How HR Can Use Buying Committees to Get Internal Buy In for New HR Tech

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Phil Strazzulla

February 19, 2019

A few weeks ago I had a really interesting conversation with Stacie Justice, the Director of People Operations at Brightcove.  We’d gotten a small group of HR professionals together for breakfast to talk about her recent experience buying a new Performance Management system.

Performance Management and Employee Engagement Software

For those who are unfamiliar, there is an emerging category of software in the HRTech space that is all about collecting regular feedback from your employees.  The feedback is reviewed by the People Operations teams and managers alike.  These companies are in the Performance Management space (other names for this category are “performance management,” “employee engagement,” and “employee reviews.”).

The basic idea is that you can get continuous data on the moral of your company, if employees are hitting OKRs, which managers need coaching, etc.  Many companies who value culture are implementing these solutions and most of the vendors in this space are growing very fast as a result.

My Conversation with Stacie

Stacie was kind enough to share her experience buying one of these systems.  The journey started with a new CEO who wanted to up their culture game.  The renewed focus on culture eventually led to implementing Refektive, one of the leading vendors in the space.

We talked through a lot of the specific things she was looking for in a vendor, how she narrowed down the landscape, what questions she asked on demos, etc.  But, the most interesting thing to me by far was her use of a cross functional committee which helped select and implement this solution.

Cross Functional Buying Committees

At Brightcove, they put together a group of ~10 people from across the company who cared about culture to help decide which specific initiatives to focus on.  The core of this group was selected by the People Ops team, and then others joined in as volunteers who were passionate about the company’s culture.

Buying and implementing an employee engagement solution was one of the key initiatives to come out of the committee.

Having this cross functional committee allowed Stacie to secure budget, as well as ensure this solution was implemented correctly.  There are a lot of benefits from these cross functional teams beyond idea exchange.  This can be especially true for HR professionals who are dealing with fixed budgets or tough to manage internal stakeholders.

As Stacie explains in this video, having the cross functional buy in is key with successfully implementing a solution as well.  This is especially true with HRTech that requires users across the organization, which is definitely the case with performance management software.

It was a great conversation, and I hope you get value out of Stacie’s advice.  We’ll be posting more information around how Stacie narrowed down the vendor universe, how implementation is going, etc in a future post.  Make sure to subscribe below in order to hear more about our conversation with Stacie.

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