Top Benefits Administration Systems — July 2020

Use a top benefit administration system to let you eliminate busy work, stay compliant, and create a better open enrollment experience for employees

As a benefits leader, you have the rewarding job of making your company a great place to work. After all, employee benefits packages and other perks can help you attract top talent, retain current employees, and build a culture that aligns with your values. 

The downside, of course, is all the administrative work that benefit plans and benefits enrollment creates for you. Fortunately, benefits administration software can help you automate your benefits management, improve efficiency, and streamline open enrollment — all while staying compliant.

Benefits administration software serves as a one-stop-shop for all your employee benefits. With everything centralized, the setup and management is easier for you and open enrollment is easier for your employees. 

The result? Employees make smarter, more informed decisions about their benefits, and you have less administrative work to manage. To help you find the right benefits management software, we put together the following guide with top software platforms, features to look out for, common mistakes to consider, pricing, and more.

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Top Benefits Administration Software Programs

After surveying the landscape, we came up with this short list of top benefits administration software you should check out.

Rippling is another new player in the HR tools market, with a focus on helping SMBs manage HR and IT in one solution.  The tech is what you’d expect from a silicon valley based startup with a great UI and intuitive design.  They also have over 500 integrations with everything from Slack to Github.

Worth Checking Out:

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Namely’s HR software includes payroll and benefits functionality that also integrates into the rest of their HRIS.  If you’re looking for a full HR software suite, check out Namely’s solution.

Worth Checking Out:

Namely processes over $16 billion in payroll each year across thousands of companies.

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Onboarding, offboarding, benefits, payroll - Zenefits has a broad set of solutions for most of what we typically think of as the core HR tasks.  Zenefits is especially built for smaller organizations with an average customer size of just under 50 employees. Definitely check them out for managing your benefits administration.

Worth Checking Out:

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Maxwell Health, now owned by Sun Life Insurance, offers companies a modern approach to managing benefits for employees. From open enrollment to COBRA, they can help you stay compliant, and give employees a wide range of options all available through an easy to use mobile interface.

Gusto was previously known as ZenPayroll, and originally started as the easiest way to run payroll for smaller companies. It has since added benefits administration as well as other features that are commonly found in your HRIS (onboarding, org charts, etc). Gusto continues to scale their customer base rapidly and has now acquired over 100,000 customers.

Worth Checking Out:

Gusto is a dead simple way to run payroll for smaller companies.

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Next Steps for Your Employee Benefits Administration

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to get benefits admin support: a platform that only focuses on benefits admin or a more comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) suite that offers benefits admin as one of many HR features. 

So, you’ll need to figure out which one will make the most sense for your company. We recommend demoing a couple vendors that fit into these two buckets so you can see how their solutions and features align with your needs and budget.

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