An Expert Review of ADP's PEO - 2021

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Rodrigo Vázquez Mellado, Jan 06, 2022
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ADP is an industry leader in HR by market share and so worth a demo if you are considering adding a PEO.

What's Inside

ADP Review

Best known for their payroll offering, ADP offers a suite of other HCM products including a PEO called ADP TotalSource. ADP is known for over delivering on customer success, something that has made them a behemoth in the HR world.

ADP Customers

Cimquest, 4C Foods Corp, Nina Footwear, Kidpik, Safe Homes of Orange County, Grand Street Medical Associates

ADP Stats

  • 860,000+ clients around the world

ADP Resources

No items found.

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Key ADP Features

  • Fortune 500-caliber benefits
  • Healthcare and 401(k)

ADP Implementation

ADP offers in-depth implementation guides on their resources page.

ADP Customer Success

ADP has a customer success department.

ADP Key Integrations

What to be aware of

ADP Pricing

ADP's PEO pricing is not disclosed on their website, since these vary from one company to another. That being said, similar services tend to range from $120 to $160 per employee, per month. Also, according to ADP's own research, PEO costs average 2-12% of wages.

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ADP Alternatives

No items found.
PEO - PayChexPayChex

Wide range of services


Vendor with decades of expertise

PEO - GustoGusto

Not PEO but great payroll

PEO - JustWorksJustworks

PEO & modern-looking tool

PEO - Papaya GlobalPapayaGlobal

One platform for payroll, PEOs, and EOR

PEO - TriNetTriNet

Industry-specific PEO services

PEO - InsperityInsperity

PEO for up to 1,000 employees

ADP Alternatives

Aside from being a global payroll software vendor and EOR provider, Papaya also lets you manage your global PEO through the same platform.
Justworks is a simple and friendly platform for many an HR need. Their payroll solution is stellar and their known for great customer service, so that could make a great PEO for you.
TriNet provides SMBs with full-service HR solutions that are tailored to their industry. Their expertise range from human capital and benefits to risk mitigation, compliance, and payroll.
Insperity boasts a full-service HR solution that's always tailored to your business. Their Fortune-500-level benefits include medical, dental, and vision coverage.
Gusto’s payroll and benefits software is dead simple to use for HR and employees. They also offer accounting advising services.
ADP is an industry leader in HR by market share and so worth a demo if you are considering adding a PEO.
Similar to ADP, PayChex is one of the gorillas in this space that warrants your attention if you want to be comprehensive about the best PEO offerings.