An Expert Review of Peakon's Employee Experience Management Solution - 2021

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Chris Hatler, Chris is a 4 minute miler and HR Tech nerd Jan 07, 2022
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Peakon uses journey mapping to improve employee experience and retention. Collect data from your employees at every stage of their employment, get insights to uncover reasons for employee turnover, and forecast your attrition risk in real time.

What's Inside

Peakon Review

Peakon was recently acquired by Workday, providing the company the funding it needed to grow its product to the next level. Peakon can be trusted for everything from onboarding to engagement, to retention to leadership development, to DEI to performance feedback.

Peakon shines in its analytics. Once it receives survey data, it provides a number on a 1-10 rating scale to tell your company how you’re doing. For example, if your feedback on company communication was only a 4.6, you can take actionable steps to fix the issue and track how the survey results change month over month, year over year, and so on.

Peakon Customers

  • EasyJet
  • Verizon
  • Nando's
  • Pret
  • Capgemini

Peakon Stats

  • Peakon is trusted by 1,000+ companies
  • 174mm+ employee survey responses
  • 32mm+ employee comments
  • 160 countries represented

Peakon Resources

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Key Peakon Features

  • Benchmarking
  • Attrition forecasting
  • Question libraries
  • Automated survey scheduling and delivery
  • Leadership training
  • Analytics and visual data
  • Health and well-being insights

Peakon Implementation

Customers receive a success team to guide your company through important implementation milestones and eventually through adoption.

Peakon Customer Success

All pricing plans get 24-hour online customer support. Higher plan customers receive dedicated Customer Success management and frequent alignment sessions.

Peakon Key Integrations

Peakon seamlessly integrates with Workday thanks to the acquisition. It also integrates with apps such as Slack, and offers an open API.

What to be aware of

Peakon Pricing

Peakon has three pricing tiers:

  • Essential: Includes baseline engagement features, a mobile app, and 24-hour online support. ‍
  • Business: Includes everything from the Essential plan, and adds personalized benchmarking, custom insights, action plans, HRIS integrations, and a dedicated Customer Success consultant.
  • Premier: Includes everything previously mentioned, plus micro-learning sessions, attrition prediction, hierarchy mapping, business impact metrics, unlimited custom dashboards, and extended Customer Success support and change management training.

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Peakon Alternatives

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Peakon Alternatives

Used by big brands such Spotify and Mercedes-Benz, Leapsome helps you understand your employees using surveys and gives you the insights you need to drive change. It's highly interactive and fully customizable.
People Element's employee experience platform comes with interesting features; identify trends using analytical tools, build surveys within seconds, and get guidance from a dedicated experience manager.
Reward Gateway helps you build a tailored employee experience platform. Their implementation team will help you design a strategy that is unique to your business. Fancy an employee recognition system? You can get that and much more.
Goals, OKRs, recognition, conversations, feedback, incentives – this is what Kazoo's employee experience software comprises. Use this all-in-one tool to elevate your employee experience.
With Eloomi, you can build your ideal culture for feedback and performance. Although, Eloomi is loaded with resources for employee experience, its striking feature is a tool called 'My 360+' that enables meaningful feedback and skills mapping.
Bonusly helps bring visibility around small wins in multiple ways. You can create surveys to communicate with employees, integrate it with your communication tools to boost recognition, or evaluate recognition trends with detail reports.
Peakon uses journey mapping to improve employee experience and retention. Collect data from your employees at every stage of their employment, get insights to uncover reasons for employee turnover, and forecast your attrition risk in real time.
Trusted by innovative companies such as Webflow, AngelList and Figma, Sapling has an extensive set of features ranging from people directory and org chart to social profiles and employee records. If your company is remote, Sapling might be just what you need.
Wellable lives up to its name. It provides various wellness solutions the likes of which are health content, fitness classes from top instructors, tobacco cessation program. It's customizable, holistic, and lead by subject matter experts.
PayActiv is a tool that aims to improve financial wellness for employees. It provides employees financial education, lets them find discounts in the marketplace, and analyzes their spending patterns to estimate how much they can save.
Spring Health is a mental healthcare software that takes a holistic approach to improve employee wellness. It asks employees a few simple questions and in turn provides personalized care.
Pingboard drives employee engagement with various networking features such as rich employee profiles, an org chart, and an employee directory.
Workvivo is a comprehensive employee engagement platform that improves employee experience via multiple ways. Employees can find like-minded peers through community spaces, get recognized using a public recognition system, learn what's happening in business, and more.