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BarRaiser Versus the Competition

What makes BarRaiser so unique is its savvy AI Interview Copilot. It serves interviewers with ready-made and live job-specific interview questions, prompts them to input feedback on each candidate’s answer, and even offers coaching features without additional charges.

If you're ready to get a BarRaiser demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!


Ease of Use

Best For

Key Differentiator


Starts at $75/mo

Free Trial



  • AI Interview Copilot for real-time feedback, live question generation, and interviewer coaching.
  • 2-way integrations with over 40 ATS tools. APIs are also available.
  • Interviews are taken right in video calling platform partners (Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams). No additional app download is required.
  • Responsive support is available via chat, email, and Slack. 24/7 call support for Enterprise plan.
  • Excellent solution for conducting live technical interviews.
  • Has a free plan and a free trial.
  • SOC 2, GDPR, and NYC AEDT compliant.


  • No one-way video interview feature.
  • No call support for Team plan.
  • Team plan limits the number of interviews to 30 per month, 60 min/interview maximum.
  • Implementation can take 2 weeks for 1000-person teams.

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BarRaiser Review

“Looking good!” was our immediate thought once we laid eyes on BarRaiser’s dashboard. It’s not just beautiful but also user-friendly. With quick training from the vendor, we found no issues navigating the platform on our first try.

BarRaiser’s AI Interview Copilot is by far our favorite feature. As expected from an AI trained by over 110,000 real interviews, this interview copilot has a knack for providing tailored questions based on job descriptions and candidates' resumes, whether you need them before or during interviews. While other video interview software like Willo and myInterview lean more towards first-round interviews, the way BarRaiser’s AI Copilot is designed makes it work extremely well for in-depth, technical ones where questions delve much deeper into candidates' skills, experiences, and qualifications.

An added bonus is that both you and your candidates can use your existing video conference tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams for BarRaiser interviews. Instead of hosting its own video interview platform, BarRaiser’s AI works in harmony with these apps, assisting interviewers with the candidate profiles, interview flow, alerts for straying from the structure, sample questions, and real-time feedback. The algorithms also auto-calculates the interviewee's score, which can help a lot in shortlisting candidates post-interview.

BarRaiser’s interview coaching is on par with Clovers, with AI taking notes on key insights and observations during interviews that can be shared among interviewers for future improvements.

However, this video interview software can get quite expensive for teams with less than 500 employees. While it offers a free plan with 5 interviews, this may be not enough even if you hire just a position or two per year. BarRaiser’s Team plan caps the number of interviews at 30 per month, with a 60-minute duration limit for each interview. These fixed numbers sure limit flexibility and nudge users to upgrade to its highest-priced plan for more monthly interviews allowed.

We appreciate the responsiveness of its customer service. Whether our editors reach out during U.S. or Asian working hours, there’s always a person picking up our calls. However, considering fellow enterprise-focused solutions like Vidcruiter and Clovers offer dedicated support for all users regardless of their purchased plans, we think it's a fair point for BarRaiser to consider offering a similar level of support.

Who shouldn't buy BarRaiser

BarRaiser Customers

500+ companies, including Nike, Vimeo, and Hubspot.

BarRaiser: Interview intelligence platform, free plan included
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BarRaiser Key Features

BarRaiser Key Integrations

BarRaiser Pricing

BarRaiser has three plans:

  • Interviewer Lite is free and comes with 5 interviews and AI note-taking.
  • Team costs $75 per interviewer per month and caps the number of interviews to 30 interviews per month.
  • Enterprise has custom pricing.

BarRaiser doesn’t charge observer licenses and offers a free trial post-demo.

BarRaiser is Best For

BarRaiser is best for organizations with over 500 employees seeking interview intelligence solutions to live interview candidates worldwide. It works particularly well for technical interviews.

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