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April 10, 2024
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TalentLyft Versus the Competition

Unlike most other vendors in the recruitment solutions space, TalentLyft combines customer applicant tracking, recruitment marketing, sourcing, and talent CRM solutions into one tool, enabling users to have the needed context for informed hiring decisions.

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Ease of Use

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Starts at $40.84/mo

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  • TalentLyft offers an affordable pricing model that is flexible depending on the number of open positions you want to have at a given time. Hence, you're not forced to pay for position space you don't need. 
  • They offer a customized hand-held onboarding process where the customer success team shows you how to use the tool, taking the necessary time to go through the features that matter most to your company. 
  • The career site editor has a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to build a custom site without prior coding experience. 
  • TalentLyft offers integrations to many job boards allowing you to post openings from one location.


  • There is no support for video interviews and there are very few integrations allowing for it. 
  • Some users complain about technical glitches like certain applicants not receiving emails or search features not functioning optimally. 
  • Candidate replies go straight to the recruiters' email rather than their TalentLyft account. Some would find it preferable to have everything in one location.

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TalentLyft Review

TalentLyft is a one-in-all recruitment solution. The software seeks to satisfy all recruitment pain points; finding, attracting, engaging, and choosing the best talent, from one location. 

You can segment the tool into CRM and promotion, or recruitment marketing. 

TalentLyft CRM

On the CRM aspect, you can build a new vacancy by typing in basic information and creating a customized application form. On the forms, you can choose which fields are optional or mandatory, request the applicant's resume and cover letter, and even include screen questions. TalentLyft also allows you to place triggers for automatic disqualification on close-ended questions. 

TalentLyft also permits you to automate workflows, set triggers for each phase of the recruitment, and actions to highlight and follow. Some other CRM capabilities include adding assessments to the recruitment process. 

TalentLyft Recruitment Marketing

The next stage of using TalentLyft is promotion. TalentLyft offers omnichannel recruitment marketing via social media, professional networks like LinkedIn, bulk emails, job boards, referral programs, etc. Of course, their promotion approach allows you to contact both passive and active job hunters.  

TalentLyft also offers a sourcing feature that enables you to select particular employees to bring in talent via a referral link. When the employees send you referrals they can include feedback on why they referred the talent. You can then use the data provided to reward top-performing employees. 

TalentLyft’s UX

Concerning the user interface, the tool is simple to use. You have the regular white and gray background that you'd find on most recruitment solutions and red icons beside each toolbar menu (making them easy to pinpoint with the eye). 

Navigation is also fairly straightforward. Each segment of the recruitment process is listed as a module at the top of your dashboard; track, engage, analytics, convert, and source. So depending on the stage you're in, you can easily find what you're looking for. 

There's also in-depth detail describing the details of each phase. For example, under Engage - Campaigns you'll be able to see the status of all messages. If they've been sent it'll show under status, otherwise, you'd see scheduled or draft. 

Also, beyond finding, attracting, engaging, and converting candidates, TalentLyft offers analysis and context to recruiters. Meaning at every stage of the recruitment stage you know why a particular candidate was picked, the role they were picked for, who chose them, and anything else required to make an informed choice. 

So you don't just have all the recruitment phases jumbled up into one, but a context for each candidate and recruiter action. 

In general, using TalentLyft is pretty straightforward and encourages the use of context and personalization in the recruitment process.

Who shouldn't buy TalentLyft

You have a large company with a workforce above 500 people. TalentLyft is better for small and medium brands.

TalentLyft Customers

  • KPMG
  • Raiffeisen bank
  • Erste bank
  • Ericsson
  • Microblink
  • Falkensteiner
  • Dekra
  • Decathlon
  • HT Group
  • Zepter
TalentLyft: Complete recruitment solution for SMBs
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TalentLyft Key Features

  • Talent CRM: At the core of the TalentLyft platform, this tool enables hiring teams to save time on manual tasks and organize talent data through features like candidate segmentation and in-depth filtering. 
  • Branded Career Site: Users can create branded and mobile-friendly independent career sites using a drag and drop editor. 
  • Omnichannel promotion: Engage passive and active candidates on job boards, professional networks, career sites, external agencies, social media, referral programs, etc.

TalentLyft also has capabilities for: 

  • Career Events
  • Career Site analytics and insights
  • Employee feedback on referred candidates
  • Email marketing

TalentLyft Key Integrations

TalentLyft integrates with tools like Kandio, TestDome, Selekcija.hr, Google Tag Manager, Slack, Aircall, BambooHR, LinkedIn Insight Tag, Adzuna, Gigajob, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Albacross, Hotjar, and much more.

TalentLyft Pricing

TalentLyft offers a subscription model with 2 plans: Starter Plan & Pro Plan. The plans are differentiated by the number of active positions your business is hiring for per time.

  • Starter Plan: This starts at $40 per month for 2 active jobs and includes features like job board syndication, interview kits, scorecards, reporting, branded career pages, unlimited users and pools, chrome sourcing extension, and employee referral program. 
  • Pro Plan: This starts at $82 per month for 2 active jobs and includes everything on the starter package plus workflow automation, a custom domain for your careers site, custom fields, multiple recruiting pipelines, and a dedicated account manager. 

Users are allowed to change their plans based on their present needs and preferences. TalentLyft also offer a 14-day free trial.

TalentLyft is Best For

TalentLyft is best for mid-sized companies in the information-technology sector with a workforce of 50 to 500 people, worldwide.

How has TalentLyft Changed Over Time?

TalentLyft Implementation

Implementing TalentLyft starts with a call from a team member. The call focuses on the customer to know your business and tailor subsequent training to your particular needs. 

Once the call is over, you can schedule 3 training sessions with TalentLyft's customer success team. The training will cover the entire solution's use case with emphasis on the main features your company will be using. 

This onboarding process happens over 2 weeks. If you have additional questions you have 1 to 3 check up calls to seek solutions.

Something worth noting is that during the implementation, they help with the data migration free of charge, importing all of your previous candidates info to the platform.

TalentLyft Customer Success

About TalentLyft

Founded in 2016 by Nikola Biondic and Mario Buntic, TalentLyft is headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia. From the get-go, the company has pursued one simple goal; helping small and medium businesses build top teams with streamlined recruiting processes.  

The founders talk about sitting in a room pondering what they could do to make companies more successful. Then the Eureka moment hit, it was people. 

At that point, the idea to create a solution to discover and hire the best talent was birthed. The solution was TalentLyft. The premise was that if you can find and discover the best talent you can build a successful business. After all, it is people that build companies.

Company HQ

Zagreb, Croatia

Number of Employees

30 professionals

Year Founded


Amount Raised



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