15Five Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
April 17, 2021

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15Five is quick to setup and easy to use for any sized business.

What's Inside

15five Review

15Five has been around since 2011, and has over 2,000 customers that rely on their performance management suite to figure out what drives their employees, and how to incorporate this knowledge into feedback/coaching.  The product is easy enough to setup where they didn’t even have a sales team the first 6 years of the business.

15five Customers

  • Hubspot
  • Capital One
  • Spotify

15five Stats

  • Over 2,000 customers
  • 3 unique survey templates and 120 different questions to choose from
  • Founded in 2011

15five Resources

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Key 15five Features

  • Analytics dashboards
  • Engagement question bank
  • Upskill modules
  • Pulse surveys
  • Goals tracking
  • Peer recognition

15five Implementation

15Five provides a 3-step implementation plan

Get familiar with 15Five

First, 15Five recommends reading up on the product to familiarize yourself with their offerings and administrative capabilities.

Plan your launch

There are two different approaches to launching. The phased approach breaks implementation down in waves. It can be broken down either by hierarchy, departments, or geography. The phased approach favors organizations new to performance management software.

The "Big Bang" approach means that all employees start using it at once. Customers with performance management experience tend to choose the Big Bang approach. It may also be easier for small teams.

15Five also offers a blended approach. Once you choose which approach, you can move onto the third step.

The tactical

Here is where companies configure the basics, set up integrations, communicate that the launch is coming, and invite everyone to start using it.

15five Customer Success

15five Key Integrations

15Five integrates with well-known HRIS's, communication apps, and Google apps. They also have Public API capabilities.

What to be aware of

15five Pricing

15Five has three product tiers, Basic, Plus, and Performance. All are billed per person per month on an annual basis.

Basic is priced at $7 per person per month. It's presented as the essentials package for small companies or large teams within a bigger company. Its features include:

  • 1-on-1s
  • Basic survey templates
  • Basic reporting
  • 6 months of Check-in history
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Bulk import
  • Security logs and MFA

Plus is 15Five's recommended package, priced at $14 per person per month. It's designed for organizations of all sizes. On top of the Basic features, it offers:

  • HRIS integration
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Unlimited data history
  • Customizable surveys
  • Implementation and training
  • In-depth reporting
  • Bigger question bank
  • 15Five's Best-Self online learning platform
  • OKRs

Performance is their custom plan with even more features on top of the Plus plan. You must get in contact with 15Five to discuss pricing. These bonus features include:

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Manager development
  • Online workshops and education
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