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Emplify Review

Companies looking to diagnose engagement issues with more than just software alone. Emplify teams your company up with their "People Insights Consultants" to help you make sense of the data.

Emplify Review

Emplify uses a data driven methodology to understand the state of engagement in the org (which they point out, is different than happiness/satisfaction!), and then uses their dedicated engagement strategists and manager coaches to help organizations action this data.  They look at different data points across the organization, and strive to get statistically significant data on a regular cadence that aligns with your business’s metrics.

Emplify Customers

  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • California Closets
  • OKC Zoo

Emplify Stats

  • Customers have seen 50% reduction in turnover
  • Emplify has completed 2,500+ executive strategy sessions

Emplify Resources

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Key Emplify Features

  • Employee surveys
  • AI-generated questions
  • Dynamic feedback
  • People analytics
  • Managerial coaching

Emplify Implementation:

Emplify Customer Success

Emplify Key Integrations

What to be aware of

If you're looking for a survey vendor that connects to your other systems, Emplify might not be for you. Emplify is designed to give you actionable steps for fixing employee engagement issues with help from a consultant. It isn't designed to simply provide data to put into your tech stack.

Emplify Pricing

Emplify prices its platform based on employee count, and is billed annually. You must contact the Emplify sales team to negotiate actual numbers.

Emplify Alternatives


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