Bitrix Review 2021: Alternatives, Pricing, Features

Phil Strazzulla, HR Tech Expert
March 13, 2021

With a massive array of features, Bitrix is a solid intranet and CRM that’s traditionally free for up to 12 users, but is unlimited during the pandemic.

What's Inside

Bitrix Review

Bitrix24 is ready to support business needs from all fronts. As an intranet, they have all the bells and whistles you’d expect, but even a bit more. They have communication tools, task and project management, chats, calls, video conferences, workgroups, a newsfeed, and more than 35 work tools. These even include a basic CRM, a website builder, a contact center, and an e-commerce section.

In that sense, we should say that more than an intranet, Bitrix24 is a massive business suite that happens to include a fairly-comprehensive internal communication platform, as well as other HR tools. Surprisingly, it’s all available for free.

Bitrix Customers

  • MoSAiK, GHL Systems
  • Saigon Newport Corporation
  • The Lost Dogs Home

Bitrix Stats

  • Used by over 8 million organizations worldwide
  • 12,000+-wide global partner network
  • 400+ employees

Bitrix Resources

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Key Bitrix Features

  • Newsfeed: team members can create posts, attach files, and start polls. The content they create can be directed to everyone or sent to specific work or project groups, and/or individuals. 
  • Task Management: Choose from a wide array of tools to keep track of tasks and projects. You can create Gantt and Kanban charts, store documents, keep calendars, and manage permissions for all of them.

Bitrix Implementation

Implementing the cloud version of Bitrix24 can be quite fast since you only have to register to create an account and invite your team members. If you’ve got more particular needs, they can contact you with one of their partners in your area who can help get things up and running.

Bitrix Customer Success

Bitrix24 also offers a wide array of resources for support, such as a helpdesk, how-to videos, webinars, documentation, and a status page.

Bitrix Key Integrations

Bitrix has a REST API for connecting other apps to it. However, one of the main downsides of this tool is that this feature is only available for paying customers. However, the free plan does offer integration with some Google products.

What to be aware of

For knowledge management, Bitrix24 also offers a company-wide wiki. There, you can keep process manuals or a whole employee handbook and organize these resources per department and workgroup.

Bitrix Pricing

The Bitrix24 Intranet & Digital Workplace is included in the cloud-based free plan which is free for unlimited users, at least during the pandemic.

Bitrix Alternatives

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