The Top 8 Recruiting Automation Software Solutions – September 2020

The best Recruiting Automation software, benefits, pitfalls, pricing and more

Trying to streamline and simplify your organization’s recruiting process? Then you might just be on the hunt for Recruiting Automation software. Effective Recruiting Automation software leverages AI and purpose built software to streamline your talent acquisition efforts.  This includes sourcing candidates, building talent pools, and generally streamlining the process of attracting, vetting, and hiring talent.. By assisting your recruiters with tools that range from AI-resume screening and automated job listing to interview scheduling and onboarding, you can focus your HR team’s energy on authentically engaging with top candidates. 

Don’t waste your time sifting through Google results — we’ve personally researched dozens of different Recruitment Automation software offerings to help you invest in the right solution for your unique needs. Check out our detailed rundown of our favorites, as well as the common pitfalls, sample questions for demos, features to look out for, and more.

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Top 8 Recruiting Automation Software

We track thousands of HR Tech solutions. Here are the best recruiting automation software solutions as of September 2020.

Following the simple methodology of “Source-Email-Track,” Fetcher aims to keep the talent pipeline flowing with diverse, qualified talent by sourcing across the web, including professional networks and social media, engaging regularly with them via email, and then studying past hires to gain insights for future hiring needs. With live team tracking and a robust analytics dashboard, demonstrating results for hiring has never been easier.

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Want to automate some parts of the recruiting process and not others? AllyO is there to work with you, allowing you to automate whichever part(s) of the recruiting workflow is more impactful for you, from sourcing candidate information to the interview process to hiring. Personalize your candidate experience so that top talent moves seamlessly through the hiring process while staying engaged.

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You’ve heard it before — when it comes to recruiting, email is still a great way to engage with candidates. Interstellar doubles down on this premise by providing a one-platform solution dedicated to making contact with the right candidates. With a built-in Chrome extension for sourcing, an automated email sequencer for personalised recruitment marketing, outreach and follow-up, and dozens of native integrations, Intersellar aims to provide a simple automation solution to enhance your existing processes.

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Seekout helps organizations search for talent the way they want, leveraging the latest in AI and open web data to give — in the words of one customer — “more search capability than LinkedIn.” Whether you use PowerFilters, build customized Boolean searches, or use the AI Robot, Seekout can search over 500 million detailed and up-to-date candidate profiles, sorting them based on education, experience, skills, and more. Plus, with their free Chrome extension, you can bring the power of Seekout wherever you search for talent to source, organize, enrich, and export candidate profiles.

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Promising to “track every touchpoint,” Gem wants to serve as a single point of truth for every candidate relationship and drive better decision-making via predictive analytics. In addition, the software promises to cut sourcing time in half, reaching passive candidates while doubling the response rate with LinkedIn Inmail and email.

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“The #1 Talent Intelligence Platform and global leader in artificial intelligence recruitment automation software,” Loxo’s AI-powered product suite reduces work for recruiters by 80%, guiding them to the perfect candidate every time. Not just a simple Recruiting Automation Solution, Loxo’s best-in-class candidate relationship management system keeps your entire hiring workflow under one recruiting platform.

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Want an all-in-one platform that will help you make hires faster? XOR aims to more efficiently attract, engage and recruit talent via text message and Whatsapp campaigns, embedded real-time chats on career sites, and on-demand video interviews. With the option to automate as much of your recruiting process as you want by assigning AI chatbots repetitive recruitment tasks — such as candidate screening, interview scheduling, and onboarding — you can focus your energy on engaging the best talent. Plus, XOR offers virtual career fairs that allow you to talk with prospects over live chat and video without requiring them to download an app.

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Get new candidate profiles daily, delivered directly to your recruiting team with vsource. Expert sourcers work to save recruiters upwards of 20 hours a week, building a custom, diverse workforce to meet your organization’s needs. Boasting “the most advanced tech designed by top global data scientists,” vsource promises to deliver the talent your organization needs with built-in flexibility and agility.

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Last Words

The best recruiting automation software solutions have the potential to make recruiting a more efficient, effective, and enjoyable process for both candidates and recruiters. By leveraging AI and automation to perform repetitive, menial tasks like screening CVs, recruiters are empowered to focus on the candidates as people. A great RAS allows recruiters to devote more time to developing impactful job marketing campaigns, having better conversations with hiring managers to cultivate a better understanding of their unique needs, and zeroing in on the best candidates for more engaging, thoughtful interviews. 

When you add in higher conversion rates, smoother onboarding processes, and enhanced overall talent retention due to better candidate engagement, recruiting automation software is a worthy investment for any organization. Take a look at our vetted list of providers above, and ask for a demo today.

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