The Top 9 Best Employee Assistance Program Providers – September 2020

The best EAP systems, pitfalls, pricing and more

Are you on the hunt for the right Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for your organization? An effective EAP takes care of your most valuable asset — your employees — by providing them assistance during moments of personal strife related to mental health, substance abuse, family issues, and others. We’ve researched dozens of different EAP providers in order to guide your purchase decision, with a detailed rundown of our favorites, as well as common pitfalls, sample questions for demos and other great resources.

Between the rise of remote work, the continued COVID-19 pandemic, and our tumultuous political climate, it could be argued that EAPs have never been more vital. After all, it is a well-known fact that happy and healthy employees are more productive employees. And the cost of not providing this type of assistance can be enormous. According to the Center for Prevention and Health Services, workplaces lose $79 to $105 billion each year due to employee mental illness and substance abuse disorders. So let’s get started — dig into the below list of our top-rated vendors, along with our buying guide to streamline your decision-making process.

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We track thousands of HRTech solutions, these are the best EAP companies per our research and expert council as of September 2020

With Talkspace, users can access meaningful therapy from every device, sending their therapist a message from laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Users’ conversation carries over seamlessly across devices and uses banking-grade encryption to keep it safe and confidential.

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Companies like Toast, EA, CreditKarma, and Zendesk all use Modern Health to help their employees deal with the stresses of everyday life. Modern Health's mobile first offering gives employees an opportunity to take advantage of evidence-based on-demand digital content like meditations or financial wellness programs. Employees can also engage virtually with therapists or coaches to help deal with a range of issues that may be causing stress in their lives.

Due to COVID all therapy visits are happening virtually. During normal times, users are able to get access to in-person therapy.

With a mission statement of only providing proven treatments, grounded in science, this EAP takes a quality-focused approach and evidence-based treatments to deliver care to your employees. Members can find the right personalized care, match with the right provider for their needs, and feel motivated and supported throughout the entire treatment journey.

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Lyra Health

With the Life Advisor EAP®, Ulliance has created their own unique Resolution EAP Model® designed to resolve and manage most workplace conflicts, personal concerns and life challenges. The robust Life Adviser app offers employees and dependents with immediate, online access to a variety of resources, tools, articles, and general information about the EAP services provided. Employees can use the app at any time to connect with a Life Advisor Consultant and start living a healthier, more balanced life.

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According to Spring Health, no mental well-being journey is the same. With personalized full-spectrum support, Spring Health combines clinically-proven technology with world-class providers to deliver a custom program built specifically for each employee’s needs, including digital programs, coaching, therapy, psychiatry, and more.

Ginger helps employees deal with life's everyday stresses so they can live happier, more productive lives. Through their app, employees can chat with a trained behavioral health coach within seconds, or schedule a meeting with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist via video within days. All care is clinically supervised, and designed to meet employees where they are - many times outside of work hours and right on their phone. Companies like Wag, Domino's Pizza and BuzzFeed trust Ginger with their employee's mental well being.

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With a national network of more than 23,000 health care professionals in over 16,000 locations, employers using Anthem’s EAP have access to a variety of services beyond just face-to-face counseling sessions, including adoption information, pet care, child care resources, financial/legal consultations, eldercare referrals and more.

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Offered as part of their LifeWorks Total Well-being Platform, this modern EAP gives its users immediate access to thousands of certified, Masters-level professionals, 24/7. Users can attend private, virtual counseling sessions with their network of clinical counselors through video, live chat, telesupport and online groups. In addition, employees can also reach out to advisers on work and life issues such as financial, legal and retirement matters.

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Trusted by global providers for 3+ million employees worldwide, Corehealth is the perfect option for organizations looking to build a custom EAP. Pick and choose from the world's largest network of third-party, best-in-class health and wellness vendors - all closely integrated with their All-in-One Corporate Wellness Platform.

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Last Words

The workplace has changed dramatically in recent years, and even more so with the advent of the covid pandemic. But at the end of the day, your people remain the most essential ingredient for continued success as a company. Prioritizing employee health in times of crisis, beyond the umbrella of general health plans or wellness programs, has been proven to foster employee loyalty and boost job performance. 

An intelligently structured, comprehensive, and well-implemented EAP can have a huge positive impact on your organization’s morale, productivity and your bottom line. But before we leave you to your decision-making process, we offer a word of caution: what you pay for is what you get. Many EAPs have been advertised with a cost as low as $1 per employee, but don’t count on these providers to give the necessary support your employees are looking for. Instead, please take a look at our vetted list of providers above, and ask for a demo today.

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