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Peakon Review

Peakon will be best used by large and enterprise sized organizations who can make use of the nitty gritty people planning features.

Peakon Review

Peakon is a data driven solution focused on allowing organizations to make better people decisions.  Their people analytics software includes real time management training modules that are suggested based on employee data.  While based in Denmark, their largest market is the US. Peakon powered data is being used in their customers’ annual reports alongside more traditional financial metrics. Peakon was recently acquired by Workday.

Peakon Customers

  • Duke University
  • Lush Cosmetics
  • Aldo
  • Verizon

Peakon Stats

  • 1000+ customers
  • Recently acquired by Workday
  • Customers have cut employee turnover from 64% to 23%

Peakon Resources

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Key Peakon Features

  • Benchmarking
  • Question libraries
  • Automated survey scheduling and delivery
  • Leadership training
  • Analytics and visual data
  • Health and well-being insights

Peakon Implementation:

Once you sign the dotted line, Peakon starts the implementation process. They help you outline a success plan based on organizational goals. A customer success team will help you every step of the way to guide through milestones and company-wide adoption.

Peakon Customer Success

All pricing plans get 24-hour online customer support. But for dedicated customer success, the Essential and Premier plans offer a dedicated Customer Success consultant who is always ready to work with you.

Peakon Key Integrations

Peakon has an open API as well as integrations with other popular apps such as Slack. If you're already a Workday customer, Peakon will be seamless to add-on thanks to their partnership.

What to be aware of

Peakon is focused on using surveys and engagement data for people planning. If you want more stripped back functionality, look elsewhere.

Peakon Pricing

Peakon has three different plans:

Essential is the basic plan. It offers the baseline engagement features, a mobile app, an d 24-hour online support.

Business is the next plan. It provides everything from Essential, but adds personalized benchmarking, custom insights, action plans, and HRIS integrations. You'd also have a dedicated Customer Success consultant.

Premier is the top level plan. You'll receive everything previously mentioned, plus micro-learning sessions, attrition prediction, hierarchy mapping, business impact metrics, and unlimited custom dashboards. You all have extended Customer Success support and change management training.

You must contact a Peakon representative for cost details.

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