The Top Time and Attendance Systems

Time and Attendance Software

Time and Attendance software enables companies to record employee working hours, often in the form of web-based punching and timesheets. 

At the very least, they should accommodate all of your time-tracking needs for your business and for your employees. As a baseline, you should look for solutions that clock in and clock out, have some scheduling/payroll functionality, or integrate with a solution that provides this offering. Other areas of time and attendance that you can benefit from are generating employee schedules, managing time off requests and PTO, tracking hours for specific projects, and reporting out on the location for clocking in and out. 

There are many platforms available, and there are plenty of different companies to choose from. We’ve taken the time to review some popular systems and provided some tips on what to look for when you are purchasing.

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Our Top Ranked Time and Attendance Platforms

We track thousands of HR Tech solutions. Here are the best time and attendance platforms as of August 2020.

Paychex Flex offers a time and attendance platform that helps businesses save time and improve accuracy with online timekeeping, time clocks, and integrated payroll. They have many flexible options based on how you track time, providing a solution that is easily integrated and mobile for users. This is a great all-in-one solution for very small businesses, who need guidance on the time and attendance side of things.

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Paychex Flex

TimeClock Plus is an all in one time and attendance platform that allows businesses to streamline their process. With workforce scheduling, time off management, and a cloud based system, this is a scalable solution for all industries. Users can automate the timekeeping process with time clock hardware, real time data, dashboards and reporting. This is a great solution for those who are looking to scale their business, or for larger customers.

Nettime solution’s Stratustime is a time and attendance platform that is cloud based and helps companies increase efficiency and make informed workplace decisions. Employees can clock in and out, and request time off. Admins and managers can view dashboards that have labor cost, and wag requirement information. It can also be integrated with many various payroll platforms. This is a great solution for small businesses, at just $4 per month per employee.

Workforce Ready is a full HR platform great for businesses of all sizes, offering features such as scheduling, time off tracking, employee records, payroll and more. The Workforce Ready solution allows teams to effectively manage the entire time and attendance process. With Kronos Workforce, it’s easy to punch in and out, manually edit timestamps or change billing coding for different departments. This is a great solution for a full comprehensive workforce management.

iSolvedHCM is a workforce management solution that features timekeeping, payroll, HR and more. Their time tracking solution, iSolved Time allows employees to look in and out from a mobile device, or computer browser. This solution makes tracking time easy and efficient, and integrates with the rest of the iSolved product. iSolved enables users to collect, and manage employee time within multiple locations. 

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BambooHR is a cloud based HRIS software for all types of businesses. They automate many of the HR functions, and can help make HR tasks simple and fast. They offer a robust time and attendance platform, which includes a clock-in/clock-out functionality, timesheets and paid time off tracking. Bamboo HR’s easy to use platform is great for those that are looking to track project hours for salaried employees, or utilize a platform for hourly workers.

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When I work is a simple to use scheduling and timekeeping platform that provides an easy way for managers to manage employee time and their staff. Time can be managed from their mobile app, or their desktop application. Known for its robust scheduling product, users can manage and view the entire staff schedule, setup time for staff to clock in and out, and alert staff via notifications. Employees can clock in and out and view their hours, or trade shifts with coworkers. This is a great platform for shift based or hourly workers.

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When I Work

TSheets is a time and attendance solution owned by the larger Intuit (Quickbooks). TSheets allows users to ducky review and employee time, process payroll, or recreate invoices in an accessible way. T Sheets keeps a timesheet for each employee and allows them to clock in via a mobile device, or manual add time within the platform. TSheets is great for companies that are looking for accessibility, and those that are looking for additional time tracking features such as time tracking and geofencing.

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Clockify is a simplified, free time tracking timesheet application that allows companies to track team hours and projects. It allows users to keep track of employees timesheets, billable hours, and schedules, as well as generate reports. Clockify integrates with several different technology platforms, such as Jira and Asana, which is a great solution for those looking for a simple solution that is efficient and easy to use.

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Upcoming Trends

There are many trends that are on the horizon, and are good to note when looking at a time and attendance software.  Some significant trends are: 

  • Mobile devices: most companies do have a mobile app, which allows employees to clock in and out on a mobile device. 
  • Cloud based systems: these are becoming more and more commonplace for software companies. The benefit is that it allows employees to record and monitor time through devices they are already familiar with. It also allows for data to be captured and recorded in real time, with both managers and employees being able to make adjustments as needed.

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