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Noah Edis
HR Tech writer and content marketer
May 16, 2022
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Traitify Versus the competition

Traitify helps enterprise companies quickly find and prioritize the best-fit candidates while engaging and developing employees.


Traitify Review

Traitify helps companies recruit talented candidates using validated talent assessments. Finding and selecting the right people, Traitify aims to reduce time-to-hire, decrease candidate drop-off, increase employee retention, and reduce voluntary and involuntary turnover. By improving these metrics, Traitify aims to increase their clients' ROI by more than 10-fold.

Who shouldn't buy Traitify

Traitify Customers

Notable clients of Traitify include Hilton, Joann Stores, Lowes Foods, G6 Hospitality (Motel 6), Saint Luke's Health System, GAT, Virgin Voyages, Public Storage.

Traitify Stats

  • About 11-50 employees
  • The only patented, visual-based assessment in the market
  • Their 90-second assessment has the predictive power of other tests 10-20 times longer

Traitify Key Features

  • Quick assessments: Using science-backed insights, Traitify delivers a format that can be completed in less than 2 minutes.
  • High-volume: They also launched Traitify Engage, which uses their assessment format to offer personalized development for high-volume workforces.
  • Mobile-first: Being a visual-based assessment, the platform is accessible via any device.

Traitify Key Integrations

Traitify Pricing

Traitify offers a subscription model wherein the annual license fee provides access to all elements of their human insight platform. They also have flexible pricing models to fit different customer business models. These pricing models can be factored per applicant, per hire, or per store location.

Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Recognize
Motivosity Lead
Motivosity Listen
$5 per person per month
$6.50 per person per month
$2 per person per month

Traitify Implementation

Traitify has a detailed 90-day implementation plan.

  • Day 1-14: All the employees are sent Traitify assessments that they can accomplish within minutes.
  • Day 14-21: A job analysis is performed to understand what is predictive of team member and manager roles using Traitify existing client data in addition to the 50+ years of international research around the Big Five.
  • Day 21-30: The assessment is implemented into the ATS, feeding predictive scoring and rich personality insights directly.
  • Day 30-35: All end-users are trained on the platform.
  • Day 35-70: Hiring Managers prioritize candidates based on predictive scoring, reducing time to hire and ultimately reducing turnover.
  • Day 70-90: Statistical analysis is run to understand if predictive validity has been achieved.

Traitify Customer Success

Traitify shares their customer success stories on their website in the form of case studies. For example, Traitify was able to help Lowes Foods by reducing their annual turnover by 31.9% and effectively saving them over $6 million every year in turnover costs.

About Traitify

Traitify Alternatives

Leapsome is highly flexible; you can quickly set up your review process from their best-practice templates and frameworks or customize everything — from questions to timelines and anonymity settings.
Kazoo combines continuous performance management, employee recognition, rewards, and engagement surveys into one powerful platform to help you improve employee experience and by extension, company culture.
eloomi helps companies grow leaders out of performance reviews, with personalized coaching, career pathing, and development tools.
ChartHop is constantly evolving; what started out as an org chart software is now a product that’s capable of supporting your performance management, employee engagement, DEI, and people planning/analytics efforts.
Kallidus Perform promotes transparency. It gives companies visibility into individual, team, and organizational objectives and the ability to track progress towards them so they always know where things stand.
ClearCompany is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of enterprise-grade HR software. You can combine their employee engagement solution with their onboarding, performance management, and workforce planning solutions.
Synergita helps company’s dig deep to understand their employees’ performance and company culture. The platform’s natural language processing (NLP) feature allows you to uncover sentiment, while HiPo Score helps you identify top performers.
With Trakstar Performance Management, you can customize forms, competencies, rating scales and more to create a review process that works for your organization.
Quantum Workplace enables companies with >100 employees to effectively manage their employee experience through performance management software. is more than just an OKR solution; their platform also packs features for performance management, task management, employee engagement and recognition.
Sharply focused on the performance management software niche, PerformYard provides software tools that allow their customers to build out a performance management strategy that fit's their organization.
Betterworks is all about results; their platform provides companies with insights and the tools to improve engagement, performance and goal management,
Loved by companies of all sizes, Small Improvements is a robust, comprehensive, as well as affordable performance management system.
From employee feedback and reviews to 1:1s, and praise management, Lattice helps managers get a well-rounded view of company performance real-time data.
Used by several Fortune 500 companies, Reflektive's platform offers all the tools you need to analyze then drive employee engagement and performance.
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