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Huda Idris, Technical writer, HR software advisor, and marketing strategist Jan 07, 2022
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Weekdone is more than just an OKR tool. They combine their tech with professional OKR coaching services to educate, train, and support your company throughout its OKR setting, tracking, and completion cycles.

What's Inside

Weekdone Review

Weekdone has all of your OKRplanning, execution, and tracking needs covered. They offer a tool through which you can define and continuously track your objectives, as well as professional OKR coaching services to educate and seamlessly onboard your team with OKRs. Weekdone’s OKR tool also facilitates CFR, which stands for Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition. With weekly check-ins, comments, likes, and reactions, you can spark meaningful conversations within your team and publicly recognize individuals and team members for a job well done.

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Key Weekdone Features

  • Objectives and key results
  • OKR coaching and support
  • Weekly check-ins and planning
  • Reporting and data visualization
  • Conversations, feedback, and recognition
  • Mobile access

Weekdone Implementation

Weekdone is cloud-based which makes it fairly easy to implement. To get started, head to Weekdone’s page and click the Start for Free button at the top right-hand corner. This will take you to a page where you can create a trial account to test the platform’s features and offerings.

Weekdone Customer Success

Weekdone has a Learning Center where customers can learn everything about OKRs. The Learning Center also includes Weekdone’s best practices and best ways to set up your account. If further help is needed, customers can also reach out to Weekdone’s customer support team via live chat or email.

Weekdone Key Integrations

Weekdone integrates with several 3rd-party business apps including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Asana, Basecamp, and Google Tasks. Custom 3rd-party integrations are also possible through Zapier. For example, you can use that to integrate with Trello.

What to be aware of

Weekdone Pricing

Weekdone is free for up to 3 users. They also offer a 14-day free trial for 4 or more users - no credit card required. Beyond the 14-day trial, Weekdone charges a per-user-per-month price in scales. For example, for 4-10 users, Weekdone costs $90 a month, billed annually. For 11-15 users, $135 a month, billed annually, and so on. Visit Weekdone’s pricing page to get a cost estimate based on the size of your team.

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Weekdone Alternatives

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OKR Software - EngagedlyEngagedly

Advanced analytics and reporting

OKR Software - WorkBoardWorkBoard

Robust OKR software for enterprises

OKR Software - KoanKoan

Affordable OKR software with a free tier

OKR Software - WeekdoneWeekdone

A leading OKR solution

OKR Software - LatticeLattice

Comprehensive performance management

OKR Software - PerdooPerdoo

Multiple language support

OKR Software - LeapsomeLeapsome

Flexible solution

OKR Software - 15Five15five

Backed by scientific research

OKR Software - Profit.coProfit.co

Comprehensive results management platform

OKR Software - BetterworksBetterworks

OKRs and FAST goals

Weekdone Alternatives

Weekdone is more than just an OKR tool. They combine their tech with professional OKR coaching services to educate, train, and support your company throughout its OKR setting, tracking, and completion cycles.
Koan is a budget-friendly OKR software. Besides offering a free-forever tier without any limitation on user accounts or goals, Koan’s paid plans are also slightly more affordable compared to other solutions in this space.
Not only does Perdoo have a free-forever version, their solution is also available in many languages, including English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.
WorkBoard is a robust, enterprise-grade OKR software, trusted by some of the world’s largest companies including Microsoft, IBM, Trimble, and General Electric.
Engagedly is an easy-to-use OKR software tool. It also packs advanced analytics features making great for any organization, whether they have 50 or 50,000 employees.
Betterworks supports FAST goals over SMART goals. FAST goals support frequent discussions, are ambitious, measured by specific metrics; and transparent. Conversely, SMART goals have historically undervalued ambition and focused narrowly on individual performance.
Leapsome is highly a highly flexible solution; you can choose from SMART goals or OKRs, define goal priority, visibility, and much more.
With Lattice Performance, you get more than a goal-setting product. Their solution features tools for reviews, 1:1s, employee engagement, recognition, and more.
15Five is backed by science. Their philosophy on OKRs is in line with that of The Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa) and other critical research.
Profit.co is more than just an OKR solution; their platform also packs features for performance management, task management, employee engagement and recognition.