Reward Gateway's Employee Engagement Solution (Review) - 2024

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April 16, 2024
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Reward Gateway

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Reward Gateway
Reward Gateway


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Reward Gateway Versus the Competition

Reward Gateway is an employee engagement platform that combines employee rewards, recognition, communication, surveys, wellbeing, discounts, and analytics in one unified, branded hub.

If you're ready to get a Reward Gateway demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!



Ease of Use


Best For

Distributed teams looking for a feature-rich solution incorporating communication, analysis, employee engagement, and surveys.

Key Differentiator

Varied reward options, including Amazon products, customizable e-cards, and experiences. Separate module purchasing is available. 24/7 customer support.


Starts at £6/user/month

Free Trial



  • Remarkably good customer support due to their 24/7 help desk team and multiple communication channels
  • Varied rewards including products from Amazon, customizable ecards, and experiences
  • You can purchase modules separately if you prefer it


  • No free trial
  • The “Reward Gateway for Small Business” version is only available for companies in the UK and Australia

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Reward Gateway Review

Both as a product and as a company, Reward Gateway strives to be a catalyst for employee satisfaction. That’s why their platform has grown to feature modules from each pillar of the employee experience; benefits, rewards and recognition, communication, engagement, and wellbeing. 

Let’s start with rewards and recognition. This part of their platform is built with the aim of helping you create a comprehensive rewards program that can cater to frontline employees and the C-suite alike. The idea is to celebrate all contributions, which is why their system is multi-directional. Managers reward employees, team members can congratulate each other, and they can also recognize their managers, for instance. 

As far as rewards go, they have a variety of redemption options via their Amazon partnership. You can also create customized e-cards which are helpful when you need to send something instantly (or set it up on autopilot). Their catalog also features experiences, which makes it one of the most varied reward offerings we’ve seen during our month-long research into this software category. 

The rewards variety certainly helps when creating a recognition program for a distributed team, which is a perk we’ve seen frequently highlighted by their user base. Adding to this, features like a real-time recognition feed and commenting do shine via the mobile app. This makes Reward Gateway a good bet for teams with frontline workers, as there are few companies in the rewards space that have decidedly catered to this type of workplace too. 

Speaking of a recognition feed, this is where the rewards module meets the communication one. Reward Gateway also lets you create a company feed where you can post branded blogs, photos, and videos for everyone to see. News and updates can be sent to the whole company or segmented audiences. As in some social media platforms, these posts can also be scheduled in advance.  

Of course, this is all supposed to help the broader company goal of keeping people connected. But how can this be measured and then optimized? Within the same tool, Reward Gateway offers a custom survey builder and a constantly-evolving library of templates. This helps HR leaders and managers gather employee feedback, which in turn pumps into the SmartInsights™ Analytics Engine.

This latter part of the tool is where all the data on how people are using the platform is collected in various real-time dashboards. These dashboards are designed to help you quickly identify insights into what is working best in regards to employee recognition and engagement. Managers can consult metrics like recognition participation, reactions over time, and use of each communication channel, for a single team, a division or department, or the whole company.

Finally, thanks to their recent MoveSpring acquisition, Reward Gateway are now also able to offer activity-based software for employee wellbeing. 

Who shouldn't buy Reward Gateway

With no free trial and having to get in touch with their team in order to get a demo of the tool, we believe Reward Gateway wouldn’t be the best fit for smaller companies wanting a quick tool that they can set up themselves and try expediently.

Reward Gateway Customers

Samsung, Orbis, KPMG, Five Star Bank, ABC Medical, American Express, Unilever, IBM, McDonald's

Reward Gateway: Notable for its 24/7 Customer Support
visit Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway Key Features

  • Employee recognition: Individual goal-setting, peer-to-peer and manager-to-peer recognition, and social recognition
  • Employee rewards: Redeem points through a rewards catalog, create nominations, ecards, mentions, and more (activity tracking)
  • Employee surveys: Employee NPS, Custom survey builder, and survey templates
  • Employee communications: An internal communications system includes customized blogs, unlimited pages, auto-schedule functionality and segmenting tools as well as a branded employee engagement app
  • Employee discounts: In-store and online instant vouchers, high discount rates to hundreds of retailers, and generous cashback offers
  • Employee wellbeing: A hub for wellness programs, content and goals
  • Engagement analytics: Dynamic data, live views, and detailed insights

Reward Gateway also has capabilities for: 

  • Android and iOS mobile app (SmartSpending)

Reward Gateway Key Integrations

  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS) & Directory: Workday, Microsoft Azure, Ping Identity, BambooHR, SCIM, & more. 
  • Chat & Collaboration Software: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer. 
  • Custom Tools: REST API & SCIM API.

Reward Gateway Pricing

  • You can choose to purchase solutions separately, like only the employee recognition and surveys modules, for instance, or go for the full employee engagement platform. 
  • If you happen to be in the United Kingdom or Australia, they also offer a “Reward Gateway for Small Business” version which is £6 per employee per month, with no lock-in contract.
  • The price is not revealed publicly, which means you would get a custom quote depending on your business size and needs.

Reward Gateway is Best For

Reward Gateway is used in over 23 countries and by companies of varying sizes and industries. It’s best for those that want more functionalities, like a communications hub and a survey tool, from the rewards and recognition platform.

How has Reward Gateway Changed Over Time?

Reward Gateway Implementation

The team at Reward Gateway provides a complete design service for their employee engagement solutions. Times will vary depending on your particular needs.

Reward Gateway Customer Success

To ensure customer success, Reward Gateway has put together a help and training center they call the Reward Gateway Client Academy. Were you to choose Reward Gateway, it would be your ho-to resource to learn how to get more from the tool. They also have a Success Portal where contact is done through an online form.

About Reward Gateway

Having been around since 2006, a remarkable thing about Reward Gateway is that they’ve managed to stay relevant and constantly-evolving as an employee rewards and recognition SaaS tool for more than a decade.

Any company, in pretty much any industry, is going to need some serious drive in order to achieve this. Reward Gateway find that drive in their mission. They believe that engaged employees build better organizations, and there’s a direct correlation between happy employees and a successful company.

According to their research “76% of CEOs recognize that employee engagement is vital to their success but only 24% say they have a highly engaged company”. Hence, their mission statement is all about bridging that engagement gap for companies worldwide. 

Reward Gateway first started in the UK, then expanded into the Australian market. Their success there during their first decade allowed them to become one of the leading employee engagement apps in the US, which has in turn given them a leg up into other markets all over the world.

As of 2022, their HR SaaS product is used by over 5 million users, across more than 2,000 companies, spread out throughout more than 20 countries in almost all the five continents. 

In April 2022, Reward Gateway acquired MoveSpring, an activity-based software solution aimed at improving employee wellbeing.

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