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Rodrigo Vázquez Mellado
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November 12, 2022

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Kudos Versus the Competition

Kudos® have paired their employee recognition software with additional employee engagement functionality. Features like spaces and galleries and culture tools are unique to the space. They also do consulting for companies that need extra assistance.

If you're ready to get a Kudos demo, we suggest getting in touch for a look at the product and quote. Otherwise, read on!

  • Unique, company culture-oriented features are present all across the platform, such as in the way they approach analytics, or on the actual Culture Accelerator module. 
  • Excellent relation of mobile / desktop functionality. You basically get all the bells and whistles on both versions.
  • Unless you get a demo and start exploring the tool with the help of an insider, we’d say it’s somewhat hard to get a good idea of what features are like, how they work, and even what they do, just from their website alone. 
  • From our research, we could gather that the points system and how this works can get a bit confusing for some users.

Kudos Review

Aside from the fact that they took one of the best possible names for an employee recognition platform, the Kudos® platform has developed over the years to include much more than this aspect of employee engagement. The idea propelling this evolution has been to make a platform for all things related to workplace culture.

That’s why they boast arguably unique offerings to the space, such as the Culture Accelerator™ module. Essentially, this is a product-enabled service. It was recently designed to help manage all of the efforts geared towards improving a workplace’s culture from a single place within the platform, with the added value of having a consultant guide you through the process.

Back to the product, however, a nice part of their workplace culture-oriented features are spaces and galleries. As the names suggest, these are apps to upload, organize, and share photos of the team organized around themes. Let’s say you have a company outing or an off site training. You’d upload these photos to an album and share them with the team, right in the platform where they also recognize each other’s performance.

Which brings us to the employee rewards and recognition part of the tool. It really starts with setting up your core values, which are what your internal recognition programs are going to revolve around, for the most part.

Starting out, you’d set these within the tool as well as the behaviors and qualities you’d like to see recognized. Then, it’s pretty much off to the races, in the sense that you’d add the entire team to the platform. Each employee would have a profile, and then they’re able to do peer-to-peer rewards, share important news, recent accomplishments, and showcase this in a virtual public setting. 

Lastly, Kudos does have the usual set of reporting and analytics tools. However, we appreciate that they put a cultural focus into these. For example, they go beyond the basic recognition and rewards activity (which is present), and also provide reports about the company values that people have embodied in their recent performance.

Who shouldn't buy Kudos

We’ve found that Kudos® is definitely a product that requires you to get in touch with their team and work together for a successful and thoroughly-planned launch. Companies who are still more casual about their internal recognition program and would rather have a go at a self-service product might not find it to be a good fit.

Kudos Customers

ATCO, DHL Express, Bulgari, Arch Insurance, KidsPeace, Make-A-Wish

Kudos: Great for matching company values to rewards

Kudos Stats

  • Up to 36% improvement in employee retention
  • Used in over 23 industries in 80 countries
  • Available in 11 different languages

Kudos Key Features

  • Culture reinforcement tools: Kudos offers a set of tools and services to manage all of the efforts geared towards improving a workplace’s culture and integrating recognition into it.
  • Spaces and galleries: The platform is equipped with places to store photographs from company moments, like off-sites, trainings, or office parties. You can also customize these and share them with the rest of the team.  

Kudos® also has capabilities for: 

  • Peer-to-peer appreciation
  • Performance and values-aligned recognition
  • Extensive rewards catalog and customizable rewards
  • Awards, badges, & certificates
  • Years of service and birthday tracker 
  • Video recognition
  • Feedback loops
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Social hub
  • People directory with personal profiles
  • Company newsletters, messages, announcements, and event calendar
  • Native mobile applications (Android & iOS) and Kudos® TV

Kudos Key Integrations

  • Chat & Collaboration: Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Sharepoint, Skype, and Slack
  • SSO: ADP, Azure AD, Okta, LinkedIn, and many more
  • User Provisioning: ADP, BambooHR, Workday, Paylocity, & more
  • Browser Extensions: Brave, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox
  • For everything else, they have the Kudos® API and you can even request new integrations through their chatbot.

