Best Free Video Interviewing Platforms — October 2020

The best video interview software, benefits, features, pitfalls and more.

Even before coronavirus, video interview platforms existed for companies looking to streamline their interview processes. But especially because of the pandemic, recruiters have to become more creative to screen and interview the top talent.

The best video interviewing software can shrink the amount of time your talent acquisition team spends on screening candidates, effectively diminishing your time to fill as well. Yet no matter how great speeding up your hiring process may be, it might not be worth it if the price point is too high for your return on investment.

Our goal with this guide is to help small business and startups leverage the power of video interview software while sticking to a tighter budget. Below you can find the best free-to-use solutions, free trials and inexpensive options to empower your hiring team during the interview process. If you find that your company is ready to upgrade to a paid solution, check out our landscape of the best video interview platforms.

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Top Free Video Interviewing Software

We researched numerous solutions to come up with a list of the best free video interview platforms as of October 2020.

Skype is one of the veterans of video conferencing, being around for almost 20 years now. It's a great free tool for real-time interviewing and allows you to create a meeting online without even needing to make an account or download their app. 

While Skype is definitely convenient, it doesn't have any of the key features that make a solution ideal for recruiting. But it's a good alternative if your company is still deciding on a different solution.

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Willo is designed with small businesses in mind. Their free forever plan comes with one interview, 25 video responses per month, a co-branded interview page, question bank and scheduling assistant. It connects with over 200 apps as well, including notables like Slack and Trello.

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Zoom has exploded in popularity during COVID-19 to become the best known video conferencing software on the market. As such, most interviewees have more than likely used it before and will be comfortable using it again because of how user friendly it is. 

Zoom is free to use for up to 40 minutes per meeting, making it good for most interviews but can lead to awkward endings if it runs over. It is also only usable for real-time interviewing, lacking most of the necessary features to be functionally all-encompassing for your human resources department.

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MyInterview's video interview software is used by major companies such as Ocado and P&O Ferries. You don't have to be a big company to get value out of myInterview, though. The free forever Starter plan provides customers with one active job, two user seats and up to 30 candidates a year. 

One key feature of myInterview is their Video Widget that can be fully integrated into your recruiting software within an hour. It's a quick and easy solution to customize candidate experience.

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SparkHire is the biggest name in video hiring platforms, with over 5000 customers. They offer a 14-day free trial of their solution, which includes one-way and live interviews as well as evaluation and collaboration tools for HR teams. They also have a well-built mobile app that allows candidates to complete video interviews from their cell phone.

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interviewstream offers 30-day free access to their interviewing platform, which also includes support and training resources for recruiters, candidates and hiring teams. It has both one way and on-demand video platforms. One of their key features is interview scheduling, which allows candidates to book a time from your Gmail or Outlook availability to eliminate back-and-forth emails.

OutMatch offers a whopping 60-day free trial of its video assessment platform, the longest trial on this list by far. You can use both on-demand and live video interviews with potential hires, and it integrates with many of the most popular ATS's including Taleo, Greenhouse and iCIMS. Companies such as Adidas, Walmart and Columbia Sportswear all rely on OutMatch to streamline their recruitment process.

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RecRight has a 14-day free trial, which includes not only their video interviewing software but also an ATS that seamlessly integrates with the interviewing tool. RecRight prides itself on being an all-in-one platform for posting jobs, getting applications and collaborating with colleagues throughout the hiring process. Uber and Netflix trust RecRight to handle their video recruiting workflow.

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Final Words

Free solutions are typically temporary. As your company grows, your software solutions will have to grow along with it. That's no different with free video interviewing software. Consider these solutions a stepping stone for your company and expect to eventually upgrade.

When upgrading, be sure to check out our comprehensive list of the best video interviewing software complete with benefits, pitfalls, pricing and ROI to ensure a smart purchase decision!

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