The Best HR Software - Updated August 2019

This page updates monthly to reflect the best HR software that we are tracking across various categories of WorkTech. These lists are compiled based on demos we do with vendors, as well as input from dozens of HR experts via our expert council.

There are hundreds of vendors in each of these categories. Our goal is to narrow these lists down to the top tier of vendors you should be looking at for a given category.

Best Video Interview Solutions

Read more on the benefits of video interview software, and how these solutions can lead to more quality hires.

Best HR Chatbots

Read more about how recruiting chatbot ROI, pitfalls, key metrics and more.

Best Tech Assessment Platforms

Read how tech assessment platforms will help you hire more developers faster, increase your diversity hires, and save your engineering team time.

Best Applicant Tracking Systems

Read more of our advice on buying ATS’s including how to think about ROI, pricing models, questions to ask on demos, and more.

Best Employer Branding Solutions

Read more about why forward thinking companies are focused on employer branding.

Best Candidate Sourcing Tools

Read more about how candidate sourcing tools will help you find and engage candidates faster, questions to ask vendors, and how to think about ROI.

Best Employee Engagement Software

Read more on the top performance management vendors, questions to ask on demos, how to stay organized when looking at these solutions, and more.

Best Employee Rewards Platforms

Hopefully this is helpful when looking at new HRTech. We’re always adding new companies, and new categories of software to this list - so stay tuned :)