Kudos Pricing

Kudos has two editions which are priced as follows:

  • Plus: For $5 per user per month, Kudos Plus helps you run effective employee recognition program with features for peer-to-peer recognition, optional rewards, and a lot more. Discounts are available based on the final user count and contract term.
  • Enterprise: For $7 per user per month, Kudos Enterprise gives you everything the Kudos platform has to offer, with additional functionality to run Kudos across multiple countries, operations centers, etc. Enterprise customers also get insights from Kudos’ dedicated people analytics teams, culture programming assistance, discounts based on the final user count/contract term and more.
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Kudos is Best For

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Kudos Implementation

Kudos® is a cloud-based platform that integrates into many other existing business software solutions including Microsoft Teams,Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and more. Implementation services are provided by Kudos® to ensure a smooth technical setup and effective business adoption.

Kudos Customer Success

  • One-to-one customer support provided to all customers calls
  • Support is provided via online channels (eg. Zoom calls, support tickets, in-app live chat)
  • ISO 27001 Certified Infrastructure
  • SOC 2 Certified

About Kudos

Kudos®, Inc are the makers of the platform that bears the same name. It is a SaaS solution for employee engagement and workplace culture management. Since their inception in 2010, they’ve been leveraging the perks of social software and to help strengthen people’s relationship to their workplace. By extension, improving the company culture.

As a next step you can visit the Kudos website or read our research on the Best Employee Recognition Platforms.

As a next step you can visit the Kudos website or read our research on the Best Employee Recognition Platforms.

Kudos Alternatives

Nectar's employee recognition and rewards platform is ideal for companies who want a high engagement peer to peer solution with great analytics and rewards built in.
Reward Gateway is an employee engagement platform that combines employee recognition and reward, surveys, communication, discounts (instant vouchers and cashback offers), wellbeing and analytics in a single solution.
Unlike many vendors in the recognition space, Motivosity believes in an employee driven culture which manifests itself in a product focused on peer to peer recognition and engagement versus the top down nature of most incumbent players in this space.
They simplify rewards, recognition, and incentives thanks to their Amazon Business integration which gives them access to a huge number of employee rewards.
Mo’s rewards and recognition platform packs an impressive range of vouchers that can be shared as rewards. The platform is also 12 languages and growing, making it a good fit for companies with distributed, multilingual employees.
Not only is Guusto a top-rated (and free) recognition & rewards SaaS provider, they actually donate 1 day of clean drinking water for every gift sent.
WeGift is a smart solution for distributing gift cards at scale. They stand out for providing access to 1300+ brands, bulk discounts of up to 25% off, and the ability to reclaim unspent value on expired gift cards.
Bucketlist helps HR teams to engage employees through a customizable rewards and recognition platform that easily integrates with the apps your employees already use like Slack, Teams, Outlook.
Bonusly is easy to use and set up, comes with a large rewards catalog, and is simply a great peer-to-peer recognition platform.
Workstars provides companies with a dynamic platform for highly customizable recognition programs for their employees.
As an employee experience platform, Cooleaf empowers companies to engage and motivate their staff by capturing employee sentiment using pulse surveys, performance incentives, and bringing employees together with recognition and virtual activities.
WorkTango combines continuous performance management, employee recognition, rewards, and engagement surveys into one powerful platform to help you improve employee experience and by extension, company culture.
Darwinbox's employee rewards and recognition solution allows you to create completely configurable reward programs, design your own badges and banners and customize them to resonate with your brand. They also offer reward redemption options from a marketplace of 1500+ retailers across 55+ countries.
Blueboard is a one-stop-shop to create personalized and meaningful rewards for employees, most in the form of real-life memorable experiences.
Gifted is completely free, easy to set up, lets people choose their gifts, and features automated & timed gifting.
They’ve been quick to adopt a remote-first approach to team recognition, helping you send gifts to employees, customers, or prospects to their home, for instance.
Assembly helps small and midsized companies to acknowledge employees so they can build a strong culture and reduce employee churn through peer to peer recognition.


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