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Phil Strazzulla
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June 3, 2022
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Assembly Versus the competition

Built for SMBs that want to boost employee recognition, Assembly is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the rewards and recognition space. It’s free for up to five members per month, and very moderately-priced afterwards.

  • Explore the platform for free, no need for a credit card or demo
  • Great set of features for the price point
  • Make your own rewards and even set up a points system with automated incentives
  • You have the option to go with a month-to-month plan or a long-term contract. For the latter, you can reach out to their team for a custom deal if it’s a larger team. However, keep in mind that the minimum agreement is 12 months. 
  • Coins and points do expire, so sometimes they’ll expire by the end of the month before you can use them, although you get more the next period.
  • SSO is only included with some plans. For others, it can be purchased as an add-on.

Assembly Review

While best known for their rewards and recognition software, Assembly have expanded into offering more, making them a rather complete employee engagement suite. As of mid 2022, they have a communication productivity and automation tool. This is packed with features like team retrospective templates (and templates for other similar processes), employee surveys, and an intranet-like digital HQ.

As to their flagship product, Assembly's employee recognition and rewards software enables HR teams to build stronger cultures with more engaged employees through various forms of recognition. 

Specifically, employees use Assembly to recognize their co-workers for accomplishments large and small. In turn, these recognitions can be broadcasted to the rest of the company, who can in turn react to them like on a social media network. 

Of course, recognition aligns with company values which are set by you. Employees who are recognized typically are also given points by their peers which they can then turn into various rewards.

Furthermore, Assembly stood out to us among the dozens of companies we demoed in this space because of their customizable rewards. Apart from letting employees pick rewards from a curated catalog, you can also set up your own rewards, such as team building events, sleep-in days, choose office music for the day, etc, or other stuff you and your team can think of. 

Then, there’s the price point. Assembly offers a free tier for smaller companies, or small teams within an organization that want to give this a try before implementing it at large. Now, if you were to move to the paid version, it’s good to know that it’s rather moderately priced if we compare it to other solutions. Their monthly plan starts at $2.50 - $4.00 per employee per month. 

Among their clients, it’s typical for around 90% of the employees at each company to use it on a monthly basis. This is evidence that there is a self-sustaining feedback loop of employees being recognized, and giving recognition.

Who shouldn't buy Assembly

Small companies that have more than 10 employees but are still looking for a free product, or are wary about signing up for a year, might not be a good fit for Assembly. That being said, many companies do start by simply implementing the tool amongst a smaller team within, then expanding if the rewards and recognition program is a success at that smaller scale.

Assembly Customers

Coca Cola, Goodside Health, StubHub, Amazon, Keck School of Medicine, Quest Nutrition

Assembly Stats

  • Companies see >90% monthly participation from employees
  • Hundreds of reward options in the US and internationally
  • Used by over 3,000 organizations

Assembly Key Features

  • Curate rewards: HR can create rewards that relate to your culture (team building events, sleep-in days, choose office music for the day, etc.)
  • Automated recognition: You can let the product run on autopilot for birthdays and work anniversaries. 
  • Network recognition: Employees can react to and comment on recognition, as well as do peer-to-peer acknowledgments. It doesn’t stop at managers recognizing employees. 
  • Benchmarking analytics: These let you know how well your program is doing relevant to peer companies.

  • Assembly also features: 

    • Points system
    • Automated incentives 
    • Employee surveys

    Assembly Key Integrations

    Assembly is Part of the BambooHR app Marketplace. It also integrates natively with Zenefits, the payroll software company.

    Assembly Pricing

    Assembly offers a free version for up to 10 employees. Paying customers are charged $2.80 - $4.50 per employee per month depending on the features you're looking for and if you choose an annual vs monthly plan.

    Motivosity Recognize
    Motivosity Recognize
    Motivosity Lead
    Motivosity Listen
    $5 per person per month
    $6.50 per person per month
    $2 per person per month

    Assembly Implementation

    If you use software that they already integrate with (like Slack or Teams), then it's fairly simple to get setup.  Typically implementation takes less than a week.

    Assembly Customer Success

    All customers get access to 24/7 chat support, in addition to a dedicated account manager. Both their support team and customer success reps are known to go above and beyond to help the clients, sharing best practices and trying to help you truly make the most out of the platform. However, be advised that if you want custom onboarding support, this service starts at $5,000.

    Further, the team at Assembly are also known to gather feedback from their users and use it to create new features, even taking time to let them know how they’ve incorporated said feedback. Arguably, this is something that the best vendors do in any software space.

    About Assembly

    Founded in 2017, Assembly have been rapidly making a name for themselves in the employee recognition space. From their headquarters in California, and with a modest team of under 50 employees, they’ve managed to become a key player in the rewards and recognition software category thanks to their comprehensive set of features offered at a very reasonable price, all built upon a bedrock of remarkably good (based on interviews and user reviews) customer service and support.

    Fueled by this, they’ve managed to keep expanding, incorporate user feedback, and develop into a fuller employee engagement tool. Some remarkable aspects of their trajectory are the amounts they’ve raised in funding, their ever-growing client list, and perhaps more importantly to you, dear reader, their reputation among their customers.

    Assembly Alternatives

    Motivosity combines 4 products (Connect, Recognize, Lead, and Listen) into a single platform that helps teams stay happy, connected, and motivated.
    Nectar's employee recognition and rewards platform is best for companies with 50-500 employees who want a high engagement peer to peer solution with great analytics and rewards built in.
    Bucketlist helps HR teams to engage employees through a customizable rewards and recognition platform that easily integrates with the apps your employees already use like Slack, Teams, Outlook.
    Bonusly is easy to use and set up, comes with a large rewards catalog, and is simply a great peer-to-peer recognition platform.
    Kazoo combines continuous performance management, employee recognition, rewards, and engagement surveys into one powerful platform to help you improve employee experience and by extension, company culture.
    WeGift is a smart solution for distributing gift cards at scale. They stand out for providing access to 700+ brands, bulk discounts of up to 25% off, and the ability to reclaim unspent value on expired gift cards.
    They simplify rewards, recognition, and incentives thanks to their Amazon Business integration which gives them access to a huge number of employee rewards.
    Not only is Guusto a top-rated (and free) recognition & rewards SaaS provider, they actually donate 1 day of clean drinking water for every gift sent.
    As an employee experience platform, Cooleaf empowers companies to engage and motivate their staff by capturing employee sentiment using pulse surveys, performance incentives, and bringing employees together with recognition and virtual activities.
    Workstars provides companies with a dynamic platform for highly customizable recognition programs for their employees.
    Reward Gateway is an employee engagement platform (SmartHub) that combines employee recognition, surveys, communication, discounts (instant vouchers and cashback offers), and analytics in a single solution.
    Kudos® have paired their employee recognition software with additional employee engagement functionality. Features like spaces and galleries and culture tools are unique to the space. They also do consulting for companies that need extra assistance.
    They’ve been quick to adopt a remote-first approach to team recognition, helping you send gifts to employees, customers, or prospects to their home, for instance.
    Blueboard is a one-stop-shop to create personalized and meaningful rewards for employees, most in the form of real-life memorable experiences.
    Gifted is completely free, easy to set up, lets people choose their gifts, and features automated & timed gifting.
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