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Jobma Versus the Competition

Jobma is multilingual, mobile-friendly, and multifunctional. In addition to one-way and live video interviews, this vendor offers coding assessments plus several multi-type question samples to help users gain a more holistic view of candidates’ capabilities.

If you're ready to get a Jobma demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!


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  • One multilingual platform for one-way and live video interviews, coding assessments, and written and audio assessments.
  • AI-powered features for automated scoring, proctoring, and transcriptions.
  • Option to share candidate responses to certain questions and include internal feedback, background check docs, resume, transcription, and ratings.
  • Native integrations with major ATS. Zapier integration is available.
  • Offers a mobile app and an extension for quick interview scheduling.
  • Human support available via live chat, email, and phone.
  • SOC 2 Type II certified, CCPA, GDPR, and NYC AEDT compliant.


  • Pricing is on an annual basis and undisclosed.
  • No free plan. Free trial available post-demo.
  • Coding assessment tool is not as strong as major brands like HackerEarth and

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Jobma Review

Jobma is by far the one and only vendor we’ve come across that, in addition to its core product video interview tools, offers native features for assessing technical candidates. In other words, you can conduct recorded video interviews, live ones, add written, multiple choice, and audio questions to your asynchronous interviews, and even set up your coding assessment tests using this single platform.

You’d want an interview process that reflects fairness and integrity without intruding on your candidates' personal space. Jobma’s proctoring convinces us it can make that happen by leveraging technology to detect interviewee potential unethical actions, including multiple faces and voices, copy-and-paste, and window-switching.

There’s also a transcription tool within Jobma you can use to transcribe candidate responses. Compared to some AI meeting assistants we have used, like Otter and Fathom, this tool is not inferior at all. Very few minor mistakes we could find in its transcripts. Plus, the texts are searchable, editable, and shareable, meaning your evaluations can be more collaborative and fact-based.

We have nothing to complain about Jobma’s integration capabilities since it has done a great job with both its native integrations and custom ones. The platform provides native, two-way integrations with several major ATS and recruiting tech brands. Even if the app you use daily isn't directly synced with Jobma, you can use Zapier to make the connection (via Zapier, Jobma can integrate with over 5,000 different apps).

However, Jobma won’t make you happy if trying with no strings before buying is your purchasing principle. This vendor has no free plan, and the free trial only comes after the demo, with a few agreements included.

While Jobma’s video interview solutions are solid, we feel that its technical assessment tool leaves quite a few things to be desired. Specifically, the pre-built assessment library is not as extensive as in some dedicated coding assessment sites we know (e.g., HackerEarth and The platform also lacks gamified and hackathon features.

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3,000+ companies, including Massachusetts Institution of Technology, BBB, Mayo Clinic, Polaris, University of Washington, and West Virginia University.

Jobma: One platform for multi-format video interviews and coding assessments
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Jobma has custom pricing.

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Jobma’s offerings and pricing structure make it ideal for interviewing applicants for global, midsized, and large organizations.

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