An Expert Review of pymetrics' AI Recruiting Solution - 2021

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Rodrigo Vázquez Mellado, Jan 06, 2022
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Pymetrics has a unique approach to recruiting. They leverage gamification, behavioral science, and AI technology.

What's Inside

Pymetrics Review

Pymetrics allows companies to use AI to vet potential employees. Your current employees take a series of tests (that mimic video games) and their algorithm builds a persona of the people who fit that role. You then have candidates take similar tests to see if they are a match.

Pymetrics Customers

Pymetrics is used by companies like Boston Consulting Group, Colgate-Palmolive, The Kraft Heinz Company, and McDonald's.

Pymetrics Stats

Looking at the case studies that Pymetrics have published in their website, you will see stats like the following:

  • 92% candidate satisfaction rate
  • 99% completion rate
  • 62% increase in female representation
  • 59% decrease in time-to-hire

Pymetrics Resources

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Key Pymetrics Features

  • Guidance: Before a candidate can apply for a job, they can get a personalized list of roles they might be good for, based on their profile. This increases the amount of applications, the quality of them, and the overall candidate experience.
  • Redirection: Pymetrics prefers you to redirect candidates instead of rejecting them. This feature lets you surface candidates that aren't deemed a good fit at a certain job in roles within your company or their ecosystem where they might be well-suited.

Pymetrics Implementation

Pymetrics is a web-based cloud service. Their implementation times will vary depending on project scope and they'll likely provide a plan after getting in touch with them.

Pymetrics Customer Success

Pymetrics Key Integrations

To manage integrations, Pymetrics has multiple versions of a self serve SOAP-based web service.

What to be aware of

Smaller companies with moderate candidate pools and those not looking to stray too much from the norm in their candidate experience might not be find the best fit with Pymetrics.

Pymetrics Pricing

Pricing for Pymetrics is not publicly available.

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Pymetrics Alternatives

Fetcher uses simple methodology to get big results. Their all-in-one sourcing solution is powered by AI tools like 1-click sourcing and candidate search on autopilot.
Paradox are the creators of a conversational artificial intelligence agent called Olivia. It's goal is to put candidates in control of the conversation.
XOR's AI chatbots can handle inbound and outbound candidates. You can screen talent using customizable questions and let the tool score and sort applicants on autopilot.
Hiretual's focus is mainly on sourcing. They look way beyond the main platforms and your internal databases to create a steady stream of qualified candidates.
Arya is developed by Leoforce, an AI recruiting company with a focus on select sourcing. There are several editions of Arya, making it a good fit for all company sizes.
SeekOut puts many variants of artificial intelligence within the context of a search engine for talent.
Eightfold is a talent intelligence platform powered by AI. It can review millions of candidate profiles in seconds, setting your team up with an instant pipeline of qualified job seekers.
AmazingHiring is a great sourcing tool for recruiting teams that need to hire technical talent.
This AI recruiting tool integrates with the main ATS vendors and has remarkable focus on hourly hiring automation with support of branded landing pages and QR codes.
Textio uses big data and machine learning to help recruiters optimize their brand's language in the eyes of the best talent.
HireVue is one of the pioneers of the video interview software space. They entered the AI & Recruitment Automation game after acquiring AllyO in the fall of 2020.
Pymetrics has a unique approach to recruiting. They leverage gamification, behavioral science, and AI technology.
myInterview is a vendor that specializes in video interview, but they embraced AI technology and have notably increased their offering thanks to that.
Loxo is a fully-fledged recruitment CRM that has also done a good job at leveraging AI technology when it comes to helping recruiters find the best talent.