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Author Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Finance and Software Nerd
Phil Strazzulla: HR Tech Expert, Harvard MBA, Finance and Software Nerd
October 18, 2021
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Odro is the primordial video recruitment software product for staffing firms. While their solution fits many other types of businesses, they have substantial experience with recruiting agencies.

What's Inside

Odro Review

Odro can cover nearly all of a staffing or recruiting agency’s video needs. This has been tremendously helpful for recruiting firms that want to stand out through video content, which they’ve found tends to be more engaging than traditional recruitment efforts.

Their platform has three main elements to it. The first is called Capture, which is for video sales messaging. The second one is Producer, which is an easy-to-use video editing suite. Finally, there is Vision, which is for live and asynchronous video interviewing.

Odro Customers

Odro is not only used by staffing agencies. Their product is used to create, manage, and share videos by companies like Adecco, Advantage Group, CastUK, Barclay Meade, Robert Walters, Strive Sales, and Theo James.

Odro Stats

  • Odro has been used to boost engagement rates by as much as 80%. 
  • On average, recruiters see a 43% increase in the number of responses from candidates after switching to video from traditional methods.   
  • An average job post in video form done with Odro gets 10 times the engagement of a regular job post.

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Key Odro Features

  • Record HD video messages: Odro can be used as a Chrome extension that lets you record a video message and send it to a candidate via LinkedIn, for instance. You can record the screen as well and send the video as a short link.

  • Asynchronous interviews: Send one link to the same pool of applicants and let them record their interview whenever it suits them. All the responses get recorded within the system, along with useful metrics like how many takes it took the candidate, how much time they spent doing the interview, etc.  

Odro also has capabilities for: 

  • Candidate profiles 
  • Insights and analytics 
  • Video editing suite
  • Job ads & brand promotion
  • Live two-way interviews
  • CV & multi-attachment storage
  • Unlimited usage & recording storage

Odro Implementation

The implementation process tends to be very flexible, but usually starts with a discovery call with your CS manager. This meeting is when time frames will be determined and you’ll choose from a selection of use cases to focus on. After signing the agreement, you and your team can have the first training session with Odro’s staff within 7 days.

Odro Customer Success

A nice thing about Odro’s Customer Success department is that they focus on helping the user understand why they are using the tool and how to make the best of it. They want to make sure that recruiters become experts at the parts of the tool they’re focusing on, and are always ready to help you scale to more use cases.

Odro Key Integrations

Odro integrates seamlessly with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. They recently launched an integration with Bullhorn and are working on more as you read this. For other products, they also have an open API.

What to be aware of

While Odro is currently only available in English, they are working on supporting more languages.

Odro Pricing

Odro is priced per user, but the fee varies depending on the volume of users and the length of the agreement. Most companies sign up for a 24 or 36 month commitment, although they do accept 12.

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