Best 360-Degree Feedback Software - September 2020

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With more teams remote than ever before, now is the time to give your employees new ways to stay engaged and motivated from anywhere. One valuable tool is 360-degree feedback: performance input garnered from direct reports, bosses, colleagues, and customers.

In this article we will delve into the software that supports 360-degree feedback. Our HR tech recommendations are based on weeks of researching online, talking to experts, and receiving demos from vendors in this space. We’ll give you a comprehensive list of the best 360-degree feedback solutions, as well as the benefits and challenges of implementing a new feedback program. 

The cornerstone of a 360 program is gathering useful, timely, and constructive employee feedback. This can serve as a critical component of performance management. According to a SHRM, 77 percent of HR executives believe performance reviews don’t accurately reflect employee contributions. That’s because they’re traditionally infrequent and unilateral.

360 feedback, in contrast, involves various perspectives for a more comprehensive view of employees’ performance, strengths, and areas of improvement. Think of them as growth checkins adding contour to the feedback environment. Today’s best 360 solutions help your HR team understand overarching employee trends in order to make informed decisions on training and hiring needs.

A strong 360-degree feedback program is supported by software that automates manual processes. Our goal with this guide is to save you time and support your success in choosing a 360 solution provider. We do the first 5-10 hours of researching software so that you can bring a vendor shortlist to stakeholders.

Feel free to use all of our resources throughout your vendor selection process. We have questions for demos, an ROI analysis, a checklist for securing internal buy-in, and an extensive lineup of HR software categories. Best wishes in your software selection — please be sure to let us know how the process goes for you!

We spend hundreds of hours researching the best HR and recruiting software so you don’t have to.  We never take money from vendors during our research phase and rely heavily on practitioners and experts to help us recommend the right software.  Most of the vendors featured on our site have no commercial relationship with us, we want to feature the best software for our readers regardless. Learn more

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Top 360-Degree Feedback Solutions

We track thousands of SaaS and HR tech solutions. These are the best 360-degree feedback tools based on our extensive research and expert council as of September 2020.

BambooHR's performance management software allows employees to get constructive feedback in real time. As part of performance appraisals, administrators and managers can choose peers to provide anonymous feedback on simple, standard questions, such as: What is your colleague doing well? How can they improve?

Worth Checking Out:

Using this solution, managers spend an average of 80 percent less time on performance reviews; employees spend 50 percent less time. Bamboo provides research-backed questions and templates to give HR admins and managers a starting point for gaining insights.

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Lattice integrates 360-degree feedback into a people management platform for fostering engaged, high-performing teams. Survey questions can be your own or pulled from Lattice’s template bank with over 100 people science-backed queries. You can send bulk reminders and nudges to complete 360s, and once the results are in, you can drill down by theme or questions. More than 1,300 companies use Lattice for people management software.

Worth Checking Out:

People teams are able to analyze the results to review your company’s health and identify the areas where you want to invest. Results can be filtered by department and demographics. For succession planning, you can view a nine-box grid with the drill-down filters.

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ClearCompany offers an automated solution to set up reviews, including custom scoring tables, weighted sections, and free-form responses. Sections of reviews can be shared among multiple forms to further simplify setup and scoring.

Worth Checking Out:

Flat-rate pricing allows you to send as many reviews as you need, as frequently as you need to, without worrying about the price tag.

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Leapsome highlights transparency. It serves up people management processes to help organizations develop their employees and scale their business.You can roll it out incrementally, so that people feel engaged with your new HR processes. Leapsome analytics are actionable and linked to learning and development.

Worth Checking Out:

One organization noted that it has “halved the amount of time our HR team spend on these processes, and because there's more ongoing communication between teams, we all have a better idea of our roles and feel more engaged."

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Culture Amp offers a full-suite performance solution including 360 feedback plus performance reviews, goal tracking, and continuous development. Their people science team guides new users to encourage growth and development throughout the performance management cycle. Expanding to the entire employee lifecycle, an easy-to-use exit process allows you to compare results and view trends.

Worth Checking Out:

Culture Amp combines technology for both engagement and performance. Using the data that drives those interactions, it helps enrich company culture and identify causes of employee turnover. Integrations include Chrome, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

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Culture Amp

The 15Five solution delivers lightweight weekly check-ins so that managers can drive engagement and performance. In addition to the weekly performance track across departments, the solution comes with social media features to further engagement and workplace culture.

Worth Checking Out:

15Five emphasizes “self-management” in which employees drive their own success. Individuals can specify the type of feedback they’d like to receive — positive, constructive, or both — and choose what’s shared with their manager. 15Five believes that when you let your employees take control of their feedback, you increase the likelihood that they’ll act on it.

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Trakstar's 360 feedback software helps HR organizations manage feedback, goals, and reviews. Administrative controls allow your company to pre-determine how to handle 360 reviews, while still allowing managers to respond to nuanced scenarios and team relationships. Implementation is customized. You don't have to set up separate processes for goal setting, mid-year, or end-of-year reviews; employees’ appraisal is one process that stays open all year long.

Worth Checking Out:

Trakstar provides 100 competencies with leveled descriptions of performance at each of five levels. Coaching tips are also included with each competency. Custom competencies may be added to the Trakstar library as desired.

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The Engagedly Multi-rater/360 tool is highly flexible and provides advanced settings for competency-based feedback, anonymity, self-nomination, external reviewers, and flexible rating scales. You can add modules as you introduce employees to the new technology.

Worth Checking Out:

Admins can set a minimum and maximum amount of nominations. Engagedly recommends using the “Rule of 3,” meaning that three people should fill out the survey before showing results, so as to help maintain anonymity.

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A simple and effective performance management platform, 7Geese focuses on employee-driven 360 feedback. The 7Geese platform includes OKRs, goal setting, feedback surveys, employee engagement surveys, employee-driven feedback, and 1-on-1s.

Worth Checking Out:

7Geese promotes an employee-driven feedback mentality wherein admins create the program and then crowdsource the execution. Employees can request their own feedback with customized questions for a continuous, constructive conversation.

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Final Advice on 360-Degree Feedback Software

Remember to take your time when planning and implementing your 360 program. The most effective solutions support existing performance processes — making employees more accountable and more aware of their strengths and areas of growth. Conversely, a poorly implemented program can fall quickly into employee disdain or disuse. You can be among the former by implementing change management processes and partnering with one of our recommended 360-degree feedback vendors.

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