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Author Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Finance and Software Nerd
Phil Strazzulla: HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Finance and Software Nerd
October 15, 2021
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CareerBuilder’s database has over 80 million resumes. You can virtually hire for any position through it, regardless of industry and job level.

What's Inside

CareerBuilder Review

CareerBuilder is a job board with a massive database of job seekers in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Besides allowing employers to post jobs and search resumes, the platform bundles several tools for recruitment, marketing as well as resources to help companies find and qualify applicants faster.

CareerBuilder Customers

  • Hilton
  • Accenture
  • The Home Depot
  • Advocate Health Care
  • Citrix

CareerBuilder Stats

  • 150M+ job applicants
  • 140M+ resumes and social profiles
  • 70+ ATS integrations
  • 30M+ jobs posted annually
  • 2B workforce data points

CareerBuilder Resources

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Key CareerBuilder Features

  • Job posting
  • Job ads
  • Resume search
  • Candidate matching
  • Applicant tracking
  • Employer brand
  • Talent sourcing
  • Talent screening
  • Hiring events
  • Social referrals 
  • Mobile app

CareerBuilder Implementation

CareerBuilder is cloud-based which makes it relatively easy to implement (there isn’t anything to download on-premise). All you have to do is go to their employer page, click “Start by Posting a Job”, purchase a pricing plan that works for you then create an account and start posting jobs.

CareerBuilder Customer Success

CareerBuilder has a knowledge base with articles for customers to self-serve. Customers can also submit support requests or reach out via phone if further help is needed.

CareerBuilder Key Integrations

CareerBuilder integrates with over 70 applicant tracking systems (ATS) including iCIMS, Greenhouse, and Workday. Visit CareerBuilder’s integrations page to learn more.

What to be aware of

CareerBuilder has a reputation of being spammy, sending registered job seekers irrelevant job matches.

CareerBuilder Pricing

CareerBuilder has 4 plans: 

  • No Commitment: $375 paid once only (non-recurring payment)
  • Lite: $219 per month
  • Standard: $299 per month
  • Pro: $599 per month
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CareerBuilder Alternatives

No items found.
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