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December 30, 2023
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Quantum Workplace

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Quantum Workplace
Quantum Workplace


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Quantum Workplace Versus the Competition

What makes Quantum Workplace stand out is their hands-on customer service. Once you buy their software, you don’t just get a one-off implementation service that most vendors provide but instead an ongoing support team that helps you make the most of your investment.

If you're ready to get a Quantum Workplace demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!



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  • Easy to use, the user interface is intuitive, you can find what you’re looking for and still see the most important items pinned on top. 
  • The option to personalize surveys, make them from the best practices templates, or build entirely from scratch.
  • The ability to share and review recognition with your teammates in a social newsfeed format. What’s great is that you have the option to make it as detailed and scheduled or as succinct and impromptu as you please.
  • An ever-present customer service team. Many users have complimented on their responsiveness.


  • Many users have expressed their issues with canceling, rescheduling, and the inability to schedule 1-on-1s on short notice. 
  • Some users have found the goals feature to be a little confusing to understand because of its extensivity. 
  • This is a rather unprecedented one, but we found many users wishing for more vibrant colors for the platform.

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Quantum Workplace Review

Quantum Workplace has three core products that provide tools for employee engagement, performance management, and people analytics. If you’re looking for ways to elevate your company’s overall employee experience, Quantum Workplace is worth checking out.

You can create comprehensive engagement surveys to get a bird’s eye view of your employees’ perception of the organizational culture. In case you’re looking to get real-time feedback from your employees on any topic, Quantum Workplace also lets you create pulse surveys that are quick to launch. Then there are lifecycle surveys that are completely automated and generate insights from key moments of an employee’s lifecycle such as onboarding, exit, or at the time of retirement. 

Quantum Workplace’s performance management tool helps employees set and track their goals, have 1-1s with their managers, and get recognized for their efforts. A feature worth mentioning is the social news feed that lets employees bond and congratulate each other with likes, comments, photos, and gifs. 

While the engagement and performance tools are packed with an array of useful features, the cherry on the cake is Quantum Workplace’s AI-driven analytics software that helps managers uncover deeper insights from engagement surveys and performance data. You can get turnover reports, flight risk prediction, overall employee performance, and much more. We must warn you though, sometimes the AI’s interpretation of employees’ sentiments can be a little inaccurate. We’d suggest that you don’t blindly rely on the analytics reports for data points that you know can’t be objectively mapped. 

Finally, what’s great about Quantum Workplace apart from its excellent customer service is its intuitive user interface that’s calming and easy to navigate. There’s also a mobile app that employees and managers can use alike to speed up the pace of processes. You can use it to stay up-to-date with recognition happening in your workplace and even post recognition for your co-workers right from the app. On top of that, there are shortcut features you can use to quickly give or request feedback and capture private notes. The best thing about this mobile app is that it automatically syncs with the desktop version of Quantum Workplace, so you wouldn’t have to worry about repeating tasks or manually updating later from another device. 

Who shouldn't buy Quantum Workplace

Quantum Workplace would not be a good fit for small-sized companies with budget constraints. Also note that they do not offer a free trial of their products, so it won’t be suitable for companies that like to take their sweet time before implementing a new product.

Quantum Workplace Customers

Quantum Workplace is used by over 10,000 companies, including Dentsply Sirona, Panera Bread, Fossil Group, DSW, BKD, and Getty Images.

Quantum Workplace: Performance Management & Engagement Solution
visit Quantum Workplace

