functionality to find the best matches for your hiring needs based on the unique parameters you set. This can be based on location, skills, experience, and seniority.
  • Collaborative project software: Running a project via Turing means you have pre-set functionality for daily stand-ups, one-on-one meetings, time and performance tracking, and project management.
  • Data security: Developers are only able to touch your code and company data while working within Turing’s Virtual Machine, which means your IP is safe.

Turing Key Integrations

Turing’s project platform has its own performance management, time tracking, communication, and payroll functionality.

Turing Pricing

There is no upfront cost to searching for talent or hiring a remote software engineer through Turing. Once a developer is employed, Turing offers a two-week trial. You start paying based on the developer’s rate only after the trial ends. Rates are set by the developer, not by Turing.

Turing is Best For

Turing is geared towards servicing the software engineering needs of tech companies and start-ups.

How has Turing Changed Over Time?

Turing Implementation

The cloud-based Turing interface requires no onboarding. Once you've set your candidate parameters, the average time to hire is 5 days.

Turing Customer Success

Although Turing's recruitment platform is fully automated, companies are paired with an account executive who may assist with unique queries.

About Turing

Turing was founded in 2018 and is led by Stanford alumni and AI entrepreneurs, Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan. It reached Unicorn status in December 2021, and was named one of America’s best startup employers by Forbes in 2022.

Company HQ

Palo Alto, California, USA

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Amount Raised

$153 million


Can Turing provide software engineering teams?

Yes, Turing can provide a team when you need to scale your engineering department quickly. Although the functionality for this is not on their platform, you can get in touch with an account executive who will arrange a team of developers from within their database.

How does Turing’s project dashboard help with remote work?

Each project collaboration run from Turing’s smart management system has integrated performance and productivity tracking, communication, performance management functionality, and payment options.

How does Turing’s developer vetting process work?

To be on Turing’s database, a software engineer must clear tests for programming languages, data structures, algorithms, system designs, software specialization, frameworks, and more. Each developer also undergoes an automated work experience survey comprising 57 calibrated questions in 5 areas. These are project impact, engineering excellence, communication, people, and direction. This vetting process is designed to determine actual skills so that companies do not hire talent based on self-reported experience from traditional resumes or job interviews.

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