Quantum Workplace Key Features

  • Employee engagement surveys: This type of survey is comprehensive and most companies use this feature for annual reviews and to get an overall idea about how employees feel about the company culture. 
  • Pulse surveys: This feature helps you launch a survey in just a few minutes and is useful for times when you need to get employee feedback on a specific topic under a time crunch. 
  • Automated surveys: Also known as employee lifecycle surveys, this feature allows your team to automatically collect surveys from employees during different stages of their employee lifecycle. It then automatically syncs up with your HRIS.
  • Goal setting and tracking: You can create individual goals, team goals, or even goals with multi-metric OKRs that will seamlessly align with each other to help you see the big picture. The goal setting feature also allows you to track your progress and celebrate milestones in fun and interactive ways.
  • 1-on-1s: The 1-on-1s between managers and employees can be used for any type of conversation ranging from performance reviews to weekly check-ins. You can also use templates to guide the conversation and automate 1-on-1 cycles to foster communication. Some users, however, have expressed their annoyance when it comes to canceling or rescheduling 1-on-1s. 
  • Public recognition: You can publicly recognize your employees in a variety of ways with Quantum Workplace – give and view recognition in a company-wide social news feed, give different value badges to your employees, like/comment/react with gifs to recognition posts. 
  • Employee feedback: Quantum Workplace’s feedback tool lets employees give as well as request feedback in real-time. You can make use of pre-built feedback templates to guide you. 
  • Talent review: Every 90 days, managers spend 3-5 minutes per employee to answer talent review questions after which, Quantum Workplace groups employees in four different categories based on performance and growth. It then gives you pointers and ideas for coaching different category employees in a manner that would help them and your company the most. 
  • Analytics: With the help of the analytics tool, you can see visual trends and indicators for your company and use it for future planning. Some examples include identifying turnover risk, analyzing survey comments, and seeing the performance data for many employees at once. 
  • Succession planning: This feature helps you identify top performers that are likely to become successors for your company’s critical roles. You can learn about an employee’s successor readiness, promote growth for successors, and even align your succession plan with your inclusion and diversity goals.

Quantum Workplace Key Integrations

From HRIS to communication tools, Quantum Workplace lets you integrate with many third-party applications such as Slack, ADP, Namely, BambooHR, Outlook, and Workday. What’s worth mentioning is that if you can’t find the application you need on Quantum Workplace’s list of integrations, you could ask them to build a new integration from scratch.

Quantum Workplace Pricing

Pricing is not disclosed upfront but you can get it after booking a demo.

Quantum Workplace is Best For

Quantum Workplace is best suited for mid-sized and large enterprises who have greater needs for engagement.

How has Quantum Workplace Changed Over Time?

Quantum Workplace Implementation

The implementation process for Quantum Workplace is fairly easy and straightforward. Patricia D, a Human Resources Director for a mid-sized company said, “We previously worked with a direct competitor of Quantum for 3 years. During that time, we had an onboarding call and then no follow-up. We switched to Quantum this year and the difference has been night and day. We have an assigned team - not an implementation team - an ongoing team that provides dedicated support”.

Initially, you’ll need to set up your users, HRIS, and SSO. Although there are video walkthroughs to guide you every step of the way, you’ll also have a Customer Success Manager assigned to you for each stage of implementation. 

Assuming there is an existing HRIS you need to integrate, the implementation process will take you about 3 to 6 weeks.

Quantum Workplace Customer Success

When you buy Quantum Workplace, you’re assigned a Customer Success Manager to support you with each phase of your implementation. It starts with a detailed Implementation Kickoff Meeting followed by weekly implementation tasks. Even after you’re well-acquainted with the software, their support team stays in touch with you and actively seeks ways to enhance your user experience.

About Quantum Workplace

Founded in 2002 by Greg Harris, Quantum Workplace, formerly known as Quantum Market Research pioneered some of the earliest employee engagement and performance software. Their mission is to make work better every day. Given the number of specific praises we’ve heard from HR managers and business owners about their customer support, we’re positive that they’re quite successful in living up to their mission. 

Over the 20 years, they’ve added many feathers to their cap. Within just three years of starting out in Omaha, their contest ‘Best Places to Work’ spread out to 41 cities. By 2008, they became the largest benchmark database for employee engagement in North America. In 2015, they opened another office in Denver and three years later in 2018, they got funded by a private equity company, McCarthy Capital. 

The past few years have been fueled by a lot of growth for Quantum Workplace; they crossed their 100th employee milestone, added new teams, and secured investment from another private equity firm, LLR Partners.

Company HQ

Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Amount Raised

Undisclosed amount from private equity companies


Is Quantum Workplace an all-in-one HR Software?

No. Quantum Workplace has software for employee engagement, performance management, and people analytics. It does, however, integrate with many HRMS. 

What is the price of Quantum Software?

Quantum Software has not listed any pricing on their official website. To get a price, you will have to book a demo and contact them personally. 

Are Quantum Workplace surveys anonymous? 

In a way, yes. Each employee is given a unique link to participate in the survey only once and no one in the organization can see the responses of a specific survey taker. So, even though an employee doesn’t take a survey anonymously, their responses are kept completely confidential.

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